Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game
By: MystykSprI@aol.com

Note: This is a sexually explicit fanfic. Daria and Jane are in their junior
year of high school. Daria and Trent & Jane and Jesse started dating last
summer. Also this fanfic leaves the Daria world of constant sarcasm and takes
on a more serious role.

Jane's House. Jesse is talking to Jane in the living room.

Jesse: I don't know Jane. Do you think being in Mystik Spiral is good for me?

Jane: I don't know, but I it doesn't work out you can always cut your hair and
become a Backstreet Boy.

Jesse: I don't think so.

Jane: How about dying it blonde and becoming a Hanson?

Jesse: Now you've gone too far. (He grabs Jane tightly and starts tickling

Trent enters from upstairs

Trent: Ok Jess I got the- Oh for the love of-

Jesse: Oh...um...I was just helping Jane with something.

Trent: hat? Her shirt off? C'mon, lets go practice.

Jane: I'm going to Daria's.

Trent smiling: Well tell her I love her and I miss her and I can't wait to see
her and-

Jane: If you're gonna say " give her a big kiss from me" I'm staying right

Trent: Now Janey that's just gross.

Jesse smirking: I'd pay you girls good money to see it though.

Jane: You are not only a pig, you are a gorilla pig.

Jesse: Oink oink baby.

Daria's Room

Daria: So how much WOULD he have paid?

Jane: DARIA?!

Daria: I'm only kidding, don't have a titty attack.

Jane smirking: So...have you and Trent done the deed? The foo foo nasty?
(Starts to dance) The horizontal mambo?

Daria: Jane you ignorant slut. Don't you have anything better to do than butt
into my personal life?

Jane: Look at me Daria, you know damn well I don't.

Daria: Enough about me, what about you and Jesse? He's all over you like white
on rice.

Jane: That doesn't mean my legs are open for business.

Daria: You make me sick.

Jane: I do what I can.

Daria: Anyway, why are you picking on me?

Jane: I thought you might be like your sister.

They start to walk down stairs

Daria: Huh?

Jane: You know Quinn. Everybody and their mother's probably been up her down
her and around the corner.

They smirk and walk outside.

Little did they know, Helen was there and heard the little conversation.

Helen: Nah.


Daria: Actually, Quinn's not like that. She's waiting for the right guy to

Jane: The right guy being an older rich guy that buys her everything she wants
and launches her modeling career.

Daria: Yup.

The next day after school

Daria and Jane and walking out of the building

Jane: Trent said he'd pick us up.

Daria: Why?

Jane: He said he wanted to show you something.

Trents car pulls up and he gets out and walks to Daria and Jane

Trent: Hey Janey, hey Daria. (Gives her a quick peck on the lips)

Daria: What is it you wanted to show me?

Trent: I got a new tattoo.

Jane: Oh! I think I hear bells! Who gives a shit!

Trent: No, look. (He takes off his shirt to reveal a tattoo of Daria's name
over his heart)

Daria: Well isn't that sweet. You had some guy write my name on your skin with
a needle filled with ink.

Trent: Well when you put it that way it makes it sound like a bad thing.

They get in the car and Trent drops off Daria and then goes home.

Late that evening

Trent is tuning his guitar in the living room when his mom walks in.

Trent: MOM! What are you doing here?!

Mrs. Lane: I should ask you the same thing. Why don't you move out?

Trent: What? And leave Janey all alone?

Mrs. Lane: Are you saying your father and me are never around?

Trent: Actually-

Mrs. Lane: Can't talk now, I only came for my brief case. I have a plane to

Trent: See that's what I'm talking about.

Mrs. Lane: I work to support you and Jane. If you don't like it get a job.

Trent starts to say something but she cuts him off

Mrs. Lane: And don't give me that crap about being a musician. To be one you
need talent and you have no talent.

Trent: You've never even heard me play!

Mrs. Lane: So? You have nothing; you're a bum. You have tattoos, piercings,
you're never gonna amount to anything!

