by Kero

Scene 1 Lawndale High

Jane: Daria what do you want to do this weekend?

Daria: Lets watch Sick Sad World.

Jane: OK but who's house?

Daria: Mine

Jane: Alright

They arrive at Daria's

Jake: Hello kiddo and Jen?

Jane: It's Jane.

Jake: How was school?

Jane:It was great until Daria burned down the gym.

Jake: What Daria!

Daria: She was kidding.

Jake: Oh yeah I knew that sike!

They walk upstairs.

Daria: Careful Jane we don't need him bursting another eye vessel.

Jane: Sorry but your Dad is so gullible. You must have alot of fun playing
with his mind.

Daria: Yes I do but sometimes it gets boring because its to easy just like
Quinn's mind. The only semi-challenge is my Mom's mind.

Jane: You are so lucky I don't have any minds to fool with, Trent of course is
always sleeping and my mon and dad are usually out. Did I ever tell you I love
your room?

Daria: All the time.

Jane: I'm going to do something different today. I feel like snooping around
in your room. Do you mind?

Daria: No, go ahead but next time I'll sneak around in your room.

Jane: Ok that is fair.

Daria: Well while you are looking around in my room I'm going to watch t.v.

Jane: I think I 'll start in your closet. Oh Daria what a big selection of
clothing. Hey what is this? Poetry.

Daria: I hope you can handle the content in it.

Jane: Wow, you sure seemed mad when you did these.

Daria: No I was bored and I decided this room needed my personal touch.

Jane: What's under your bed?

Daria: What's under yours?

Jane: Wow this pizza is an antique. So where is the diary? MM. Cds.

Daria :Thats what happen to them.

Jane: Hey the Wallflowers, thats kind of soft for you Daria. I would never
have guessed it you are a softy.

Daria: Well it is good Cd to get my creative juices flowing.

Jane: Sure you probably just like the lead singer.

Daria: Jakob Dylan?

Jane: Yeah thats his name. You know what he kind of reminds me of Trent. Oh I

Daria: I don't see the similary between Trent and Jakob.

Jane: Give me a break Daria.

Daria: Well I don't know what you are talking about.

Jane: Fine, I don't really feel up to debating now. Let's just watch t.v.

Scene 2

Daria's room Jane has left.

Radio: We are giving away some prizes. Be the first caller win a prize and we
have two prizes to choose from. Ready now answer this easy history question,
where was J.F.K. killed? First Caller.

First Caller: His back yard.

Radio: No 2nd caller.

Second Caller: Oval office.

Radio: No. Third caller.

Third Caller:His wife killed him.

Radio: No wrong again. This is simple history. What state? Fourth Caller.

Fourth Caller: Washington.

Daria: Damnit. I have heard enough I'm calling.

Radio: Caller 6.

Daria: Hello J.F.k. was killed in Texas.

Radio: Congulations. We have to prizes for you. Wallflower tickets or a gift
package from Rooms to Go.

Daria: My mother would love for me to get the gift package but hell no the
Wallflower tickets.

Radio: Good choice it includes backstage passes to meet the Wallflowers. How
do you feel?

Daria: Bored.

Radio: You have a great sense of humor.

Scene 3

Lane House

Daria: Today is my day to sneak around in your room.

Jane: Go Ahead I threw out all the good stuff last night.

Daria: Geez, thanks Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I won some tickets to
go to a Wallflower concert,next Saturday and I also get to meet them

Jane: How?

Daria: I answered a history question?

Jane: Cool.

Daria: So do you want to go?

Jane: Of course why wouldn't I not want to go?

Daria: Well yesterday I got the impression you didn't like them.

Jane: Well I changed my mind as soon as I saw the drummer.

Daria: Mario.

Jane: Mario,mm,cool I get to meet him!

Daria: Ok well I have to get rid of two more tickets.

Jane: I know who we can give them to Trent and Jesse.

Daria: But the Wallflowers aren't really their style of music.

Jane: I can convice them come and watch.


Jane: Hey Jesse.

Jesse: Hey

Trent: Hey Daria.

Daria: Hey.

Jane: Hey Trent do you and Jesse want to come with me and Daria to a concert?

