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--Back to the Future! Again! (1/4)
--Back to the Future! Again! (2/4)
--Back to the Future! Again! (3/4)
--Back to the Future! Again! (4/4)
--Beavis, Daria, and Butt-Head
--Buzzcut vs. Barch (1/3)
--Buzzcut vs. Barch (2/3)
--Buzzcut vs. Barch (3/3)
--Cynic Wars: Episode I: The Fashion Menace
--Daria + Kyle - Trent = Kaboom!!!
--Daria Strikes Back
--Disorient Express, The
--Driving Ms. Daria
--It's My Party and I'll Hide If I Want To
--Lock-In, The
--Marathon Woman
--Meeting of the Brains, A
--My Dinner With Upchuck
--Night You Should Remember, A
--#10 Dream Desc
--Road Worrier, Part 2
--Rose-Colored Lenses (revised)
--Sound Of One Band Sucking, The
--Through The Rainbow
--Torment Trilogy Part 1: The Confrontation, The
--Torment Trilogy Part 2: Sleepover at Brittany's, The
--Torment Trilogy Part 3: The Brown-Haired Girl, The

jodiemackwrite.gif (13398 bytes)Welcome to The Daria Fan Fiction Website. This is (or should be) your first stop on the net if you're looking for Daria Fan Fiction penned by loving fans of one of the best shows on TV today. You can browse the stories three ways: by author, title, or category. Have fun! :P


September 03, 1999

With summer just about ready to end and school just around the corner, I wanted to do just one final update for the summer of '99. When it comes to sending stories my way, I have a couple of points to make. Firstly, please send all fanfic to (some of you guys are still sending them to the Hotmail address!). Secondly, don't forget to put your name on the fanfic you've written (For some of you, I have had to substitute your screen name for your name. As a result, some of you appear 2, even 3 times under different names). Above all, read the guidelines for fan fiction (don't worry, it's (hopefully) easy reading). Whew! Sorry about all that ranting...anyway, I've cleaned up the links page (and boy, did it need cleaning! Thanks to those of you who alerted me of the broken links). I'll try to update as regularly as I can, but I'm warning you, this year is my senior year. I've got to take my SAT II's, give one last shot at the SAT I's, choose a college, and all the while try to get A's in my classes, including three AP's (blegh!). My personal e-mail address is in case there's a broken link/image, wrong info, etc. See ya next time!

Naomi :-)

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