by Mitch 

(At the Lane household, Trent and Jesse are practicing)

Trent: This bites.

Jesse: What do you mean?

Trent: This song sounds awful.

Jesse: You never had trouble with that cord before.

Trent: That's because I used my lucky pick...That's it. I don't
have my pick.

Jesse: I'll get it for you man. I -need- to get out of this

Trent: Thanks Jess.

(Jesse goes to Trent's room and finds the pick. He passes Jane's
room and hears the following conversation.)

Jane:(behind door) C'mon Daria, I -know- you like him, so why
don't you tell him?

Daria:(behind door) Well, Jane, you know that I almost -never-
liked a guy in my life, much less told him. Besides, he wouldn't
take me seriously. -I- almost don't take myself seriously with

Jane:(behind door) C'mon, he's cute, in a band...

Daria:(behind door) 21...

Jane:(behind door)Like that's a problem.

Daria:(behind door) I keep wondering why you want me to go
through with this. What about your relationship with him?

Jane:(behind door) Oh, I care about him, but he's better off with

(Jesse leaves)

Jesse: Were they talking!

(that evening, at a Mystik Spiral party)

Trent: What's wrong Jesse? You seem a little tight.

Jesse: Well...Trent, have you ever had to turn a girl down?

Trent: A couple of times. Why?

Jesse: Well, I need to do that, but she's not a bad girl. I just
don't like her in -that- way.

Trent: Oh. Well, do you think she'll understand if you let her
down gently?

Jesse: Probably.

Trent: Well, good luck but be careful.

Jesse: Thanks.

(Jesse leaves and finds Daria and Jane)

Jane: Enjoying yourself?

Daria: As much as ever. You?

Jane: Same deal.

Jesse: Hey, Jane. Can I borrow Daria for a second?

Jane: Sure, but lose any parts or payments and you die.

(Jesse takes Daria someplace out of the way)

Daria: Sorry, Jesse, but I'm not into free love.

Jesse: (does she know that he heard her?) Actually, I heard what
you and Jane were saying today...

Daria:(thinking) God, he knows about Trent.

Jesse: I sorta hate to say this're nice and all but...I
don't think we're ready for a relationship.

Daria: Jesse, what are you talking about?

Jesse: Well, I heard that Jane is trying to hook you up with a 21
year-old who's in a band and I thought...

Daria: Uh, Jesse, I think your a little confused. I was talking
about...-sigh- Trent.

Jesse: (embarrassed) Oh. Oh, God. Sorry. I...(Trent?) Huh?

(later, after Jesse and Daria rejoin the party)

Jane: So, you thought we were talking about you?

Jesse: Well, I was guessing.

Daria: So, you were trying to gently put me down.

Jesse: (head down) Yeah...

Daria: Thanks.

(Jesse perks up)

Daria: Better than being totally put down.

Jesse: Er, um, your welcome.

Daria: But if you tell Trent I like him, I'll put you to torture.

Jesse: Ulp.