~ For those of you just tuning in, this story is about what happens when Daria gets kidnapped. Just to clear up one thing, my characters are Jared (21, blonde hair, Mystik Spiral drummer), his sister Billie (17, red hair) and their psychotic wolf hybrid dog Theo (like a wolf incarnate, white with gray patches, silver-plated teeth), and are all part of the ‘Darian’ crew. Also, the title reefers to the beginning of summer, and they are still in school. People with weak stomachs or who are not to fond of cursing should go find a nice, calm, romantic Daria and Trent story to read. Everyone else, enjoy the show! ~

Daria's Cruel Summer
By: JadeGryphon

Part 1

It had been a dark, overcast, gloomy day, raining now and then, and the sun hadn’t been out at all. The lonely, howling winds brushed through the trees, and everyone was safe in their homes. Everyone, accept the students of Lawndale High. The mood around school had been particularly eerie, the lights not as bright casting shadows throughout the hallways, Mr. O’Neil wasn’t as peppy as usual, everyone wanting to be left alone. But the world was only this way through the eyes of young Daria Morgindorffer. Only her view-sharing friend Jane Lane seemed herself today. As the school bell rang, and students poured out onto the streets, Daria and Jane walked side-by-side towards Howard Drive, Jane’s home street. They didn’t speak much, and as lightning broke through the sky with an ear-braking crash, they to run. *Some summer* thought Daria. With the rain beating down upon them, they were grateful to finally reach the shelter of Jane’s front porch. Standing in the doorway, they breathed a sigh of relief, and Daria looked at the muddy path she’d have to take home.

(Jane)"Damn, today has been weird! (Counting on her fingers) The rain, everyone at school…"

(Daria) "Today was like that for you too?"

"Yeah. It was like return of the undead highschoolers or something. (Lightning crashes, Thunder claps) Sounds like this thunderstorm is gonna kick our asses. (Lightning hits) Hard. Perfect subject for a painting."

"Especially if you’re the one running home in it."

"You wanna see if sleeping beauty can take you home?"

" You mean Trent? No, he’ll fall asleep at the wheel and we’ll careen off the freeway to our muddy doom."

" Are you sure?" (Thunder claps, rain gets harder)

"Yeah, it’s okay. See ya." (Walks out into the storm, pulls her blazer over her head)

Daria ran as fast as she could, until pausing for a breath at the corner of Rowe and Third. Her blazer, along with everything else, was soaked to the bone, and she was getting cold. She decided to take her shortcut home- run down Dega Street. She was getting kind of afraid now, all alone, soaked and cold, her boots ridden with mud, and on top of all that, her ears were playing tricks on her. Every few moments she stopped and searched around frantically, swearing she had heard footsteps behind her. This block was always up to its neck in crime, gangs, and crack dealers, but today it seemed completely deserted. As a huge lightning strike sent her splashing on her way, she knew why nobody would want to be out on a day like this. She could see her street sign from here.. she was almost home, thank God. She spun around, that sound again, but now only closer. As she ran past the alleyway entrance between some 70’s store and Axle’s piercing parlor, something strong burst from the shadows and hit her painfully hard in the side of the head. She struggled to maintain her balance as the world spun around her and her glassed fell into a deepening mud pool at her feet. The rain stung like hell against the gash in her temple, as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her. Knocking the wind out of her, they pressed a cloth over her mouth. She felt another surge of blind pain before the chloroform took effect, and she blacked out in a sea of blood and rain.

(The plot thickens, dun dun da)

Part 2

Jane walked home in silence, all by herself, because Daria hadn’t been in school today. The ground was still muddy and slightly wet, but the sun had dried up most of the puddles. *No point in going to the pizza parlor* she thought as she turned the corner and approached her driveway *I’ll call Daria and see what’s up. * Jane opened the door, dropped her bookbag, and ran up the stairs. Trying to ignore the loud banging sound of Metallica coming from Trent’s room, she dialed Daria’s number. All she got was her sarcastic greeting of ‘ You’ve reached the Sick Sad world of Daria Morgindorffer. I’m not here, so don’t bother calling back *Click*’.

Jane (thinking): Well, then. We’ll have to wait another time to answer the question,’ Where the hell is Daria’.