Trent: What concert?

Jane: A Wallflowers concert.

Trent: I don't know there aren't really our style.

Jane: Come on this will get you the second hand experience to see how it is
like to hit it big.

Trent: How will we do that?

Jane: Well,Daria also got backstage passes too.

Trent: Well, I guess I'll go what about you, Jesse?

Jesse: Sounds cool, maybe we can get some tips.

Trent: We don't need tips.

Jesse: I want tips.

Jane: Ok its set next Saturday.

Scene 4

Lane House

Jane: Daria did you bring the cd?

Daria: Yes.

Jane: I have the camera and paper for them to autograph.

Daria: You sure are prepared.

Jane: I have to be ready when I meet Mario.

Jesse: Board the car.

Jane: Hey Jesse look at the cd.

Jesse: Hey this guy looks like Trent.

Jane: That is why Daria likes him.

Daria pushes her.

Trent: Let me see. Geez I don't know I guess he must be good looking if he
looks like me. Right Daria.

Daria is embrassed.

Jane: I am so exicted Daria do you think I should get a poster or something?

Daria: If you have the money fine but promise me you won't act like this
anymore after today.

Jane: Ok I'll try.

Trent: I wonder how the backstage is like.


Reporter: Here we are with Trent Lane the leader singer and songwriter for
Mystical Spiral. So how is it to be part of one of the coolest bands?

Trent: It's great, I always told my friend I had my eyes on the prize.

Crowd: Trent, Trent,Trent Yo Trent!!!

Jane pushes Trent

Jane: Wake up

Trent: Sorry I was having a great dream.

Jane: Well you almost killed us again.


Jane: Hey Mario my name is Jane.

Mario: That is such a beautiful name.

Jane: Thanks.

Mario: Will you Marry me?

Daria: Jane will you stop daydreaming of Mario.

Jane:(Damnitt Jane stop acting like Quinn)

Daria:(I wonder what kind of people are going to be there as long as its not
Quinn kind of people its ok.)

Jane: Trent exit here its time for a pit stop. Come Daria.

Go to the bathroom.

Daria: I don't have to go to bathroom.

Jane: I don't either but I want to leave our mark here.

She pulls out a black marker.

Daria: I know what to write but I have to go to the men's bathroom.

Jane: Daring Daria.

Daria: Be a look out.(goes in)Is anyone here I guess not.

Daria writes if you want to have a good time call Quinn at 124-8872. Then she
wrotes Daria loves _ _ _ _ _ in a bathroom stall.

Jane: My turn you be a watch out.

Jane draws Ms.Barch with a saying get those little things out of here!

Jane: Me and Daria are ready to go.

Trent: Wait me and Jesse have to go.

Daria: (oh no I hope no one sees that)

Jesse: Look Trent!(He shows what Daria wrote) I think Daria likes me.

Trent: HaHaHa Sure she does.

Scene 5: Wallflower concert

Daria: They are alot of people here.

Trent: Yeah. It's great.

Jane: Where do the tickets say to sit.

Daria: Front row center.

Jane: Wow we are going to get a good look at them. Before we go to our seats
I need something.

Jesse: What is she getting?

Daria: A poster.

Jane: Get away girls it is mine!

Girl: No I saw it first.

Jane: You better shut your mouth or else.

She show a fist.

Jane: I got what I wanted.

They go to their seats

Annoucer: Here are the Wallflowers.

People scream.

Scene 6 after concert

Jesse: That was wild.

Trent: Now it the backstage that is going to be nuts.

Jane: woo Hoo

They show their passes to guard

Jane: Smile Daria.

Jane snaps a picture of Daria

Jesse: Psst.Janey I think your friend Daria has a crush on me.

Jane: Where did you get that idea?

Jesse: I saw it written on a bathroom door.

Jane: And it said Daria loves/likes Jesse?

Jesse: Well no.

Jane: That could be anyone.

Jesse: But who else can it be?

Jane: (Trent stuipd) Geez I don't know.

Jesse: Well tell Daria to look for someone else.

Jane: ok

Jesse and Trent walk around.

Jane: Hey Daria. So why didn't you tell me that you like Jesse?

