Hello, and welcome to my first fanfic. My head has been full of ideas, so I decided to
write something....I hope it isn't know...weird. ;-)
-Jenell M. Boyd, Feb. 24, 1999


SYNOPSIS- Helen and Jake want to take the family to the county fair, but end up going alone. Quinn gets a case of the chicken pox , and Daria gets out of going to the fair by pretending to stay with Quinn at home. Daria then realizes her sarcasm backfires, but ignores Quinn by spending her day in her room watching 'Sick Sad World' until Jane calls up and invites her to the fair.

Notes: Well, I figured something nasty should happen to Quinn, so I made sure she got infected with chicken pox (I won't say how she got them until later)....and then there's some interesting dream sequences involving Trent.

Scene: Morgendorffer house, morning, at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. Jake is reading the newspaper. He's wearing pants and a white t-shirt. Daria is eating cereal (what? No lasagna?....hehehehe). We can hear Quinn crying upstairs. She sounds extremely unhappy. Helen comes down to the table, sits and sighs.

Helen: Poor Quinn.....Well, Jake, that's one less person who'll be going to the fair.

Jake (looks up): Aw, what's wrong with Quinn?

Helen: She's got chicken pox, dear.

Jake (frightfully): Oh my God! Won't she go blind if there's too much light in the room?
Is she...

Helen: Jake! That's mumps. Chicken pox is the one with the red, itchy bumps, remember? Daria had it when she was younger.

Jake (thinking): Oh, yes. I remember now. Anyway, too bad she'll miss the fair, right Daria?

Daria (fears the worst): Is there something you're hiding from me?

Helen: Daria, your father and I learned that there was a fair going on this weekend, and since he and I had the weekend off from work, we were going to take you and Quinn
with us. We haven't been to a fair together in such a long time...

Jake: Whadda ya say, kiddo? We haven't gone to a fair in years, huh? Good clean family fun!

Helen: It would be good for you to get out of the house Daria. You spend all your time
with that Jane, or in your room watching that bizzare tv show.

Daria (pretending thoughtfullness): Well, I don't know....

Jake: C'mon! It'll be fun! There's rides, fireworks at night, games, and sausages....and
fried dough....and cotton candy....the blue and pink swirly kind....

(Helen eyes Jake, who suddenly stars off into space talking about cotton candy)

Jake: The fluffy sugary cotton candy....

Daria: Sounds really tempting, but I think I'll stay home. I've got stuff I need to do.

(As you can tell, Daria has no desire to spend the day with her parents at a fair.)

Helen: Like what, dear?

Daria (sarcastically with mock concern): Gee, with Quinn sick and all, I think I could maybe stay here and look after her.

Helen (surprised): Why Daria, that's so sweet of you!

Jake (snaps away from the cotton candy fiasco): Hey, that's swell! Looking after your
kid sister while she's sick! (gives a sneaky, sly look at Helen) A day with just the two of us, then!

(Daria suddenly feels that she was taken too literally and regrets her comment)

Helen (returns look to her husband): Well, in that case, your father and I will leave shortly. I'll take my cell phone in case you need to call me for anything. Daria...I can't tell you how nice of you it is to stay home anf be with Quinn. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Daria (to herself): Oh goodie. (outloud) No problem. What are big sisters for?

(Jake and Helen beam and get ready to go to the fair. Daria gets up from the table and goes up to Quinns room.)

Scene: Quinn's room. Quinn is wearing a weird blue nightgown, and she has her face covered. Her room is dark. She's crying softly....Daria knocks, and comes in despite
her sister's cry to go away.

Quinn: Go away! I'm too ugly to look at! And itchy....(she itches)

Daria: It can't be that bad....(switches on the lightswitch)

(Quinn's face, neck and arms are covered in hundreds of red itchy bumps. Quinns
eyes are red from crying.)

Quinn: It's not faaaair! I shouldn't be like this! Not me! I'm too cute! (covers her face again, with her hands)

Daria (suprised to see how bad it looks and for a second feels bad): Gee, I don't think the chicken pox I had was that bad....

Quinn: I don't understand! I don't know who I got it from!

(Helen comes up to the room)

Helen: Quinn, honey, Daria is going to stay home and take care of you! Isn't that
sweet of her?

Quinn (looking at Daria suspiscously): Uh, really. That's like, so nice of her and stuff.

Helen: Well, anyway, your father and I are leaving now. If you need anything, Daria's here to help you!

(Helen leaves, and Daria looks at Quinn, who has crossed her arms and glares.)