For three more days, Daria had not showed up, and she would not answer her phone line. Jane decided to see for herself how deep of a coma Daria was in, and she was going to bring her friends. First thing to do was to call the guys and awaken sir-naps-a-lot.

(Jane picks up the phone, dial tone, punching buttons)


"Jesse, it’s Jane."

" Oh. Hey sweetie."

"Come over to my house in a hurry, we’re going to see Daria."

"Daria? Why?"

" I’ll explain on the way. Bye."

"Bye."(Hangs up on Jesse, dials again)

"(Jane) Hello?"

(Muffled breathing sound)

"Theo get the phone out of your mouth and go get Billie!"

(Short pause) "Hello?"

"Billie? It’s Jane, gather Jared and Theo and get over here. We’re going to see Daria"

" Why? What’s wrong?"

"I’ll explain later…"

"Well, Jared’s sleeping…"

"Then wake him up!!’’

" Kay.Bye."


(Hangs up and walks into Trent’s room)

Jane: Trent! (Shuts off the radio, shakes her brother) Trent! (Trent jolts up)

"I swear I wasn’t going a mile over 35!! Oh, Janey what do you want?"

"Freshen up, Romeo, we’re all going to see Daria."

(Yawns, rubs his eyes) " Why?"

"Because she hasn’t been in school all week and I want to see why. Now GET UP!!!!!!"

(sits up) "Why do we all have to go? You’re her best friend." (Flops back down)

(Doorbell rings) " And you’re her wannabe. Now get up young man!" (Trent refuses to move, doorbell rings again)

"Fine. Stay there. I’ll send Theo up after you."

(Voice is muffled by pillow) "Oh, Lord, not that dog…."

(Jane rushes downstairs, opens the door and is tackled by Theo, who licks her face and yips happily)

"Get off!"(Laughing)

(Theo sits up and re-joins Jared and Billie) "Where’s Jesse?"

(Billie) "Theo attacked him again. He’s waiting for you to tell him it’s safe to come out."

(Jane steps out the door and yells, and a frightened Jesse slithers out of the Tank as Jared and Billie hold Theo)

(Jared) "Is Trent coming?"

" He won’t get up… Send Theo up after his stubborn ass."

(Billie slyly) "You’d think him of all people would get up just at Daria’s beckoning."

(Jared) "Theo! Go find Uncle Trent!"

(Theo dashes upstairs, followed by barking, yelling, a loud thump as Trent is dragged to the floor, and shouting as Trent races down the stairs struggling to put his shoes on)

"Good Boy!" (Pats a flustered Trent on the back) "If I have to get up you do."

(Jane) "And we’re off!"

(The group piles in the Tank, with Jesse on Billie’s motorcycle as to avoid being eaten by Theo, and off they go to the Morgindorffer’s)

(5 minutes later, the Darians are struggling to converse with Helen)

(Jane rings the doorbell, Helen answers)

(Helen) "Hello there Jenny. What can I do for you?"

"It’s Jane…and we’re here to see Daria."

"Listen, Janet, I don’t know where Daria is and now I’m to busy to worry about it."(Helen’s cell phone rings, they all exchange puzzled looks).

"Dammit Eric told you I’d be in the office in 15 minutes so just hold your breath!!!!"(Hangs up)

"Umm, it’s Jane, and Daria hasn’t been at sch-"

(Interrupting) "Jackie, Daria is a big girl and I’m sure she’ll be home before to long now I’m late for two, no, now THREE conference calls and I’m afraid I just can’t talk any longer." (Slams the door)

(Jane) "Soo, Daria isn’t home………. "

(Jared) "And she isn’t with us……….."

(Everyone’s face is pale as the situation dawns on them. On the verge of tears Trent jumps in the slow conversation.) "Then, Janey, where IS she?"

Jane draws in a frightened gasp as small tears trickle down her cheeks and she falls to her knees, her face in her hands.

"Trent...I…I don’t know."