Trent: I have my band, a best friend, a sister that looks up to me, and a
great girlfriend. That's all I need.

Mrs. Lane: I highly doubt Jane would ever look up to you. As for a girlfriend,
she's probably easy because no one in their right mind would date you.

Trent: She is the smartest woman I know. She's Janey's friend.

Mrs. Lane: That miserable girl?! I would at least think even someone like you

Trent: Don't you have a plane to catch?!

She leaves


Jane comes in from upstairs

Jane: Fight with mom again?

Trent: I'm going for a walk.

He walks to Daria's house and throws a few pebbles at her bedroom window.

Trent whispering: Hey...Daria.

Daria opening the window: Trent? Come to the front. I'll let you in.

He goes to the front door, she opens it and they go up to her room.

Daria: Ok, what are you doing here?

Trent: I had another blow out argument with my supposed mother. I thought you
might now what to say.

Daria: Um...Why don't you just ignore her? You have a lot of people that care
about you and your band is finally starting to take off, who care what she

Trent: I'll see. But if she ever says those things about Jane and you or
anyone else, I'm gonna explode.

Daria hugs him then lets go: Wait...What did she say about me?!

Trent smiling: It's not important.

    They both smile and then Trent kisses Daria's cheek, then lips then
they kiss more passionately. She ran her fingers over his chest. He lifted
his arms, allowing her to remove his shirt.

    Daria stood a moment, and straddled Trent's lap. She took to placing
small kisses all over his shoulders and neck. He started to tug at her shirt
as well. She smiled at him. She reached down, and pulled the shirt over her
head, sliding her arms out of the sleeves. She wore a midnight blue bra, with
the clasp in the back. He looked longingly at Daria's slender body, and
reached to caress her bare back. She tossed the shirt aside and sighed at his

    He reached up, fumbling slightly with the clasp, and she grinned at
him. She leaned forward, giving him a very good view straight down her
cleavage. He undid her bra.

He started to slide the straps of the bra off her shoulders to remove
it, but she crossed her arms in front of her and held the bra in place with
her hands. Trent looked at her, confused. He wondered if he had done
something wrong, but the mischievous look in her eye told him she was just
having fun.

Daria: Do you want to see me, Trent? (She asked, her voice dropping to a
sultry purr). He nodded at her.

She slid off of his lap, smiling a crooked smile at him. He started
to lean forward to stand up, but she put her hand on his chest, preventing
him from getting up She was careful not to let the bra drop though.

Daria: Just sit still for a little bit, Trent.

She stood up and began easing the bra down, allowing Trent a glimpse of one of
her nipples.

Trent watched her in fascination; becoming more and more aroused with each
passing moment, as she slowly revealed herself to him. On a few occasions, he
started to reach for her, but she pushed him down each time. He finally got
the point, and stayed put. He couldn't help thinking she was a horrible
tease. He made use of his inability to do much to remove his shoes and socks.

She tossed away the bra finally, exposing her ample breasts to him,
and continually drifted closer to him as she put on a little show.

Daria: Do you want to touch me, Trent?

He nodded.

Trent: Of course I do. She took a long look at him sitting there, essentially
squirming in his seat. She couldn't help but notice that he was quite erect,
both from the bulge and the way he was sitting. She grinned at him.

    Daria stood in front of him and looked up at him. He suddenly wrapped
his arms around her and pulled her close, kissing her deeply, his tongue
darting in and out of her mouth. Her breasts pressed against his chest,
arousing the both of them further.

    She slid her hands down his back and rubbed his ass through his jeans.
His hands made their way to the front of her pants and began to pull them down
off her hips, leaving her panties where they were for the moment. She stepped
out of the pants and kicked them aside.

He broke the kiss and began moving down her body, trailing kisses down her
neck. He turned her to face the bed, and moved behind her. He placed his
hands on her hips and pulled her back against him, allowing her to feel his
stiff cock pressed against her. She let a small moan escape her lips.