Quinn: Are *you* sick too? Why would *you* want to take care of me?

Daria (to herself) I didn't want to go. (outloud in mock concern with deadpan expression): I was concerned for your wellbeing. I didn't think you should be left home alone in your current state of health.

Quinn (shakily): Oh, Daria, that's of you.....(starts to cry)

Daria (to herself) She must be really, really sick. (outloud) Yeah, well, if you need
anything, just whistle my name.

Scene: Daria's room. She's watching a 'Sick Sad World' marathon. Quinn's crying down the hall. The phone suddenly rings. Quinn answers it in her room. Quinn calls from her room.)

Quinn: DARIA!!!

Daria (to herself): This is what I get for being a good samaritan to my sister.

(Daria goes to Quinn's room)

Daria: Yes, my lady?

Quinn (to the lady comment) Oh Daria. (different subject)Would it be alright if Stacy came over? She said she wanted to keep me company, but I told her she probably shouldn't because, well, like she could get sick and all...

Daria (feigns surprise): My, my, maybe being sick is good for you. You're actually thinking of someone else.

(Quinn makes a scowl. Daria goes back to her room. She has the tv back on.)

TV Announcer: A young woman in love flies a plane over her sweethearts' house and
throughs diamonds down out of the plane, announcing her eternal love to him. Excessive? You decide- Next, on Sick Sad World!

(Daria's phone rings, and she answers it. It's Jane.)

Jane (on phone): Hola! I'm calling for an earthling named Daria....

Daria: Hello Jane.

Jane: Hey! Is Quinn home? She usually answers before anyone else.

Daria: Yeah, she's here.....Jane, if you called to see if I could go anywhere, I can't. I made a big mistake and said I'd stay home and look after Quinn.

Jane: Uh oh. What's wrong with Quinny?

Daria: She's got chicken pox.

Jane (snickers): Really? Well, there go her perfect pores.

Daria: There goes my sanity. I didn't want to go to the fair with my parents, so I said I'd stay. I'm in a rut.

Jane: Gee....I was calling to see if you wanted to go to the fair later on....but seeing as you didn't want to go in the first place....(trails off...hoping to get Daria interested in the fair.)

Daria (wonders what Jane has planned): Well, I've been thinking. Quinn is acting weird, moreso since she's sick. So it's probably a good idea that I get out of the house before *I* get sick just listening to her. Besides, a friend is coming to visit Quinn.

Jane: you want to go to the fair? I haven't been to one in years, and I've
got a hankering for some cotton, I want to see all the people humilate themselves at the pie eating contest. There's just something amusing about watching peope shove pies into their faces.

Daria (deadpan): Oh yes, we wouldn't want to miss that now, would we?

Jane: Great! Trent and I...

Daria (gulps and blushes slightly): Trent's going too?

Jane (mischeviously): Well sure. He wanted to get out of the house too, so I invited him along....and don't tell me you didn't see that one coming.

Daria (sighs): Jane...I don't know about you sometimes.

Jane: I know, I try...besides, how else would we get to the fair?

(They hang up. Daria turns to the tv, and watches her show. She doesn't have any windows open, and it gets warm in her room. She begins to get sleepy and leans back on her bed, and falls asleep)

Scene: Dream Sequence. (note-Trent appears in this dream sequence, and DS is an abbrev. for 'dream sequence'). Daria looks around, and she sees all sorts of people walking by her. They all stand in a group behind her. Daria gets up and walks by the group. She sees Laurel and Hardy, Mae West, Bob Dylan, Marlyn Monroe, and Edgar Allen Poe, among many others.

She recalls seeing this all somewhere before, but can't remember. She looks past the group of people, and looks to the ground. She sees flowers arranged into the words
Mystic Sprial. Then she notices the bandmembers. The members of Mystik Spiral
are dressed like the Beatles on the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Trent is dressed like Paul, but instead of a clarinet (the rumors that Paul was dead was fueled by him holding a different instrument, among other things) Trent is holding his guitar. The other band members are holding brass horns, flutes or something shiney.

Trent steps towards Daria.

Dream sequence Trent: Hey, Daria....

Daria (she thinks this has to be the weirdest dream ever): Hey Trent...

D.S. Trent: You know...without you my heart's lonely...

Daria (eyes widen, smiles and blushes all at once): R-really?

D.S. Trent (smiles and comes closer to her): Yeah...

(With that, Trent begins to play 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. He changes Lucy to
Daria, making it Daria in the Sky with Diamonds.)

