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OK, so maybe it's not that easy. But it's something close to that. Believe me, the LAST thing I want to do is scam you into some pyramid scheme (are people actually dumb enough to believe those?) and this isn't one of those 'click my banners three thousand times and I'll get five dollars!' deals (trust me, I've been there, done that...just don't ask me to do it again). Believe it or not, there are companies out there willing to pay you, the spending-money-like-crazy-on-the-internet (just go with it) public for a little space on your desktop for ads. There are about four comapanies out there willing to this, listed in no particular order:
(OK, so maybe just a little based on public knowledge)



alladvantage.gif (4266 bytes)

They pay 50 cents per hour for you just by being connected to Internet. The trick is that you need to keep a small window
open at the bottom of your screen while you surf the Web. The window contains advertisements. It's as easy as that - you get
paid just for keeping it on your screen all the time. You can also close the window anytime you want, but of course you won't
get paid while the window isn't on your screen. Their current limit for surf time you can get paid for is 15 hours a month, but
they believe they can rise that soon. In addition to getting paid for surfing, you can get extra by referring your friends to sign up
for it.

I personally think it's worth a try. There's no charge for joining and you don't have to buy anything. You won't get any spam
from them either, I've tried it out myself. I recently downloaded their viewbar and I've got no problems as of yet.

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The idea of paying surfers to look at ads is spreading fast, and GoToWorld is among the new ones entering this market. In
order to get paid, you need to download their browser that comes with a small advertisement bar located in the bottom of the
screen, and use it as you surf the Web. You can also refer your friends to join the service, and get more cash if they start using

There are two major disadvantages in this program - first, you cannot use your favorite browser if you want to be a part of it,
you must use their browser. Second, they deduct $4.95 from your account every month as a "Member Activity Management
Fee", however, you don't have to pay this if you don't reach over $4.95 that month. In other words, without any referrals, the most you can make with this program is $11.05. I think this program should be treated as a backup for AllAdvantage - if they fail, I'll use this, otherwise I'll go with AllAdvantage. It is available internationally, however.

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As the AllAdvantage program (listed above) seems a huge success, imitators are now showing up at speed. One of them is
UtopiAD, a company that basically has the same idea as AllAdvantage - whenever you surf the Web, a small window opens in
the bottom of the screen. It contains advertisements. You get cash just by keeping it open and putting up with the ads. You can
close it if you get bored of them, but you don't get paid for the time it's closed.

They claim to pay you 40% of what the advertiser is paying to them - so if the advertiser is willing to pay $30 to show you
1000 ads, you get $12 (they claim it takes about 2 weeks if you surf one hour a day for the CashBar, as they call it, to show
the ads). UtopiAD also has a referral program, so you can earn even more by getting your friends to sign up. I've joined the
program, and am waiting if something comes out of it - just keeping a backup if AllAdvantage fails for some reason.

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epipo_howmuch.gif (5837 bytes)

ePIPO is the newest introduction in the 'get paid to surf'-companies. It offers you 60 cents per hour if you agree to keep a small
window containing advertisements open in your screen when you surf the Web. You can get paid for surfing a maximum of 50
hours per month, thus equaling your maximum earnings for surfing to $30 a month. You can earn even more by referring your
friends to sign up for the service. A check will be mailed to you when your account reaches $20. But be warned - their release
schedule is vague.

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sharkhunt.gif (13646 bytes)

This is now the fifth company to enter the "get paid to surf" market. They promise to pay 25p per hour (that's about 40 cents) if
you allow to keep a small window displaying advertisements on your screen while you surf. More can be made by referring
friends to use the service. They are located in Britain, and at the moment will only pay people living there, but promise to
expand soon to North America and across Europe. The maximum you can earn is 20 per month (about $30) but they may
increase the amount in the future.

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