"Daria Goes To A Sleepover"
By Hello Kitty

Note: It is my first story & I usually speak french so... please, try to understand my mistakes...

(Cut to see Jane and Daria on the phone.)


DARIA: Hey… How are you… sleeping beauty sister?

JANE: Just fine… and you?

DARIA: Fine…

JANE: Oh… Daria… do you want to come over my house tonight? I mean, sleep over my house?

DARIA: Huh? Okay, sounds cool!

JANE: Cool!

DARIA: I'm on my way…

JANE: 'Kay…

(They hang on the phone. Daria is walking to Jane. It starts raining.)

DARIA: Damn it… It couldn't get worst…

(As she says it, a clap of thunder makes her jump.)

DARIA: When will I learn stop saying that…

(She starts running to go to Jane. She arrives and knock on the door…another clap of thunder
makes her jump. Trent opens the door.)

TRENT: Hey Daria… come on in… Jane went to the store to buy something to eat with Jesse…

DARIA: Oh… Damn it… I forgot my close!

TRENT: Don't worry! I think I have something clean you could wear if Jesse and Jane want us to
go out with them… and just to get dry…

(He goes in his room followed by Daria. He takes a green T-shirt and blue jeans of his closet.)

TRENT: Take those… I'll go out of my room and let you change…

(Trent goes out of the room. Daria changes her clothes and opens the door. She finds Trent
standing there in front of her. He looks in her eyes. They stay there for a while without moving,
looking in each other eyes. Jane opens the front door and looks surprised to see Daria wearing
Trent's green shirt, which was very tight on her, and Trent's too long for her blue jeans. Jesse
comes in. Jane can't stops looking at her brother and best friend… Jesse stares at them too.
Daria's hair is still wet. Trent wakes up of his daydreaming and goes take a towel for Daria…
He hands it to her.)

DARIA: (whisper softly) Thanks…

JESSE: Hey… How are you guys doing?

TRENT: Fine… well I'm fine… Daria?

DARIA: I'm fine… and you guys?

JANE: We are just fine… (Jane and Jesse kiss.) So what are we doing now? What do you wanna
do guys?

TRENT & DARIA: I… We don't know… Jesse?

JESSE: I don't know… Jane? You've got any ideas?

JANE: Not really… Do we stay here or we go in the living room?

TRENT: We could go sit in the living room…

JANE: I sit with Jesse!!!

DARIA: (glances at Jane) Thanks…

JANE: You will thank me someday…

DARIA: I don't know…

JANE: I know it… I just know you will…

DARIA: Shut up Jane…

(Cut 10 minutes later. Jesse is asleep; Jane's half-asleep on his shoulder and Daria is half-asleep
on the couch… Suddenly, there's a clap of thunder… everybody jumps except Jesse.)

DARIA: Things couldn't get…

JANE: Don't say that…


(There's another clap of thunder and the power's go off. No more electricity.)

DARIA: When will I learn stop saying that? Sorry Jane…

JANE: You should learn soon… or I will be very mean with you… I think I'll just torture you and
kill you after that 'cause you're a witch!

TRENT: Hey Janey… don't be mean with your best friend… Why would you kill her anyway…?

JANE: 'Cause she blows the electricity away with her stupid sentence… (Jane takes a candle on
the little table beside her and lights it)


JANE: Never mind! Oh… but why do you protect her anyway…?

TRENT: Shut up Janey!

JANE: Oh… I forgot… That's what every gentleman would do for his truelove!

TRENT: Shut the hell up Janey! (Jane starts laughing) Hey, why are you laughing young lady…?

JANE: Nothing! (She starts laughing again. Trent looks very embarrassed. And Daria too. Jesse
opens an eye and sees nothing.)

JESSE: Hey! Who turns off the light?

JANE: No one… There is no electricity anymore because of Daria… (She laughs)


DARIA: She says it's my fault because I said, "It couldn't be worst"!

JESSE: Oh! What are we doing now?

TRENT: Let's go eating. I'm hungry now!

DARIA & JANE: You two are always hungry… (The girls laugh. Jesse and Trent look at them
with a "What you girls are talking about" look on their face.)

JESSE: Why are you laughing girls? (Jane and Daria look at each other and starts laughing even
more than before.)

JANE: Be… because of… your… because of … your faces… (They can't stop laughing as they
look at the expression on Jesse and Trent's faces. The guys look at each other and shake their

TRENT: Let's go eat Jesse! They will come in the kitchen when they will stop laughing. (They go
to the kitchen followed by the girls.) Hey what are we eating man?

JESSE: I don't know Trent! Let's ask to Jane and Daria… They'll maybe have an idea of what we
could eat with no electrici… ouch! What that!

JANE: It's a chair Jess. We don't have lights already and you're almost running in the house. (She
walks to Jesse and kisses him. Trent walks away and takes a flashlight in a cupboard. He turns it
on and points his sister and his best friend, who are kissing, with it.) Hey, stop that Trent… We'd
like to kiss without everyone look at us. (Trent looks at Daria and they start laughing.) (Between
kisses) Hey! Why are you laughing? There's nothing funny!

TRENT: That's what you think Janey! (Daria laughed louder.)