D.S. Trent: Daria....(he's a heartbeat away, really close to Daria)

Daria (looks up at Trent): Y-yes, Trent?

Scene: End of Dream Sequence. Jane is shaking Daria awake. Daria wakes up, sees who it is and shakes her head.

Daria: Oh, what a dream.

Jane (slyly): Yeah, you're telling had the look of an angel on your face, and you were saying you-know-who's name...

Daria (blushes): Uh, yeah...(stops blushing and eyes Jane): did you get into the house?

Jane (plops herself onto the bed): Quinn let me in. Or, should I say, the Mummy let me in.

Daria: Quinn...?

Jane: Yeah, she decided she didn't want to spend her day in bed.

Scene: Downstairs in the family room. Quinn and Stacy are sitting down watching some fashion show. Stacy asks Quinn about the chicken pox. Quinn has wrapped her head
and arms up in cloth to cover the itchy red bumps.

Stacy: Sandi and Tiffany said hi.

Quinn: Where did they go?

Stacy: Um, I think they, like, went to Cashmans. They're having a sale.

Quinn (chin quivering): Wasn' a And...didn't they, like,
have....those really, really cute shoes? (tears start falling down)

Stacy (hugs Quinn): I know...(starts to cry) It's so unfair!

(They sit back. Stacy mentions something.)

Stacy: That's like, chicken pox, right?....I like, think that Sandi's brothers got chicken pox or something.

Quinn (eyes narrowing): You're right. And she insisted I went over to her house the other day....(gets angry) Oooo! She did this on purpose! She didn't want me to go to that sale at Cashmans.....or, am I, like over reacting? It's probably the fever...

(Stacy pats Quinn on the shoulder.)

Stacy: Oh, Sandi wouldn't like, do something like that to you. You're vice president of the Fashion Club! want some of the chicken soup I brought over?

(Jane and Daria come downstairs. Meanwhile, Quinn has been itching at the red bumps on her face and arms. Jane makes a comment.)

Jane: You know Quinn, the more you itch, the better the chance you have of your skin peeling away.

Quinn & Stacy(wide-eyed): W-what?

Daria: Yes, didn't you know? The more you scratch, the more you peel.

Jane: Sorta like an orange.

Quinn: AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Quinn gets up and runs to the kitchen. Stacy follows. Jane and Daria chuckle and leave.
Trent is waiting out in his car. Jane climbs into the back seat, and claims that there's too much junk back there for Daria. Daria scowls and sits up front. Trent raises an eyebrow.)

Trent (wondering what his sister is talking about): What took you so long?

Jane: Torturing Quinn....we told her the skin on her face would fall off if she kept itching....

Trent (decides not to ask anything about that): Well....uh....hey Daria.

Daria: Hey.

Jane (in the back): You know, Trent, Daria was just telling me about the most interesting dream {What do you think Jane and Daria were talking about in Daria's room during the
Quinn/Stacy scene? ;) }

Daria (thinking murderous thoughts, quickly interjects): It was hot in my room, I fell asleep and had a heat-induced nightmare...

Jane (musically): Not from what you told *me*.....

Trent: Aw, don't go bugging Daria, Janey. (turns to Daria) She's always teasing. (smiles)

Daria (blushes slightly): So I've noticed.

Act II:
Scene: County Fair. We see Helen and Jake in the games section, Jake's throwing baseballs at bottles. He wins a game and gets Helen a goofy looking teddy bear. Daria, Jane and Trent are coming through the main entrance. It's late afternoon now. Jane announces her plans.)

Jane: Well, I'm off to see the pie eaters. You two have fun!

Trent: Wait, Janey, don't you think it's kinda rude for you to invite Daria to the fair, then just leave her?

Jane: Why? It's not like she's going to be alone or anything. I mean, you're going to be with her right?

Trent: Oh, yeah, well....(smiles to himself)

(Jane waves goodbye and runs off to the pie eating contest. Trent and Daria are left in
an awkward silence.)

Trent: So, what do you want to do?

Daria (looks at the map of the fair): Well, it's been my lifelong dream to see people turn logs into sculptures with chainsaws.

Trent (surpirsed): Really?

Daria: I'm joking.

Trent: Oh...

Daria (looks back at the map): There's some bands playing.

Trent (very interested): Really? Who's playing?

Daria: Eh, someone called Retro Maniacs.

Trent: Hhmmm, never heard of them.