(Ooh, now it starts getting’ good)


Part 3

Daria opened one eye, slowly, because even the simple act of breathing caused her tremendous pain. She wasn’t able to move, and even if she could she would be too afraid to. Her left eye stung, and was swollen shut, and the other one couldn’t see very well without her glasses. Her eye was watering, or crying, she couldn’t decide which, and she was too confused to even think. Since she was nearsighted, all she could see was her tattered hair, wild and messy, hanging in front of her face, a small red river trailing down one of the locks. Looking down, all she had on was her yellow undershirt, which was torn and saturated, and half of her black skirt. She was bound with layers of thick rope, and her legs and what she could see of her arms were covered in long scattered cuts, they weren’t very deep, but whoever did this sure did enjoy giving them to her, because everywhere she looked they were there. Damn, those little things hurt. Her mouth was full of fluid, blood she suspected, yet she could not rid herself of it because of the duct tape over her mouth. She could feel her hands bound together, one provided incredible pain and was paralyzed, and the other was tied so tightly she couldn’t move it.

"Well, well, well," a terrifying male voice said, a sense of pride in his words. "If it isn’t the little fairy princess." She winced in pain as he grabbed tight hold of her hair and pushed her head up. He laughed cruelly, and she could see the light reflect off the rusty blade he pulled from his coat pocket. " How are you today, my little sex kitten?" He coughed as he sat in her lap and ran the razor-sharp edge down the side of her face, slowly as to let the blood coat the blade. " There now." He threw the dagger to the Doberman on the floor, who licked the blade clean. "Feel better?"

Daria could see the terrible man clearly, but it would be sin to even describe him. He frowned, slapped her face, and yelled at her. " Answer me you bleeding slut!" He ripped the duct tape off of her so forcefully he could have taken the first 3 layers of skin with him. She cocked her head backwards and spit a mouthful of blood and saliva onto his Offspring shirt. " G**dammit!!" He cried, reaching for the torn rag on the workbench next to him. " What kind of answer were you hoping for?" She asked through clenched teeth, being as cynical as possible despite her situation.

He laughed coldly, turning away from the bench. " So the little girl can talk." He knelt down beside her, and gripped her face in his hand. " And she’s got a mouth on her. (Chuckles) All the better. The bitchier they are, (Plants a hard kiss on her, despite her struggles) the more fun I have. Especially when they’re on their backs. You’re smart enough to know what I’m talking about, aren’t you?" He turns his back to the badly beaten girl, to take something long and thin off the table.

" What have you done to me, you bastard? And what the hell is that?" She protested, wincing from her eye.

"You want to know? Fine. I’ll be glad to torture you a little more."

Part 4

Jane, Jesse, Jared, and Theo had taken the Tank home, with Billie on her cycle, all the Darians in agreement to search the city for Daria come tomorrow morning. Trent decided to walk home, via Dega Street, to gather his thoughts. He tread heavily on the ground, hands jammed in his pockets, and his head hanging low. A spectrum of thoughts went through his mind…mostly about Daria. Okay..ALL about Daria. He thought about where she was, who had taken her there, how hard he would kick their asses if one hair was out of place on her, and if he would ever see her again. He had to admit to himself he cared deeply for Daria, as a best friend, and maybe something more. Terrible pictures of how she would look when, or if he ever found her flashed through his mind. As he passed Axle’s place, he stepped off a curb and CRUNCH!, into a mud puddle.

(Trent thinking) *Wait a sec…*

Trent moved his left foot out of the way, and picked up the large bumpy thing he just smashed. Using the tail of his shirt, he wiped off the mud. His heart came close to stopping, and a gasp came from his throat in terror.

It was a pair of glasses.

Daria’s glasses.

A few feet to his left he spotted a white rag, and a few inches away from that was a small red spot dried on the concrete. Blood.

*Oh my God* He couldn’t take it. His eyes grew red in a furious rage, and he bolted into Axle’s to use the phone.

(Trent picks up the phone. Dial tone, punching buttons)(Frantically)

" Yo."

"Janey? It’s Trent…"

" Trent…slow down, geez what the hell is wrong with you?"

"I’ll tell you what the hell’s wrong!! I just found Daria’s glasses and a pool of blood!!"

" Oh my God!"

"…Just what I said!!"

"Where are you?"

"Axle’s on Dega…"

" Should I bring Theo?"

"Yes!! Bring that damn mutt!" *click*

(Trent) *I just hope were not too late… *

In less that five minutes the Tank came to a screeching halt in front of Axle’s, with four concerned friends and a dog spilling out. Jane walked up to Trent, her eyes wide with terror for her friend. She held out a shaking hand.

(Jane) Give them to me.(Trent gently places the smashed gasses in her palm, Billie gasps)

(Billie, her eyes welling with tears, and her face so twisted with hatred it was awful to see her)

"Whoever did this…. And I swear by my very life…they will die by my hands."