Trent brought his hands up to her breasts and began massaging them
gently as he kissed and gently bit at her neck, eliciting gasps of pleasure
from her. She softly moaned his name as he took her nipples between his
fingers, pinching and rolling them.

She turned around and sat on the bed, pulling him down in front of
her. Without a word, she guided his mouth to her breasts, and he began to
suck and nibble on them eagerly. He placed a hand on each breast, and traced
a long line upwards between them with his tongue. She sighed in appreciation
as his tongue swirled in random patterns over her nipples.

After a few minutes of him devoting so much attention to her breasts, she
pulled him close for a passionate kiss. When they broke apart again, he
leaned back to work on her breasts some more. Daria wanted more, though. She
pushed his head down between her legs. He looked at her panties, and saw that
they were very wet. He smiled up at her. Trent grinned to himself.

She lifted her hips off of the bed, allowing him to pull the panties
off her hips, and he slid them off her legs, looking at her again, this time
allowing his gaze to drift down between her legs. He placed his lips midway
up her left inner thigh, and started kissing and nipping at the skin, causing
her to giggle slightly. She just smiled at him. He continued his track up her
leg, stopping just short of the outer lips of her pussy.

    She gasped as he nearly started to lick her pussy, and gasped again in
frustration when he didn't.

Daria: Trent... (She said lovingly)

    He started running his fingers through her pubic hair, but still
didn't do anything to directly stimulate her pussy or clitoris. She felt she
was going to go crazy.

    Without a single word of warning, he dove in, so to speak, running his
tongue gently inside her pussy and in a gentle up and down motion.

She cried out in pleasure and surprise. He pressed his face against
her, pushing his tongue as deeply inside her as he could, sliding in and out

She moaned and writhed in pleasure, running her hands through his

Daria: Oh... Trent...

    He pulled back for a moment, and ran a single finger up and down her
pussy lips, not penetrating. She sighed, wondering what he was about to do.
He used the lubrication on his finger to begin rubbing her clit gently, and
began licking at her again.

Her eyes opened wide, and her moaning and gasping grew louder as she
practically clawed at the back of his head, trying to pull him even closer.

He placed his lips right around her clit. He began flicking his
tongue back and forth across it as he sucked on it, just as he had her
nipples. He took his index finger and rubbed his fingertip along her pussy
lips, not penetrating, just sliding up and down gently.

Daria's reaction was even more satisfying with this. Her hips bucked,
her back arched, and she was moaning and gasping incessantly. He felt her legs
wrap around his shoulders, as her cries reached a fever pitch. Trent knew she
was approaching orgasm, and quickened his pace, licking her clit even faster.
He started pushing his finger in and out of her pussy slightly.

Finally, with a half-cry/half scream of ecstasy, Daria collapsed back onto
the bed, soaked in sweat and breathing heavily. Trent looked at her.

Trent: God, you are beautiful.

He leaned forward and kissed her gently. She put her arms around him and
returned the kiss eagerly. His weight seemed as though it would crush her but
she liked feeling him on top of her. He got up and slid his jeans and boxers
down. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply, passionately. His hands found
their way to her ass and squeezed gently, causing her to moan slightly into
the kiss.

She sat up again, lifting her hips off of him, and reached between her
legs, inserting himself into her. He felt the head rub gently against her
pussy, slightly parting the lips, and then she lowered herself onto him with
force and he watch her wince with the pain of his penetration.

Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, and her breath came in long
sighs of pleasure. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, he was fully
inside her.

After a long, low moan, she sat still atop him, and leaned forward to
place a small kiss on his lips. Trent was perfectly content to let her set
her own pace for the time being. He placed his arms around her and returned
the kiss eagerly, passionately.

Daria began sliding up and down his body, pushing his cock in and out of her
pussy slowly. She felt him tense up slightly at the feeling, and sat up
again, placing her hands on his flat stomach. Almost instantly, his hands
were on her breasts, massaging them, pinching and rolling the nipples between
his fingers.

