Looking for more "Daria"? Here are a couple of websites that will appease that craving for television's most sarcastic (cartoon) teenager. If you want your site listed here, feel free to e-mail me at
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MTV's Official Daria Homepage


Five Star Sites
Outpost Daria
The "Daria" Frequently Asked Questions
Lawndale Commons
The Daria Warehouse
The Sounds of Cynicism


"Daria" Fan Fiction Sites
Mark Zero Fan Fiction, Unlimited
The Paperpusher's Site
Monster Trucks and Naked Models
Trent Lane (fanfic and so much more!)
Write Where It Hurts
Pierced Brain's Depressing Fanfic Page
The Daria Fan Fiction Central


General "Daria" Websites
Internet Movie Database: Daria
DaRia at the forlorn dungeon
Lawndale City Limits
Sick Sad World
Student Life at the Dawn of the New Millenium - the Unofficial Daria Page
Daria Central
Daria Paradise
Daria's Domain
Mall Of The Millenium
Queen Quinn's Temple
The Depth of Shallowness
Trent Lane
Daria, Daria, Daria
Daria's Sick Sad World
In the Beginning there was DARIA...
mystik spiral-the page
The Dariagraphy
The Daria Morgendorffer's World
The Daria Spot
The Mystik Skwyrl Homepage
trent37's Daria homepage
Bradley's Official Unofficial Daria Website
Daria's Little Padded Room
Deadpan Alley
MarchinRed's Daria
Middleton College
MTV's Daria!
Sick Sad World
Cyber Daria (aka That Weird Daria Movies Page)
Staci's Planet Daria
It's a Sick Sad World
Mi Daria Casa
Another Daria Fan Fiction Site (yes, it has more than fanfic...)
It's A Nutty, Nutty, Nutty World