(She chuckles madly as she breathes through clenched teeth)

"Slowly, painfully, (yelling) THE JUSTICE HERE IS TO GOOD FOR THEM!"

(She digs her fingernails into her palms and small streams of blood run down her arms)


(Jared turns and smacks his mad sister upside the head, and she comes out of it)

"Sorry, got a little carried away."

(Jared shakes his head) "Like a bloodthirsty wolf or somethin’."

Jane’s eyes suddenly get bright and she smiles a 100-watt smile. "I’VE GOT IT!!"

(Everyone) "What?" " We’ve got a wolf right??"

(Everyone looks at Theo, then back to Jane) "Yeah? So?"

"Wolves track prey, right??"

(still clueless) "Uh huh…" (Jesse picks up her motive)

(Jesse) "So you’re saying, we use Theo to track Daria’s kidnapper back to wherever she is?"

(Jane leaps up) "YES!!"

(Trent’s face lights up) "Let’s go!!"

The five Darians and the dog walk over to the curb, and lead Theo to the dry pool of Daria’s blood.

(Jane) "Now, Theo, get the scent of auntie Daria and follow it!"

(Theo barks, sniffs the red concrete and howls as he races off into the alley)

(Jesse) "That’a boy Theo!!"

(The Darians chase the dog into the dark alley)

(This next part is a combo of Daria’s kidnapper telling her every sick, twisted detail of what he’s done to her, as Theo leads our heroes to every spot on the trail leading to Daria’s prison.)

Part 271/2 (actually, part 5)

(Daria) "So? Tell me this time line you’re so damn proud of. If you’re gonna kill me, I at least have a right to know how you did."

(Man) "First things first."

(Chuckles, running his fingertips up and down the twisted rod in his hand)

"You asked what the hell this was, right? Well, we madmen know it as ‘The Wire’. It is a simple wire hanger, twisted just so that it provides the victim with…

(Slurps through clenched teeth)

"Unspeakable pain."

(Whips the wire across her face, causing her to scream bloody murder as it tears the flesh of her cheek)

"But I took the liberty of adding a little barbed wire to the Bloody Daria mix." (Laughs).

The man grips her hair tightly as he wraps some new tape over her mouth.

"Wouldn’t want any caped crusaders ruining our fun, now would we? Now, on with the show. After I grabbed you and gingerly knocked you senseless, I dragged your pathetic little body to my car on the other side of the alley. Taking care to make sure your left hand got caught in the door, I drove off…"


Theo leads our gang out of the alley, where he comes to an abrupt halt in front of some tire tracks dried in the mud.

(Jared) What is it boy? Where’s Daria?

(Theo howls and takes off down the street, with the Darians following close behind)

Meanwhile 2…

(Man) "I drove for about twenty minutes, until my car broke down behind that Mellinum Mall. The rain was beating down pretty hard, and my heater was broken…"

(Daria thinking, eyes wide) *Oh, Lord. He, He didn’t…. *

"So, hehe, I climbed into the backseat with you. You were just waking up, so I took special care to deck you a few times and knock you out again. Then I undid the tape I had put around your feet, and after ripping off your pathetic little blazer and part of your skirt…(laughs)… I warmed us all up…. Shall I go into details?"

Daria shakes her head.

Meanwhile x3…

(Billie panting) "I can’t run anymore!"

(She collapses and Jesse catches her)

(Jared) How long have we been chasing him?

(Trent looks at his watch) "About 20 minutes!"

(They exit yet another alleyway, and come upon the Mall of the Mellinum, which was closed for the day. Parked in the fire lane was a really beat up, rusty old BMW.)

(Jesse) Can we rest here? Billie isn’t light ya’know!

(Billie coming to) "I heard that!"

(Theo stops to sniff the ground around the car, while the crew stops to rest on the curb. Jesse and a pissed Billie are engulfed in an argument, while Jared, Trent and Jane talk. Suddenly Theo erupts, barking, growling and scratching furiously at the car door.)

(Jane) What is it Theo??

(Everyone rushes to look in the window. Jane is first, and she immediately bursts into tears and runs to Trent.)

(Trent peering in the car) "My God…. What has this bastard done?"

(Jared’s jaw hits the floor) "Poor Daria…"

(Jesse) "Did this guy do what it looks like he did?"

