"Halloween Party"
By JadeGryphon

This is a little spoof I made off of MTV’s Daria. It’s about Daria and Jane at Lawndale’s Halloween party, and the three ‘movie monsters’ that make the dramatic appearance and change the entire evening, especially for Daria. Have fun!



The school bell rang to signal the end of another week at Lawndale High. Daria
Morgindorffer was eagerly packing her backpack, when the intercom came on suddenly, sending everyone into and abrupt halt. Ms. Li (the principal) was going to remind them (for the twentieth time today) to come to the school’s Halloween blowout party, later tonight. Daria sarcastically mouthed the words silently to the announcement, waiting impatiently to go home for the weekend.

P.A.- " And remember, all students must be in costume to be admitted into the gymnasium.
The three people with the best costumes will be pictured in the Lawndale yearbook, as well as awarded a 10$ gift certificate to the Mall of the Millenium." 

Sandi (from across the room)- " Like we could buy anything decent with that."  

Daria thinking - Ah, October 31st. What will I wear? 

When the announcement ended, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and Daria met her friend Jane Lane in the hallway because they walked home together everyday.

Jane: Hey Daria, will you come with me to the party tonight?

Daria: You’re not actually going to that drunken barn dance, are you?

Jane: Mystic Spiral is playing there, and Trent wants you and me there supporting him.

Daria: Trent? Wants me there?

Jane: Is there an echo in here?

Daria: Shut up. Are you going to wear a COSTUME?

Jane: Yep. You have to wear one, anyway, I’ll be there at eight.

Daria: See ya.


The two friends went their separate ways. Later, Daria is standing in front of her full- body mirror, staring at her pathetic excuse for a costume.


Talking to herself: At least it will get me past Ms. Li. It’s not much, but it’ll pass.



At around 8:45 she arrived at the Lawndale parking lot, where she could already hear the music loud and clear. Ms. Li met all arrivals at the gymnasium door, which was vibrating from all the base. When she first walked in, the music blew her hair behind her, and all the flashing strobes and blacklights made her dizzy for a moment.


Daria thinking: Phase 1: Find Jane, Phase 2: Stay for Trent’s performance, Phase 3: Get the hell outta here.


She walked over to the snack bar, trying to ignore the endless cloud of drunk party freaks buzzing about her. She stood with her hands at her sides, scanning for anybody she knew, especially Jane. She didn’t find her, but this is who she did find;


Jodie and Mac as Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Kevin and Brittany as (you guessed it) a football player and a cheerleader, Upchuck as a pirate, Quinn, Joey, Jeffy and Jamie as three Romeos and a Juliet, and this guy in a ‘ Scream’ costume.


" Hey Daria!" Came a voice from behind her. She spun around and saw Jane in a blue, gold and white dress with high heels and a ribbon in her hair.


Daria: Who are you supposed to be?

Jane: Snow White. You?

Daria: Catwoman. Meow. Hiss. Feel my wrath.


Jane (sarcastically): Black shirt, black pants, boots, fake ears, yep, you’re Catwoman all right.


Daria: Shut up. So where are you’re three dwarfs?


Jane: Oh, they’re not dressed as dwarfs..(Laughs)


The guy dressed in the ‘Scream’ costume runs by.


Daria: Who is that?


Jane: Search me.


Suddenly all the rock music stopped, replaced by these eerie noises in the backround as Ms. Li took the mike.


Ms. Li: Please congratulate our three costume contest winners, who are ironically also our special guests! (Points towards dark stage) The DJ plays thunder and creepy sounds as a spotlight beamed down, and very realistic Wolfman took center stage.


Wolfman: LLLawndale! (Crowd cheers)


Horrific Halloween!!! (Howls) (Crowd cheers again)


It’s a real honor to be playn’ for you tonight, so let’s get this show on the road!!! (Hoots and hollers) Please welcome my brother and drummer, The Creature from the Black Lagoon! (Cheers)

Another spotlight appeared to his left, onto a large green and blue figure with long claws and fangs standing next to a drum set. The stage floor was now covered in artificial smoke, and the crowd of highschoolers below cheered and hollered at the Wolfman’s every word.


Daria: This isn’t who I think it is, is it?

Jane (smiling): Just watch.


Wolfman (backing up): And now…(music begins).. Our lead singer and my main man… The Phantom of the Opera!


The Wolfman backs up into a third spotlight, as loud music begins once again and a tall figure very dramatically leaps into the center light, his red cape flying behind him very superhero-like. He wore a black tuxedo and a white mask that covered almost all of his face.


Phantom: Wa’sup Lawndale? (Crowd goes wild)

Monsters in unison: We are the monsters of Mystic Spiral! And we’ll blow the roof off this frigin’ school!