She smiled down at him. He slid his hands back down to her ass,
squeezing again as she slowly moved up and down his cock. She felt him s
queeze gently, then, as she lifted her hips again, he pushed her back down
quickly. She cried out as his cock slid deeper into her pussy than before.
Lying down on top of him, she decided to let him set the pace for awhile.

His fingers dug gently into the soft skin of her ass, and he began
sliding her up and down his. Her erect nipples scraped along his chest, and
he felt her tighten up each time he entered. She gasped and moaned as he
slid his cock inside her. She kissed him again, but this time it was more
urgent, almost frenzied.

Her hands ran up and down his chest and sides, occasionally giving him
a mild jab with her nails whenever it felt particularly good. Trent quickened
his pace, causing her excitement to build further. She groaned as he pushed
down hard on her ass, pushing his cock as deep into her pussy as he could
manage in this position.

    He leaned up slightly and began nibbling on her ear. Her voice dropped
to a low, husky growl as she felt an orgasm building within her.

Trent: Come for me, Daria...let me hear you... watch you.... Hearing this
combined with everything else she was feeling sent her over the edge, and she
came suddenly and forcefully, digging her nails into his chest. She felt her
spasming and continued thrusting into her, trying to make the orgasm last as
long as he could.

Daria: Oh, Trent...(she gasped). The sound of her moaning and gasping into
his ear turned him on immensely. He felt extremely pleased that he was able
to make her feel like this. She felt his arms encircle her body, as he
continued thrusting in and out of her relentlessly.

Finally, the orgasm subsided, and she relaxed again, collapsing on top of
him. He lay there, running his fingers through her hair, and kissed the top
of her head.

Trent: You're not worn out already, are you?

Daria: No!

    She just smiled and sighed happily in his arms. He rolled over so that
he was on top of her, his cock still inside her. With only that as warning,
he began thrusting in and out of her again.

Daria: Trent!

    She said, gasping and moaning. He kissed her, sliding his tongue into her
mouth, and her lips closed around it, sucking on it gently as his cock pumped
in and out of her.

She wrapped her legs around him, her protests very much forgotten.
He pulled away and grinned down at her. Her legs tightened their grip around
him, pulling him close again.

He resumed his thrusting and watched her as his cock slid in and out
of her pussy. Her smooth skin gleamed with sweat as her breasts moved in time
to his rhythm. He continued relentlessly, deliberately holding back his own
orgasm as best he could, to make her come again. She listened to his
breathing gradually grow rapid and short, turning into gasps. Shortly after,
she orgasmed again, her back arching as she cried out in ecstasy. This time
was not as strong, but it was enough. She collapsed back onto the bed, and
could tell from listening to Trent, and feeling how tense he was, that his own
orgasm was near. She smiled up at him, she drew him close and kissed him. He
felt himself tensing up as he came. He shuddered in Daria's arms and they just
lay there. Not a word, not a sound, they drifted asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning

Daria woke up to get ready for school and noticed Trent next to her.

Daria: Oh my GOD, what have I done?

She shakes him awake.

Trent getting up: Hey Daria.

Daria: You have to go.

Trent worried: What's wrong, you didn't like it or something?

Daria smiling: No...it was great...it's just that it shouldn't have happened
and I will be skinned alive if anyone finds you here.

Trent: Okay. (he gets dressed quickly and climbs down the tree outside her

Daria: Bye Trent.

Trent: Bye. (He runs home)

Daria gets dressed and goes outside to wait for Jane.

Walking with Jane on the way to school

Jane: Was Trent with you last night?

Daria: He came over last night to ask for some advice, I don't know where he
went after that.

Jane smirking: You're sleeping with him aren't you?

Daria: No, what makes you think that?

Jane: Don't lie to me, I'm not as dumb as I look.

Daria: Okay, I am- but only once.

Jane: Yeah, for now.

Daria: Not anymore. I won't do it again. It was a complete mistake. I mean,
don't get me wrong, it was great. I just want to wait.

Jane: That's very mature of you Daria.

Daria: It should be, I'm 17 going on 30.

