Lawndale Air Force (2/3)
By Michael J. Pfeffer

Scene 4- At the start of a large runway. Two AT-6 Texan propeller trainer aircraft
are sitting side-by-side. Jane is outside one, Brittany is outside the other. Michael and
Daria are talking to Jane, Brittany is still trying to get up into the cockpit.

Jane: That's me, Tom Cruise. Woo hoo.

Daria: Could be worse. You could be Goose.

Michael: Hey, at least you're flying. We've got Strategy and Tactics, then a stint at Air
War College. Fine by me, but I'd rather be flying.

Jane: You're lucky- you'll get to fly the F-22 over Lawndale High during football practice
with live weapons.

Michael: Nope I couldn't program the weapons to track individuals.

Jane and Daria (Simultaneously): Dammit!

Michael: Just out-fly Brittany that shouldn't be too hard.

(Gestures towards Brittany's Texan)

Brittany: What's this button do?

Instructor: No! Don't

(Brittany presses button, reddish liquid pours out from landing gear tubing.

Instructor: That dumps the hydraulic fluid.

Brittany (Twirling hair absentmindedly): Not my fault you didn't label it!

Scene 5- 10,000 feet above the Colorado Plateau- two AT-6 Texans, flying in rough

Jane (Over radio): So it's just basic maneuvers, then advanced, then air combat?

Head Instructor (Also Radio): That's affirmative, Alpha One. You'll be taking the lead
because of er mental incapacity.

Brittany (Radio): Does that mean I'm really smart?

Head Instructor: Couldn't hear you. Erm Radio difficulty. We'll hand it off to Colonel
Landry, the backseat in Alpha One. Base out.

(Cut to the backseat of Jane's plane)

Landry: Okay, ladies, we'll start with a basic one-point roll. This is easy- pull the stick to
the right and hold it throughout the roll, then let go when you're level and use the vertical
controls to level out.

Brittany: Er could you repeat that?

Landry: (Sighing) Alpha Two, you go first.

Brittany: Okay

(Brittany's aircraft pitches upward wildly and smoke comes out of her engine.)

(Cut to two-seat view of Brittany's plane)

Instructor: No! Don't push that button!

Brittany: Oops am I bad?

(Instructor glares at Brittany.)

Instructor: Base, this is Alpha Two. I have damage to my aircraft. Request emergency
landing, immediately!

Base: Roger that, Two. You have runway zero-four left. The pattern is yours. We are
sending up Delta One as your backup wingman.

Jane: Backup wingman?

(Another Texan flies up, matching Jane's formation and speed.)

Daria (Radio): Hey there, Maverick.

Jane: Daria? How'd you get the guts to come up here?

Michael (Radio): Well, I was instrumental.

(Daria wags the wings of her plane.)

Michael: Well, I suppose you've already had some basic flight training

Jane: I see Daria told you about how my sister Summer was a private pilot...

Michael: Let's skip the amateur stuff and go right to ACM- Air Combat Maneuvering.

Daria: You like the Air Force way too much.

Michael: Better than the Army- they grunt in response to questions.

Daria: Kevin will fit right in there.

(Radios crackle on both aircraft.)

Base: Ah, Alpha and Delta flights, we have a change in plans. You've been moved up.
Return to base immediately.

Daria: Oh well, I hate to miss the violent flying.

Michael: Well, let's head in.

To Be Continued....