Daria’s Cheap Makeover
By KewlDaria

Chapter 1

Daria woke up in the middle of the night with the thought that for some reason, she had to
tell Trent she liked him. She walked over to his house. Jane answered the door.

"Jane, let me in. I woke up with the though that I just had to tell Trent I like him... don’t ask
me why," said Daria.

"Cool," said Jane. "He’s in his room, hang on. I’ll go, get him."

When Trent came to the door he looked really anxious to talk to Daria. He pulled her inside
and said, "Daria, hey. I gotta tell you something, okay?"

"No, wait, I gotta tell you something," said Daria.

"Well... me first. I’ve been thinking and I really have to tell you this. I think I’m in love with
you," said Trent, with his head bent down.

"Okay, that’s great. Now me. I think I’m in love with yo- what’d you just say?" said Daria.

"Wow, cool. I wanted to tell you that for a pretty long time," said Trent.

Daria kind of half smiled and said, "Well, I guess that worked out pretty good."

Trent bent over to kiss Daria, when the moment was ruined by some loud, annoying
buzzing noise. She realized she had been dreaming and vowed never to eat nachos and
Reeses in the same hour again.

When Daria finally dragged herself out of bed, she managed to get fully clothed without
falling back asleep. Then she staggered out to the kitchen, opened the cupboard, to find it
empty. She frowned and looked at the note on the microwave. It read, "Girls, I’m going
shopping today, and since there’s not much to eat, have one of those raspberry cereal

Daria shivered at the thought of eating a cereal bar, and thought, "Fine, I just won’t eat."
When she got to school, Daria realized she hadn’t done her home work for 1st hr. She
asked for an extension, but got an E instead. "Fine, I’ll just take the E, I’ll make it up later,"
she thought.

After school, Daria walked over to Jane’s. Trent answered the door. "Oh. Hey, Daria," he

Daria, forgetting about her dream the night before answered, "Hey, Trent. Where’s Jane?"

"She had to stay after to make up some English work. But hang around for a while I gotta
tell you something," said Trent.

Daria, now remembering her dream said, "Oh. Well, I kind of have to tell you something

"All right, but me first," said Trent. "I’m pregnant with your baby."

"Huh?" said Daria, kind of in shock.

Trent thought about what he had just said, and corrected himself. "Wait, that was on the
show I was just watching. I have a new girlfriend."

Daria’s mouth dropped open and she quickly forced it shut. "Trent, I gotta go. Talk to you

"Hang on, don’t you wanna hear about her? Didn’t you have something to tell me, too?"
yelled Trent.

"Later," Daria managed.

Chapter 2

Daria lay on her bed, wondering what was going to happen now. She burst into tears at the
thought of Trent being with anyone but her. "Wait a minute, am I crying? I am crying... what
a wuss," she thought. Daria took off her glasses and started wiping them off on her jacket.
Just as she was doing this, Quinn burst through her bedroom door holding up two baby

"Daria, which one would look better with my new blue and green plaid skirt. The blue shirt
or the green shirt?"

Daria didn’t look up from polishing her glasses off, but said, "I don’t know Quinn. Why are
you asking me? You know I’ve never had a date in my life and I’ve never even wanted a
date until now. You’re the one who’s going out with some great guy every single day, and
you look great no matter what you wear, so no matter who the guy is, he’s not going to care
what you’re wearing, he’s just going to be glad to be on a date with you."

Quinn looked confused for a moment but said, "Okay, thanks... wait. Did you just say
something big and long that means you like a guy but he doesn’t like you back?"

Daria looked up at Quinn, wondering how to answer that.

"Oh my God, your eyes are all red and you’re wiping off your glasses... Daria, were you just
crying?" asked Quinn. "Okay, Daria, looks like your time has come for a makeover. I’m
going to make you almost pass for cute."

When they got to the mall, Quinn said, "Okay now, I’m gonna pick out some clothes for you
to try on, and you can stand right here. I’ll be back in a few minutes, but I don’t want
anybody to see you here with me."

"Likewise," Daria mumbled.

In a few minutes, Quinn came back with a butt-load of clothes, threw them at Daria and
pushed her into the dressing room. "Now, when you try on your first outfit, come out and
show me and I’ll tell you how you look," said Quinn.

Daria tried on her first outfit and came out of the dressing room. She was wearing a black
and white dress that actually looked really good on her.

"Wow Daria, you actually look good!" shrieked Quinn. "Now all you need is a clip, some
earrings, a choker, and some makeup. I guess since you don’t have contacts, you’re still
going to be stuck wearing those ugly glasses."

"That’s all right. Gee Quinn, I wouldn’t want to look any better than you," Daria said

"Are you kidding? That’s not even close to possible for you," said Quinn.

Quinn put Daria’s hair up in a clip, pulled out a few strings of hair and curled them. Then
she got out the makeup, put some tope eye shadow on Daria, and then Quinn pulled out
the eye lash curler.

"Quinn, get that thing away from me, you could do some major damage with that," said

"Daria, just hold still. I’ll be really careful. I promise, I won’t pull your eye lashes out," said

"Fine, I’ll just live through getting my eye lashes pulled on with some big metal thing,"
thought Daria.

When Quinn got done putting Daria’s lipstick on, she said, "Okay Daria, go over to that one
guy’s house and see if he doesn’t go for you now."

"Thanks, Quinn," said Daria.

When she got to Trent’s it took her a while before Daria could ring the doorbell. "Good
Daria, you’ve really done it this time. You actually let Quinn put gunk on your face. You think
he’d just automatically gonna go out with you now? The man has a girlfriend, for God’s
sake. Well, here goes nothing," she said as she slowly lifted her finger and forced it to push
in the doorbell. Jane opened the door.

"Hey Daria," said Jane. "Oh wait. I’m sorry, you’re not Daria. I thought you were my good
friend who never wears makeup and never gets dressed up."

"Jane, don’t even ask. Is Trent here?" asked Daria.

"Uh... no. He went out with his new girlfriend," answered Jane.

"Oh," said Daria, sounding even more depressed than usual. "Okay than, I’ll come back

"Daria, wait. I can’t lie to you. Trent is upstairs, hiding in his room. He told me to tell you he
was out with his new girlfriend, if you came by.

Trent walked down the stairs. "Hey, Daria. Sorry I lied and said I had a new girlfriend, but... I
just thought that maybe if you thought I had a girlfriend... I don’t know," he said.

Jane finished for him. "Daria, what he’s trying to say is that he told you he had a girlfriend
because he thought it might make you jealous and you might want to go out with him then."

Daria looked kind of confused. "Are you saying you don’t have a girlfriend, Trent?"

"Well... I guess I just kind of- I um...," stumbled Trent.

"Yes Daria, what he’s saying is that he lo-" said Jane.

Trent interrupted "I have a major crush on you Daria... what I’m trying to say is that..."

"I love you," Trent and Daria said in unison.

"Cool," said Trent. "So, what’s with the weird dress and hair and stuff?"

"Oh, um... Quinn happened... she was kind of trying to help me get you to like me," said

"Okay... well, if you put your normal clothes on, and I’m able to be seen in public with you,
Jane and me will take you to see Men In Black," said Trent.

"All right. Um... you won’t hear me say this too often, but can Quinn come? She really tried
to help me out with the clothes and everything," said Daria.

Trent answered, "Sure. Remember, if anyone asks, she’s your makeup artist."