"Kevin and Brittany's Romance"
by Mitch

It was true that they had broke up after the Great Lawndale Earthquake,
but anyone who knew them would say they were back together the very next week.
Now in their teens, Kevin Thompson and Brittany Taylor enjoyed about six
months of being together. One day, Kevin decided to pop the question.
Wearing his high school football uniform, Kevin got on his knees and asked
Brittany if she would marry him. Brittany was of mixed feelings at that
moment. She was flattered and he was cute and all, but Brittany knew Kevin
better than anyone and he was always on the verge of chasing around. Still,
he had been nicer to her lately than he had been in awhile. She figured this
could her best catch and she could always change him if things started to
go awry. She accepted and they embraced.

It was Brittany's family that provided most of the planning,
preparations, and money. In a couple of months, Brittany had her bachlorette
party. Her friends from Lawndale High were all there: Daria, Jane, Jodie,
Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany. Most of them gave her thanks and pretty
gifts. Daria and Jane told her not skate on thin ice. Brittany didn't know
what they meant by that since she was going to start a modeling career and
not figure skating career. Since Daria, Jane, and Jodie were going steady
with Trent, Jesse, and Mack respectively, she gave her old little black book
to the Fashion Club, which they all fought over. Quinn won, but Sandi secretly
tore out a few pages and kept them.

Meanwhile, Kevin was having his bachelor party. Mack and the Three Js
were invited. The Three Js were a bit disappointed since they all used to
have crushes on Brittany, but at least Quinn was still available. Chuck
crashed the party and provided his fellow "gentlemen", Mack, and the doomed
former bachelor with "entertainment": namely, a "stag film" starring Sandi's
mother. (Author's note: I'm sorry, but I was running out of characters) Mack
secretly left the party at that moment unnoticed.

The wedding was actually very glamorous. Brittany looked rather stunning
while Kevin almost looked classy. When they kissed, the moment was rather...
passionate. Jane caught the bouquet and Joey caught the girdle (Jane later
told Daria about how she was ignoring this hint of a prophesy of doom). The
newlyweds drove off with their families cheering them on.

Kevin and Brittany's honeymoon was at the Woodland Arms hotel. Brittany's
family had gotten them registered to the honeymoon suite. The details of
their wedding night are left out here to insure privacy and decency. All that
needs to be said is that Kevin had a great time but Brittany was rather
disappointed. She tried to work it off since she was now married to Kevin and
couldn't just leave him whenever she wanted to. They spent the weekend
swimming, playing tennis, eating at the buffet, and just resting in their
room. Brittany figured she should just enjoy being with him as long he
enjoyed being with her.

Brittany's family already got them a loan on a good house and the two got
settled down there soon after the honeymoon. Even though she was saving money
to move to Paris, Brittany figured she could be a famous model in the States.
Kevin was trying to get a contract to become a professional football player,
but kept being turned down. Brittany, on the other hand, was accepted by an
agency and actually did rather well (by then, "endowed" young women like
herself were the rage in the modeling world). The only problem was her
husband occasionally showing up to openly "root" for her and, in effect,
embarrass her. She told him to compliment her in private from then on.

About six months later, Brittany was becoming depressed. Kevin hadn't
been paying much attention to her and when he did, it was for...well, things
of a physical nature. She was beginning to think that Kevin only loved her
physically and was not interested in any other her other qualities.
Eventually, she caught him spending time with another woman and, the next
morning, handed him a divorce paper.

In frustration, Brittany took the money she had been saving and left for
Paris, France. The two of them had no children, so the sudden move had few
ramifications. She signed with an agency there and become a highly successful
fashion model. She went to parties and the such, meeting famous people, and
occasionally flirted with a few of the male models at the agency and movie
stars at the like whom she crossed paths with. Still, amidst all the glamour,
Brittany Taylor felt a degree of loneliness. She knew she didn't want another
boyfriend, but she was missing something...

One day, Brittany received a fan letter that had reached her house
instead of the agency. She opened it, expecting an indecent purposely from
some French admirer. Surprisingly, it was from a girl from America.
Basically, it said that the girl thought Brittany was pretty, hoped that she
was happy, and asked if she could visit her in America one day. Brittany
smiled. It had been a little while since she saw the United States and
wondered if she could arrange a U.S. tour of herself. She hung the letter on
the refrigerator with Lucille's smiling, enclosed picture and realized what
she wanted...Brittany wanted a child.