This fanfic is in parts. I'm not sure how many yet. Anyway. This is part 1/? of 'Memories
Long Forgotten' part one is called 'in the beginning.' Another note is that Brittany is
smarter in this story. And without further adieu:

"Memories Long Forgotten" (1/?)
Part 1: In the Beginning
by janelane25

A thousand years ago on the moon kingdom Queen Serenity's daughter was only fourteen years old.
Her name was princess Serenity. She was to marry a prince of earth. His name was prince Trent
(hey this is a crossover what did you expect?) Princess Serenity's name would in the future be
Daria. She lived in the crystal palace with her best friends, the princesses Venus, Mars,
Mercury, and Jupiter. Queen Serenity had four generals stay close to the palace as well. They
were Zoycite, Malachite, Nephlite, and Jedite. Princess Mercury and Malachite found themselves
very fond of each other's company. They began spending a lot of their time together. This made
Zoycite very jealous and she was the first to desert to Queen Beryl's army. A few days later
Queen Beryl was about to attack. And that was the last time Prince Trent and Princess Serenity
saw each other. Prince Trent went off to fight against the Negaverse. Along with the three
remaining generals, Nephlite the oldest and most experienced in wars, Malachite who didn't even
say good-bye to Princess Mercury so he wouldn't hurt her, and they youngest general Jedite.
Once the Negaverse had destroyed almost everything Queen Serenity used the last of her energy to
send her daughter, The princesses Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, the cat guardians Luna, and
Artiemis, and Prince Trent to the future. None of them remembered a thing about the moon

And so begins our story...

(I will add more very soon and I'll continue this fanfic series over the summer. Because I
have finals coming up don't expect part two for about two weeks.)