They smirk and walk to school

Two months and 2 missed menstrual cycles later

Daria on the phone: Jane, I think I'm pregnant.

Jane on the phone: Get your ass over here now!

Jane's house in Jane's room

Jane: How do you know?

Daria: Well I missed my period last month and it's late his month. It could
be because of the stress I've had the past few months but I'm not sure.

Jane: There's only one way to be sure. Buy a pregnancy test.

Daria: Buy one for me.

Jane: Why? So everyone can think I'M a slut.

Daria throwing a pillow at Jane: Thanks a lot.

Jane: I think you should warn Trent.

Daria: Good idea.

She walks down to Trent's room and knocks on the door.

Trent answering: Daria?! Hey. Come in.

Daria: I have to tell you something.

Trent looking worried: What is it?

Daria: I think I'm pregnant.

Trent just staring at her in shock: Are you sure.

Daria: No, I'm not. I'm going to buy a pregnancy test in a few minutes.

Trent: Whatever the result, I won't leave you.

Daria: It's good to know, I just thought I'd warn you. I better go now.
She leaves, leaving Trent to think.

Drug Store.

She picks up the test and pays for it not noticing Upchuck standing next to

He followed her outside.

Upchuck: Well, well, Daria's been busy.

She grabs Upchuck by the collar

Daria: If you tell anyone you saw me buying this I'll grind you into chalk

Upchuck: Rrrrrrrrr feisty. What's in it for me?

She lets go

Daria: I'll...um...I'll make out with Jane and you can video tape it.

Upchuck: Really?!?! I'll go and buy a video camera.

He runs off

Daria: Pervert.

Daria's Bathroom.

Daria reading the test: Oh God.

She walks to Jane's house

Jane's living room.

Trent and Jane are sitting in the living room when the doorbell rings.

Trent: I'll get it.

Trent answering it: Daria, come in.

Daria: I have the results of the test.

Trent & Jane: And?


Trent: Whew.

Jane: Thank God. That doesn't look good on a college application.

Daria: My troubles are over.

Just after she said that, Daria's mother went into the bathroom and saw the
test box on the floor. She thinks about what Jane said to Daria before.

Daria's House

Helen: Quinn!!!!!

Quinn coming from downstairs

Quinn: What is it mom?

Helen: What's this?

Quinn: It looks like a pregnancy test box.

Jake: Where did it come from?

Quinn: Probably the store. Ask me another question, I like this game.

Helen: Are you pregnant?

Quinn: No.

Helen: So the test was negative?

Quinn: It's not mine.

Jake: Don't lie to us young lady!

Quinn: I'm not lying! It's not mine!

Daria enters the house and goes upstairs

Helen, Jake and Quinn all look at each other.

Helen: Daria!!

Daria comes downstairs

Daria: What?

Helen shows her the box

Daria: Oh, I just remembered, I have to do a project.

She leaves to go upstairs but Helen stops her.

Helen: Is this yours?

Daria: ...Yes.

Quinn: Oh my God!

Helen and Jake: Go upstairs!!

Quinn walks by whispering to Daria: You better tell me everything.

She runs upstairs

Helen: When did this happen?

Daria: About two months ago.

Jake: Why didn't you tell us?

Daria: ...It's not something you talk about. Do I ask you guys about your sex

Helen: What sex li- (looks at Jake) That's not the point.

Daria: Don't worry about it you guys, I'm not pregnant and I haven't had sex

Jake: You're our daughter, we have to worry about you.

Daria: It won't happen again. At least not until I'm out of school.

Helen: That's good to know.

Helen hugs Daria

Helen: Oh, my little girl if growing up.

Daria: Stop it, stop. Let go.

The next day. Jane and Daria are sitting on the front steps of the school

Jane: So everything's ok.

Daria: Yup, it sure is.

Upchuck comes over to them with a video camera

Upchuck: Okay girls, I'm ready.

Jane turning to Daria: What's he talking about?

Daria embarrassed: ...Um...well...