One Night Stand: A Misleading Title
by Mitch

Surpisingly, there were many parking spaces left. Daria had hoped that at least a few more
people would show up. Well, at least she got a space. She parked the car and walked
slowly across the parking lot. She would have gone faster if it weren't for her condition. She
hadn't been to McGrundy's Pub for awhile but she didn't have a reason to until tonight. She
saw the sign next to the door:

Women drink tropical sodas for one credit until 9

Daria wished that there was more vegetation left in the world. She felt her stomach and
smiled. For the past couple of months, that was what she did when she was feeling down.
Too bad she would have to stop after next month...

She showed her I.D. to the bouncer and walked in. She sat at a lonely table which was
okay since she wanted this to be a relativly private evening. Besides, it didn't look like
anyone she knew from Lawndale had stayed there anyway...

An Irish man, about twenty, walked up to the microphone on the stage in front of Daria.

"Is this thing on?" he asked. It was. "Hello. I'm McGrundy jr. Welcome to Mc Grundy's Pub: live
and recorded music seven nights a week. Sorry about our Shovel Full O' Onion Rings. The
onion went extinct on us. Now, Mystik Sprial's ex-lead singer...," That was a pleasent intro,
thought Daria. "Trent Lane!"

Trent went up to stage with the guitar he always had. "Hey," he said, "happy St. Patrick's
day." The audience seemed unenthusiastic. Daria felt worried. Ever since Trent left his
band, he played gigs like this mainly for the sake of being himself: a guitarist. Would a
crowd like this hurt his esteem? Daria ordered a soda from a passing waitress. She -was-
feeling thirsty.

"Well," said Trent, "I just want you to know that dispite the rumors, I left Mystik Sprial on a
relativly happy note and for a reason I won't go in detail here." Daria knew that reason.
"Well, here's a song I wrote when I was 21. It's called 'Behind My Eyelids'".

Trent played "Behind My Eyelids", "Icebox Woman", and "From the Futon". Daria clapped
and the end of each one. Eventually, she got her drink, but it wasn't exactly a clean glass.
She put it aside in disgust. After all, she had more than her health alone to worry about
these days.

"And now," said Trent, "a song I wrote just last night," Daria couldn't remember Trent
writing a song the night before, "I'm dedicating it to my wife Daria, who's expecting our first
child next month." Daria felt surpised. She didn't know Trent had worked on an extra song
dedicated to her.

Trent began:

Life from a cell

Life from a heart

I didn't know

when it would start.

I first felt depression

then I felt love.

Then came a blessing

down from above.

Life has just come

and it will stay.

I will be proud

'till my last dying day.

The three of us

are in enternal bliss.

Will earlier days

e'er be...missed?

The audience was quiet at first. Then someone besides Daria clapped. This was joined by
another, another, and another. Daria was too busy smiling to clap at first. She felt a kick
from her stomach. She knew then that Trent's song had been approved by the whole

After the show, Trent walked up to Daria's car where she was waiting.

"Great show, Trent," she said.

"Thanks," said Trent, "did you like 'Life'?"

"The last song? Who didn't like it?"

"Did the baby like it?"

"It felt like it did. You still have it, Trent. People today forget that it's the -people- in a band that matter, not just the band's name."

"Yeah." They kissed.

"Happy St. Patrick's Day, Daria."

"You too, Trent."

They got into Daria's car with Daria at the wheel.

"We'll worry about your car tomorrow, Trent. I just don't want you to fall asleep at the

Daria turned and saw her husband asleep already. She smiled for the fourth time
that night and drove back to Woodland...