by Mitch

NOTE:  This story takes place before Lucille came into Daria and
Trent's lives.

     Daria was sitting at home alone, waiting for Trent to
return.  Earlier, Jesse had called right after Trent left for
rehearsal.  She received some startling news.  She finished
gathering her thoughts when Trent's car pulled up.  When he
entered, she took a deep breath.
     "Hey, Daria."  "Hey, Trent.  Jesse called earlier."  "Oh?"
"Yeah, he told me everything."  "He did?"  "Yeah.  You know, this
bothers me."  "It...does?"  Daria couldn't believe he just said
that.  "Yes.  It.  Does."  She facevaulted to the floor and put
her hand up to her head.  "Look, just go on your little year-long
tour with your Mystik Spiral friends, but if you expect to
find me here when it's over...-sigh- I'll be waiting for you."
Daria looked up and saw Trent staring at her wide-eyed.
"Daria, when -did- Jesse call?"  "Right after you left, why?"
Trent smirked and smacked himself on the head.  "So, -that's-
it!"  "-What's- it?"  "Daria, he called you too soon."  "What do
you mean?"  "Daria.  I quit Mystik Spiral."
     Daria's eyes opened wide.  "What?"  "You heard me.  It's
over."  "But...why?"  "Same reason you just mentioned.  I
couldn't stand being away from you for a year.  Besides, I have
enough trouble getting away from female fans at home already."
Didn't Daria know it!  She was always seeing Trent chased around
by girls half his age.  "So, I told the guys that I'd rather stay
home with you than miss a year of Daria."  "But..., Trent, you've
always wanted to go on tour..."  "Well, it was kinda a pipe dream
and I was young.  Besides, now I can do what I -really- want to
do, become a freelance guitarist.  I don't want the glamour or the
money, I just want to play the guitar.  It's the -music- that
matters to me."  "But you're doing this  God, Trent, I
feel so...I mean, I thought you would...I'm an idiot."  "No,
Daria.  You said you would wait on me.  I...I love you for that."
She reached for his face.  "I love you, too."  They held each
other for a while.  "God," whispered Daria, "why'd I have to jump
on your case so fast?  Why didn't I hear you out first?"
"-shhh-It's okay, Daria.  It's okay."  There was some silence.
"Daria, their throwing a farewell ceremony for me tonight.
You're invited."  "Um, gee, thanks."
     "Hey, Trent."  "Hey, Jesse."  Jesse gave Daria a confused
look.  "Say, Trent, who's your date?"  "Jesse, this is Daria.
We've known her for years now."  "Oh, uh, hey Daria.  I didn't
recognize you.  You look...different."  "It's called
'development' Jesse.  Great to see you too."  "Look," said
Trent, "I'll get us some bottles and you two can catch up,
okay?"  Trent did so, and Daria and Jesse caught up on the years
after Jesse stopped dating Jane, Trent's sister.  "Sometimes, I
think I should call her back, y'know?"  "Well, she was doing fine
last I checked.  Still, maybe you should call her just to let her
know you still care, if not too personally."  "Well, maybe, yeah!
Thanks."  Jesse gave Daria a flirting look which made her
uncomfortable.  Trent was saying goodbye to the other two guys in
the band while Daria and Jesse were talking.  She was feeling
lightheaded somewhat after a few sips of her drink and her vision
was blurring.  "Hey, Daria, you okay?"  Jesse's question was the
last thing she heard before she passed out.
     "No!  Not...Jesse!  Trent...TRENT!"  Daria found herself
sitting upright in bed back home.  Immediately, Trent came in the
room.  "Daria, you okay?  I heard you..."  Daria put her hand up
to her head.  She now had a headache.  "I'm fine, Trent, but I
feel..."  "It's your first hangover.  Take it easy for awhile."
Trent was whispering this as he put his arm around Daria.  She
looked at herself and saw that she had the same clothes as last
night.  "You passed out and I drove you back home.  I guess the
alcohol didn't agree with you."  "I guess.  God, that dream I
had...I dreamt I awoke next to...Jesse.  Ugh, why did he have to
look at me that way?"  "Well, maybe he was trying to be friendly
and wanted to 'compliment' you.  I don't think I've ever known
him to flirt.  You know he's harmless."  "I know, I guess I was
still feeling hurt from earlier that day when I jumped to
conclusions about you.  What a lousy day.  I'd better..."  "I
called you in sick for you already, Daria.  You just rest for
awhile."  "Thanks."  They kissed.  "Buy the way, I only drank
just for the sake of the party.  Now I know why I don't make a
habit of it," she said.  "Well, it didn't take much to knock you
out.  Don't worry about it."  He hugged her and left the room.
"Goodnight."  "'night, Trent."  As Daria drifted off to sleep she
thought it ironic that Trent would be awake today instead of her.