JANE: Thanks to be on his side Daria…! Hey… you are… Laughing? I can't believe it… Daria
Morgendorffer is laughing? Jesse! Do my eyes play tricks on me?

JESSE: (surprised) No sweetie… they are not… Daria is really…laughing… Wow…

TRENT: Yeah… Daria can have a sense of humor sometimes… Wow… you still don't know
your best friend Janey! I though you knew your best and almost only friend better…

JANE: No… it's that you're the one who already makes her laugh since I know her.


DARIA: (glares at Jane.) Never mind Trent… (Trent looks at her and looks in her eyes. She
blushes and looks down.) Hey… you guys didn't want to eat?

TRENT: I'm not hungry anymore. And… other thing… (To Jane and Jesse) I guess you guys
didn't buy food… Am I wrong…?

JANE: Oops… (She puts her hand on her mouth.) We forgot. We didn't think about that…

TRENT: Yeah… You were more interested by having sex in my car…

JANE: No… we were just… kissing… just kissing… you know…that thing when you put your
mouth on some…

TRENT: Shut up Janey… And don't laugh Jesse… I know what kiss mean… I already did that…

JANE: Oh… I forgot you already had sex too… sorry Trent…

TRENT: Shut the hell up Janey… You're not obliged to talk about it in front of everyone…

JANE: Yeah… but Jesse already knows it…

TRENT: Yeah… but Daria didn't before you opened your big mouth… Maybe I didn't want her
to know that… (Daria quits the room but no one sees her. Trent's face is red because he is too

JANE: I'm sorry Trent…

TRENT: Okay… I forgot it… (He is trying not to look angry but… He looks mad anyway…)

JESSE: Hey relax man… (Trent gives him a dead look.)

TRENT: Hey… Where is Daria…? (He looks around and doesn't see her.) Thanks a lot sister.
(He quits the kitchen. He goes to the living room, looking depressed. When he sees Daria… a
little smile comes on his lips, then when he sees she looks very depressed he walks to her
and sits down beside her on the couch.) Daria?

DARIA: Huh? (She looks up and meets Trent's eyes with hers. She looks down.)

TRENT: I want to apologize to have ruined your sleepover… I'm really sorry…

DARIA: You don't have to… You didn't ruin my evening… because of a stupid little fight with
your sister… You know that… maybe you should apologize to her… because that you turned very
mad… and you screamed at her…

TRENT: Yeah… I guess you're right. Thanks Daria…

DARIA: No problem… Hey Trent?


DARIA: You know… You didn't ruin my evening at all… and Jane was true…You're the only
one who made me laugh since I moved in… (She blushes and looks down. Trent smiles a little.)

TRENT: (really softly) It was a pleasure. (Daria smiles. Trent kisses her on a cheek and hugs
her…) I hope you're not sad or something…

DARIA: (Though: With you… sure not!) No! (He gets up and walks to the kitchen.)

TRENT: (softly) I'll be back… (As he arrive in the kitchen… Jane walks to him…)

TRENT: (at the same time than Jane) I'm sorry…

JANE: (at the same time than Trent) I'm sorry…

(They start laughing.)

JESSE: Wow… love will always stay in this family…

(They walk to the living room and find Daria who is sleeping. They sit down. (Trent is next to
Daria… of course…))

TRENT: (Though: She just looks like an angel.) (He kisses her forehead as Jane and Jesse are
kissing… He pulls Daria closer. Her head falls onto his shoulder. He rests his head on hers. He is
breathing deeply to smell her sweet perfume…) (Though: Is that Heaven…? I think it is…If it's
not… It's only a dream.) (He puts his arm around her. She starts to wake up. She opens an eye and
sees her head is on Trent's shoulder. She can feel his arm around her and his head on hers…)

DARIA: (though: Oh God… It can't be real… It's only a dream…) (She closes her eye and opens
it again) (though: God… That's not a dream… I think I'm…)

TRENT: Oh… Sorry… I didn't know you were awake!

DARIA: Oh… that's all right! I didn't care… (Though: I can't believe I just said that…)

TRENT: (Though: I have to kiss her… It's now or never I guess… I won't have the courage to do
it later… And I'll probably never be that close to her again.) (He takes her hand in his, puts his
other hand in the back of her head, pulls her closer to him and put his lips on hers.)

DARIA: (Though: Oh… my God… Trent is kissing me…) (She kisses him back, then they looks
at each other and start kissing again. Jane and Jesse stops kissing. They look surprised when they
see Trent and Daria. They finally stop kissing.) Oh… I'm so tired. (Trent gets up and helps her to
get up.)

TRENT: I think you should come with me… Hey Janey… Don't forget PROTECTION!

JANE: Shut up… (She Glares at Trent, then turns to look at Jesse. She kisses him, then runs to the
bathroom. Jesse follows her. They go in Jane's room.)

(Trent and Daria go in his bedroom. They lay down on the bed and kiss each other. Five minutes
later Daria falls asleep. Trent looks at her for a while then goes to sleep.)

(Cut to Jane's room. There's no light. They are having a lot of fun…(They have sex and they don't
forget to use a condom! (-I'm sorry for the ones who like reading details, but I won't describe it.
You have imagination, no? -))

The end…

If there's something you want to know (about my story) e-mail me.