(Billie tearing up) "I don’t even wanna know."

The backseat interior of the car was ridden with blood, some of it wasn’t even Daria’s. This guy was a collector. The once tan seats were a dried reddish-purple, from whomever this bastard had tortured before, and the newly added red stains were undoubtedly Daria’s. On the floor was a rusted switchblade, the blade covered in newly shedded blood. Next to it was the slashed remnants of Daria’s green blazer, and the other half of her black skirt.

As they stood, staring at the appalling scene, Theo howled and ran off into across the parking lot. With the Darians at his heels, he dove under the hole in the fence, and took off into the underbrush.

Meanwhile yet again….

Daria felt so dirty, so violated she new she could vomit. She prayed her friends would find her, but she feared she would die before they got there. Daria hung her head and tried with all her might to stay conscious, but she knew she couldn’t do it for very long. Yet the man rambled on…

"Then I hung you over my shoulder, carried you across the parking lot, under the hole in the fence, through the forest, and back to this little condemned shack that is cut off from all humanity. I tied you to a chair, and gave you what you deserved: 40 lashings. Mwhahaha!!"

(The Doberman howls along with his psychopathic master)

Part 257 ( I know, I know, it’s just part 6. That’s an attention getter! So, pay attention!)

Little does the cruel slavedriver know, the Darians are right outside his window, listening to his every word. Every one of them are out for blood, Jane’s eyes are a ferocious red, Jared has whipped a skin-divers-knife out from the leather holster bound to his leg, Billie’s fingernail’s were piercing her palms again, Jesse was grinding his teeth, Theo was foaming at the mouth, and Trent looked as if he would blow at any moment. But to their surprise, their emotion hurricane was halted by a voice from behind them.

Voice: Like, what are you people doing here?

Voice #2: Yeah.. this is our meeting spot.

Trent and Jesse lunge at the source of the voices, pinning two figures to the ground. When they look into the faces of their prisoners, it was none other than Quinn and Sandi, the two annoying fashion fiends from school.

Sandi (angry): Like- (Trent slaps his hand over her mouth.)

(Trent has obviously has lost it) "What are WE doing HERE???"

(Jesse and Trent haul the two well-dressed intruders over to the window) "THAT’S what were doing here!!"

(Quinn and Sandi’s eyes grow wide as they see the black-and-blue girl, tied to a chair, bleeding from too many places to count, being yelled at and beaten before their very eyes.)

(Trent whispering) "Now you little fashion brats are gonna help us rescue her. Quinn, go over into the bushes and be a lookout.(Quinn departs without protest) Sandi, got a cell-phone?"

Sandi (holds up her phone proudly) "Like, never leave home without it."

"Good. Go over with Quinn, and dial 911 when we tell you."(Sandi leaves)

(Back in the cabin)

(Man) "By the way…I forgot to introduce you to someone."

(He walks over to a pile of garbage and cobwebs, kicks some stuff out of the way and lifts up another tortured teenager by the ropes she’s bound by.)

"Daria…meet Trisha. She’ll be you’re roommate from now on."

(The girl looks at Daria with dreary blue eyes. She is also black and blue, and very pale. The man throws her to the ground at Daria’s feet.)

"Now…(Picks the dagger up off of the floor) let’s do something for your complexion, Trish…"

(Girl shuts her eyes)

Jared and Billie suddenly pop up, a determined glint in their eyes.

(Jared, tightening his grip on the knife, he cries the girl’s name as if he knows her) "TRISHA! DARIA!!!!"

(Billie) "Let’s do it."

Without warning, Jared and Theo lunge through the glass, going straight for the man’s neck. He turns from Trisha, far too late, as the two enraged males knock him to the ground. The man returns to his feet and thrusts the dagger through Jared’s shoulder, but he barley winces. Seemingly paralyzed from the stare of utter hatred burning in Jared’s eyes, he falls like a rock from a hard uppercut. Kneeling over the man, they proceeded to beat the shit out of each other. Theo biting hard and deep, Jared slugging with all his might. The man struggles, returning every punch landed with seemingly equal force.

With yet another distracting crash, Trent kicks down the door and the fellow Darians rush in. Just as the man is about to land the blade through Jared’s chest, Billie kicks it out of his hand. With a growl the Doberman pounces on Theo’s back, drawing blood and throwing him to the ground. As the dogfight proceeds, the black-eyed terrorist kicks Jared off him, grabs Trisha, draws a rifle and presses it to her temple.