Daria: Neither have I. It's probably just a bunch of weirdos who decided to become a group with a name that would cause people like us to wonder what the groups like. It's like they already shrouded themselves in mystery.

Trent (chuckles): That's a cute way of putting it (To himself): Cute? I said cute?

Daria (to herself) Trent said cute? (outloud):We could check them out...if you want.

Trent: Okay. Retro Maniacs doesn't sound like too bad of a name.

Daria: It's nothing close to being as good as Mystic Spiral, that's for sure.

Trent: Hey (smiles) thanks for the compliment.

Daria (blushes): No problem.

Scene: Daria and Trent are in the bleachers, along with other people who came to see the
Retro Maniacs. A middle aged man comes to the center of the stage. He's balding, a little heavy in the mid section, and he's got a bandana tied around his head, Jimi Hendrix style/ or Rambo...whichever you prefer.

Man on stage: Hey everyone!!! We're Retro Maniacs (waves to the other band members,
all aging and somewhat doughy looking.) We're gonna play some favorites of ours. Enjoy!

(The band begins to play Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Daria's eyes widen. Trent notices.)

Trent: Are you alright, Daria?

Daria: Um, yeah. I'm fine. This song....

Trent (smiles): What? Don't like it? I think it's kinda weird myself. I don't know how they came up with newspaper taxis or the girl with kaliedescope eyes for lines.

Daria: No, it was in a dream of mine....earlier today.

Trent: Really? That's kinda, strange.

(He hums a little tune to himself for awhile. The band plays a Jimi Hendrix song. Daria hears Trent humming still.)

Daria: Uh, Trent? What are you humming?

Trent: Huh? Oh, I was just thinking about how you had that last song in your dream.
And I began humming to the song, but I changed Lucy's name.

Daria (eyes widening): You did? To what?

Trent (singing softly): Daria in the sky with diamonds....

Daria (blushes like mad and thinks to herself): Oh my's like he had the same dream (outloud): I strange....

Trent: Daria?

(Daria, with the shock of Trent singing like that...faints)

Scene: Dream Sequence Two. Daria is at some concert, and she see's Trent up on stage. He's wearing a bandana like Jimi Hendrix, and plays his guitar while the crowd goes wild. Daria looks at him, and he stops playing. Everyone stops cheering and looks at Daria.

Trent pulls a lighter out of his pocket.

D.S. Trent: Hey Daria...

Daria: Yes?

D.S. Trent: Come stand next to my fire (he does a flicking motion and his lighter and it ignites. It's a huge flame.)

Daria's eyes open wider. Then everything begins to shake.

Scene: End dream sequence. Trent is shaking Daria awake. She wakes up, and notices everyone has lef the bleachers but them. Daria blushes slightly.

Daria: Uh, sorry. What happened?

Trent: I don't know. I think you fainted. You alright?

Daria (getting up): Yeah, I'm fine.

Trent: Maybe we should get something to eat, or something. You hungry?

Daria: Actually, I am. I don't think I ate lunch.

Scene: Jane is buying herself a hotdog and sees Daria's parents. They don't notice Jane
and they walk by her. Instead, she's spotted by Jodie and Mack.

Jodie: Hi Jane!

Jane (turns around): Oh hi. What are you two up to?

Jodie: We just wanted to check out the fair. How's your summer going?

Jane: The usual.

Mack: Hey, were you just at the pie eating contest?

Jane: Uh, yeah I was actually. I thought that guy on the end should've won. I mean,
hey, not only did he eat the pies, he wore them!

Mack: Uh, that was Kevin.

Jane: Oh, well in that didn't recognize him under all those macerated berries.

Jodie: How come Daria isn't here? Fairs aren't her thing, either?

Jane (smirking):Actually, she's here, but she's with my brother.

Jodie & Mack: Really?

Jane (confiding): Yeah, I'm trying to hook them up.

Mack (eyes widen): Gee, I didn't think Daria had it in her a guy. I'm amazed.

Jodie: Me too. Good for her! I knew she wasn't such a cynical person. I bet deep down,
she's actually a softie.

Jane: W-ell, I dunno about that one. Watching 'Sick Sad World' and 'Animal Maulings'
wouldn't indicate that someone is a softie, even deep down inside.

Mack (thoughtfully): True.

Scene:Jodie and Mack leave Jane behind as they head for the rides. Meanwhile, Trent and Daria walking along. Trent had just finished a slice of pizza, three hamburgers, a hotdog, a candy apple and was polishing off a large soda. Daria was munching on a caramel apple. Trent went to throw the cup the soda was in, and left Daria for a moment.
Daria stood by a building, and heard someone say her name in an all too familiar voice.
She see Upchuck strolling casually towards her.