And that began their performance.


Daria looked over at her friend, who smiled and raised her eyebrows. Jane: Pretty cool, huh?


Daria: Who taught them to do that? (Jane smiles proudly) Oh. Which one is Trent?


Jane: I’ll let you figure it out. (Scream guy runs buy again)


Daria: He is really getting on my nerves.


They’re little ‘ concert’ only lasted 20 minutes, but it was long enough. But afterwards, only the Black lagoon creature met them at the snack bar. He walked up to them and took off his mask, showing the world he was really Jared, the blonde-haired, multi-pierced drummer for Mystic Spiral.


Jared: So Jane, Daria, how did you like the concert?

Jane: The best yet. Daria: Way to go, Swampy.

Daria: Where did Wolfboy and the Phantom go?


Jared: They probably just got lost in the crowd, they should be along any time now.


Jane shrieked as out of nowhere the ‘wolfman’ scooped her up and onto his shoulders.


Wolfman: (howl) Great concert, huh Jane?

Jane (annoyed): Put me down, Jesse. (Jane takes Jesse’s wolfman head off)


Jesse: Sorry. (Puts her down). Those tips you gave us really kicked our performance up.


Daria: Bam. Kick it up a notch. You go Emeril.


Jane and Jesse: Shut up Daria. (Daria smiles)


Then the DJ spoke over the intercom: The next two songs are special dedications, the first is ‘ The Way’ by Fastball, and is to Jane from Jesse.

The lights and strobes returned, and Jesse escorted the flattered Snow White onto the dance floor.



Daria found herself standing all alone, until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around, and there was Trent. He had taken off his white mask, and was standing behind her, smiling. Her heart skipped its usual two beats when she saw him, then she smiled back.


Trent: Hey Daria, cool costume.

Daria: Hey Trent, yours is cool too.


They stood staring at each other in silence for a moment, then Trent waved towards the bleachers. Trent: Wanna sit down, Daria?


Her pulse began to race as she sat down beside him, and they watched Jane and Jesse dance together. Trent swallowed, then decided to ask her.


Trent: Um, Daria, wanna dance on the next song?

Daria suddenly felt lightheaded and happy, and replied " Yeah, sure", then rested her head on his shoulder. He stared at her for a moment, thanking God for giving him what he asked for, and was going to wrap his arm around her when her sanity kicked in. ‘ What the hell are you doing??’ demanded the little voice in the back of her head.

She sat up quickly, but his hand caught her shoulder. "Please, Daria, don’t get up." He pleaded. She stared at him, then relaxed again, and they spent the last few moments of the song like that. Then the DJ took the mike again, " This next song is another dedication, ‘ Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ from Armageddon, and it is to Daria from Trent." She looked up at him, smiling.

Daria: You dedicated a song to me?

Trent: I had to have some excuse to dance with you. (Both laugh)

She took his hand, and they walked out onto the floor, away from Jane and Jesse. As the not-so-romantic Aerosmith song began, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and he let his hands relax lightly on her lower back. They both had smiles plastered to their faces, and couldn’t take their eyes off one another. As they began to get into the music, he got fancy and spun her away from him until only their fingertips were touching, then brought her back in. Pretty soon they stopped moving altogether, with Daria’s hands on his chest and her head on his shoulder, and Trent with his arms around her waist, and his head against hers.


Trent: Daria?

Daria: Trent?

Trent: We have to go..the party’s over. Can I drive you home?


Daria: Aren’t you taking Jane?

Trent: She’s going with Jared and Jesse.


Daria: All right then.


The two separated, and he walked her out to his car, held the door for her, and then started the engine. It only took five minutes to get to the Morgindorffer driveway.

Daria: I really had fun tonight Trent.

Trent: Me too.

He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, then she stepped out of the car. ‘Goodnight, Trent’ she whispered softly, as he drove away.



Daria woke up, her eyes meeting the ceiling. She looked at the clock, 8:00. She cursed to herself- it had only been a wonderful dream. She put on her glasses, and walked toward her closet, passing her calendar, then ran back to it. " November 1st" she gasped, " Last night really did happen". She smiled like a maniac and spun around until she fell onto her bed. " Trent" she whispered, then closed her eyes.


Trent was trying to write a new song, but all he had come up with was the word ‘ Daria’ seventy times. He smiled like a maniac and fell back onto his bed. " Daria" he sighed, then closed his eyes.


~*~*~*~ The End~*~*~*~ 

(The Scream guy turned out to be Daria’s gothic classmate Andrea, who was found passed out in a ditch behind the school days later)