" NOBODY MOVE!!!!!!" The man shouts at the top of his lungs as all the Darians freeze.

" HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD, NOW!!!" (They do as they are told.)

He cocks the weapon and walks backward towards the broken window. Turning to Billie he orders again.

" Get ahold of that mutt. (Billie pulls Theo off of the Doberman and holds his muzzle shut, as the Doberman re-joins its master. A single tear creeps down Trisha’s cheek, as she has obviously not seen her attempted rescuers.

* Jared… please help me… will I ever see you again… God, please…show him where I am…*

(Trent) " What do you want with them?"

" SHUT UP!!!"

The man is now backed up all the way against the wall, the breeze blowing his ragged brown hair. His wicked smile fades as he meets the ‘you’re gonna get it’ smiles of his five hostages.


What the man doesn’t see is that, right behind him, Quinn and Sandi are holding their backpacks above their heads, ready to use them like baseball bats.

(Quinn) " Surprise!"

WHAM!!!!! The combine weight of all the cosmetics is their miniature backpacks knock the man out cold. Trent pounces on the gun, rolls over and shoots the attacking Doberman square in the forehead, its lifeless body falling onto the shards of broken glass.

(Trent, to Sandi and Quinn) " Thanks guys."

(Sandi) "Like, don’t mention it."


Part VII (That’s 7 in roman numerals!)

Jared has untied Trisha and is holding her close to him to keep her warm. Using Jared’s knife, Jane is sawing furiously at Daria’s ropes, while Jesse, Billie and Trent try to undo the knots. Theo rushes to his owner’s aid, gnawing at the ropes with his blood-spattered muzzle.


The rope splits in half, falling off Daria and leaving her limp, bloody figure to fall helplessly into Trent’s arms.

(Trent, concerned and frightened) "Daria? Daria!!! She’s not breathing guys!"

Jesse runs to the shattered window and tells to Sandi to phone for help, while Jane peels off the tape from her mouth and checks her pulse.

(Jane) "Oooh, this isn’t good."

(Jessie) "Was it ever good??"

"No, I mean she barley has a pulse!!"

(Billie unties Daria’s feet as Trent lays her on the floor)

(Trent) Does anybody know CPR????

(Billie) "Stand back, this could get messy."

(Billie rolls up her sleeves, and gives Daria mouth-to-mouth. It takes about ten minutes, but she gets Daria breathe, cough up blood, and slink over into a corner)

(Daria, her voice scared and cracking) "Just kill me now please!!"

(Starts to cry and curls up into a tight little ball, and talks softly) "I’ll never see them again…. "

Jane puts a hand on her shoulder. (Softly) "It’s okay…. Were here…."

Daria stops shuddering and lifts her head up.

(Trent) "Daria, were here to save you…"

Daria (pained) "I…I can’t see you, Trent. My eye is s..woll..en." (Blacks out again)

Trent scoops her back up as the sound of sirens can be heard. A half dozen police and the EMS with two stretchers come up the hill. Sandi and Quinn appear in the doorway.

Sandi (proudly): Like, here comes the Calvary. How, like, is everyone?

Trisha raises her head as best she can and wraps herself up even closer to Jared. Coughing, she speaks in a horse voice.

"I’m conscious, *cough* how’s Daria?"(Wraps her arms around Jared’s neck)

Jared strokes her hair softly as a man in a tan trenchcoat comes in the door and presents his badge.

" Chief Luke Barnstien of the Lawndale Police force. Two young ladies named Quinn and Sandi called and said you brave kids caught the notorious Maryland Madman. Is this true?"

Everyone nods.

" Well, we’re here to bring him into custody. Step aside please."

Chief Barnstien, joined by three other cops, haul the man to his feet and handcuff him. The Darians and Quinn and Sandi walk out of the building’s entrance, which was now being wrapped in ‘Police line: Do not cross’ tape. Jared and Trent gingerly lay the two girls on the stretchers, as they pile into the ambulance and drive away…..


Parts 8-whatever coming soon! Stay tuned to read the twisted, suprising, unbelievable climax (The story ending, perv) of (drumroll please) Daria’s Cruel Summer!