Upchuck: My my, Daria. Fancy meeting you here.

Daria: I wouldn't say fancy. More like, innaporpriate for the occasion.

Upchuck: Oo, *feisty*! Rrrooowwwrr!

(Trent comes back, and sees Upchuck for the first time. He feels a little threatened by Upchucks presence.)

Trent: Uh, Daria, ready to move on?

Upchuck (turns and looks at Trent in shock and stammers): H-hello there!...hehehe...I was just saying hello to D-daria here. We go to sc-school t-together, and I...(turns to Daria and lowers his voice) *I* didn't know you were here with someone.

(Trent taps Upchuck on the shoulder. )

Trent: We have to meet someone. Would you excuse us please?

Upchuck (grins malisciously): Why certainly. Wouldn't want to keep anyone waiting.

(Upchuck leaves, and Daria sighs.)

Daria: He's such a pain.

Trent: Yeah...he looks it too.

(Jane comes up behind them.)

Jane (innocently): Why, hello Daria and Trent. Nice to bump into you two. Say, how was your afternoon?

Daria: Fine.

Trent: Well, Daria fainted earlier.

Jane: Did she? (eyes Daria) How could you forget about fainting?

Daria: Uh, selective amnesia.

Scene: Nighttime. The fireworks are about to get set off. We see Helen and Jake sitting in the bleachers, Helen looking over her goofy teddy bear in a silly, yet loving way, and Jake smiles adoringly at his wife. Jane, Trent and Daria sit down for a spell. Jane decides to leave her friend and brother alone for a moment one last time.

Jane: Say, you didn't go on any rides, did you?

Trent: No, Daria didn't want to.

Jane (not surprised): Oh why's that Daria?

Daria: Remember that one Sick Sad World show that featured that guy who got his entire body image altered by a faulty ferris wheel?

Jane (remembers and shudders): Oh, that's right. I forgot. (to herself)Let's try plan B, shall we...Wait, who am I talking to? Me, stupid! (outloud) Hey, lets play "Find Jane".
I hide, and you two find me.

Trent: Why?

Daria: Jane, are you trying....

Jane: Count to a thousand!

(She runs off)

Trent: I'll never understand Janey.

Daria: Me neither. Oh well.

(The fireworks begin to go off. One man a ways off began singing the 'Star Spangled
Banner', and another mentioned in a fluffy, sentimental way about how patriotic fireworks are.)

Daria (lowers her voice low enough so that only she and Trent hear): I don't know what's so patriotic about something the Chinese invented.

Trent (chuckles and coughs lightly): That's true...

(Daria looks over at Trent, who is staring at the fireworks with a childlike awe that strikes a chord in Daria. She feels like she begins to go into a dream. Trent notices her smiling at him.)
Trent: What are you smiling for?

Daria (somewhat dreamily): You look so content watching the fireworks go off.

Trent (smiles): Yeah, they're kinda neat. Pretty actually. Hey, Daria...?

Daria: Mmm-hmmm?

Trent: Uh....(he gathers up his nerves, leans over quickly and plants a kiss on Daria's
cheek.) There. How was that?

(Thinking she's in a dream at the moment, Daria doesn't realize that Trent gave her a kiss, but she looks at him a dreamy, somewhat spacey way.)

Daria: I've been dreaming of this moment for so long...(sighs)

(She appears to be in some trance....totally unaware of the fact that she's awake.)

Trent: You know, Daria, I've been wanting to do that for a long time....I...I like you, a lot, you know? What about you? How, um, do you feel about me?

Daria: It's so wonderful here.

Trent (raises an eyebrow): Uh, I think we better go find Janey. Are you feeling okay?

Daria (snaps back to her old self): Huh? Oh, yeah, sure. What was I just saying?

Trent: You were telling me how wonderful it was here.

Daria (imitates Brittany): Eeep! (becomes herself again): Then that means it's really time to go.

(Trent and Daria go look for Jane, and Daria suggests they don't look at all. She thinks Jane is at the car waiting for them.)

Daria: I don't think Jane would really go hide, do you?

Trent:, uh, did you have a nice time?

Daria (deadpan): Oh yes. Thrills galore. I can't wait to come back here tomorrow.

Trent: Today was the last day.

Daria: I know....I was being sarcastic.

Trent: So, you didn't like being here.

Daria: It was alright. I mean, my sister is sick, so I didn't want to be home with her all day.