Daria: What are you talking about I don't like him don't you like him?

Jane: No, Daria he isn't really my type he's too much like my brother. You
know I need someone to flirt around with when you are with Trent.

Daria: Oh shut up.

Jane: So I have figured out one of the greatest mysteries Daria's lust
object.. my brother. Ha Ha

Daria: Hey isn't that Mario.

Jane: Where? Daria come with me.

They walk to Mario.

Jane: Hi my name is Jane and this is Daria.

Mario: Hi girls How are you?

Daria: Fine.

Jane: Great, can you sign this poster for me.

Mario: Sure what would you like me to write.

Jane: To Jane Lane Love Mario

Mario: Here you go.

Jane: Thanks I'll never forget this.

Then she kisses him on the cheek.

Jane: Oh wait before I go and look around some more, Daria take a picture of
Mario and me.

Daria: Smile.

Jane: Bye,Mario.

Daria: Bye.

Mario: Bye Girls.

Jane: He was nice. Oh look there is Trent and Jesse. So did you guys meet any
of the Wallflowers.

Trent: Yeah we met Micheal Ward the guitarist and he gave Jesse some tips.

Jesse: No man he gave you tips.

Trent: Whatever.

Jane: So did you get his autograph.

Trent: Yeah

He pulls a piece of paper from his pocket.

Jane: Now what should we do?

Daria: Let's look for Jakob Dylan.

Jane: Sure Daria you need to have some fun too.

Daria: Oh shut up.

Trent: There he is. So Daria what do you think is so great about that guy.
Look how everyone is tripping all over themselves to meet him.

Daria: He is famous. Fame seems to do weird things to people.

Trent: But you seem to be fine.

Daria: That is because unlike everyone else I have self control.

Trent: Oh

Jakob looks exactly like Trent but no earrings, no jewelry, neater clothing
and blue eyes.

Jane: Hello, My name is Jane, this is Daria, Trent, and Jesse.

Jakob: Hey guys so what did you think about the concert?

Trent: I would consider it one of the best I have been to considering we got
backstage passes.

Jakob: I'm glad to hear that.

Rami and Greg members of WF: Hey Jake that guy looks like you.

Jakob: I guess I can see the similarities.

Jane: See Daria. Hey Jakob I told my friend, Daria. That you look like my
brother. You and my brother also have something else in common Trent also
plays in a band.

In a lower voice

Jane: And Daria like both of you.

Daria pushes her.

Jane: Hey.

Jakob: So what is the name of the band?

Trent: Mystical Spiral.

Jakob: That's a cool name.

Trent: Thanks.

Jakob: So have you guys played any places big?

Trent: No, just some little stuff. We are not sell out.

Jakob: I would like to hear you guy some time may one of these days.

Jane: Can we take some pictures?

Jakob: Sure.

Jane: First Trent and Jakob. Now Daria go with them. Wait can you take a
picture of all of us?

Person: sure, smile.

Jane: Thanks.

Daria: Wait before we go can I have your autograph.

Jakob: Sure.

Daria: Thanks you are an inspiration to my writing.

Jakob: Your welcome bye.

Daria: Bye

All: Bye

Jakob: Hey

He taps Daria.

Jakob: I think that guy likes you.

He points at Trent.

Scene 7 Riding back home

Jane: This is one of the coolest days ever. So Daria when do you want the

Daria: Whenever thay are done. I can't wait to go home and brag to Quinn.
She has never met anyone famous before.

Jane: Ha She is a loser.

Trent: Thanks for a fun day Daria.

Jesse: Yeah this was a cool day.

Trent: Next time I'll treat you out.

Jane: Oh isn't that nice?

Trent: We are at your house. See you later Daria.

Daria: Bye Jane, Jesse, Trent.

Jane: See you tomorrow.

Daria opens the door.

Helen: Hi Daria how was the concert?

Daria: It was ok. I am tired so I going to my room.

Helen: Nite.

Daria: Nite.


Daria: Hey Quinn I met someone famous loser.

Quinn: Stop bragging Daria!

Slams door in her face.

Daria goes to her room closes the door and puts the signed poster on the
door and sighs.