Trent (looking really hurt by what Daria said): Oh, I see. This was just a chance for you to get away?

Daria: That pretty much sums it up.

(It's dark out. The fireworks are going off still. Trent sighs heavily, and hangs his head low. Daria notices him out of the corner of her eyes.)

Daria: Is something wrong, Trent?

Trent (somewhat dejectedly): You didn't enjoy being here.

Daria: Well, I enjoyed being here.....with you....and Jane.

Trent: Hmmph. You made it sound like you didn't like being here at all. Like you didn't have any fun at all.

Daria: Oh...well...I didn't mean it like that....I'm sorry.

Trent: What're you sorry for?

Daria: Well, it's obvious that your feelings are hurt by something I said. Whatever it was, I'm sorry.

Trent: That's not it!....I mean, I kissed you, and you didn't even acknowledge it!

Daria (stops): did what?

Trent (stops also): I, uh, kissed you. While you were smiling at me....back there (motions to the place where they had been walking from).

Daria (blushes): You did? I thought I was dreaming again.

Trent: Huh? Dreaming about what?

Daria (shyly): Um, well, about you....

Trent (smiles and blushes): Really? You were dreaming about me?

Daria: You looked so happy watching the fireworks go off, and I, I just went into some trance or something...

(Jane comes out from behind a bush)

Jane: Hey, hey! A couple of lovebirds. Aw, how sweet! You're telling each other how you feel....How nice!

Daria & Trent: Uh, yeah, well...

Jane: Say, Daria, I hate to say this and all, what with the sudden turn of events and everything, but won't your parents be a wee bit suspicious if you aren't home when they get back?

Daria (worried): You're right!

Scene: Jane is sleeping the back seat. Daria and Trent up front, of course. Trent looks over at Daria and smiles. They pull up to Daria's house, and thankfully her parents aren't home yet. Daria thanks Jane and Trent. Jane mumbles in her sleep. Daria goes to get out, but Trent puts his hand on her arm.

Trent: Wait a minute, Daria.

Daria: Yes, Trent?

(He leans over and kisses her on the lips this time. Daria's face turns a bright shade of crimsom {I'm an art person, myself ;) }. She kisses him back. She gets out of the car,
and closes the door. She turns to see Trent smiling at her shyly. Jane has her eyes open
just enough to see, but to still look like she's sleeping. Trent drives off, and Daria goes into her house.)

Scene: Quinn is standing by a mirror in the front hallway, admiring what appears to be a new outfit, complete with, guess what? Those oh so cute shoes from Cashmans. Daria is surprised to see her. Quinn is surprised to see Daria.

Daria: Uh, hi Quinn.

Quinn: Uh, hi Daria.....

Daria: How did you manage to get new clothes and shoes?...Hey, what happened to your chicken pox?

Quinn (itches her face, then stops remembering what Daria and Jane said earlier): That's
my secret....lots and lots of foundation!

Daria: Simply amazing, Quinn.

Quinn: Uh, Daria? I promise I won't tell mom and dad you left today if you don't tell them I went to the mall.

Daria: It's a deal. But I'd change back into what you had on earlier and wash off that makeup so they don't get suspiscious.

Quinn: Okay!

Scene: Helen and Jake come home an hour later. Daria is reading a newspaper out
in the kitchen, and Quinn is sitting on a couch, watching tv. She is wearing what she had on earlier, and she washed the makeup off revealing scores of red itchy bumps.

Helen: Hi girls! How was your day together?

Jake (to Quinn): Hey kiddo! How ya feeling?

Quinn: I'm okay.

Helen: Here Quinn. Your father won these. Have the pink one. (She hands Quinn
a goofy looking pink bear)

Quinn: Aw, it's so cute!

(Daria enters the room, says hello, and stops to ask how her parents day went.)

Jake: Fine, kiddo! Say, maybe you and Quinn ought to spend more time together. You
seem rather chipper!

Daria: Chipper?

Quinn (to Helen): Mom, is it true that your skin will peel off if you itch it too much?

Helen (thoughtful): I don't know sweety.

Jake: Me neither. I'm stumped on that one!

(Daria turns to go to upstairs. Helen turns to her.)

Helen: Daria, it was wonderful of you to stay with Quinn today. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to make this up to you!

Daria (smiling): You know, Mom, Quinn already made it up to me. So we're even.

Helen: Well that's nice....dear. (she glances at Quinn, who's pretending not to hear) Goodnight then.

Fade out...
The end!