Sex in Lawndale

Jane and Daria are 18 years old and in their senior year in high school and
Daria have been dating Trent for about a month.

Note: This is a sexually explicit fanfic.

The first scene is in the Lanes basement. Daria and Jane are watching Trent
and Jesse practice.

Trent: So Janey, what did you think of that song?

Jesse: I wouldn't go by what she thinks. She'll probably just make some
sarcastic remark.

Jane: What, and Daria wouldn't?

Daria: Leave me out of this thank you.

Jane muttering: Jerk.

Jesse: You know what? You bug my ass, you been buggin' my ass since you were

Jane: Ass hole!

Jesse: Your mother!

Jane: Your father!

Trent: Save it for Springer guys.

Jesse: It's getting late, I better go.

Daria: Yeah, I should go to.

Jesse: I can take you home if you'd like.

Daria: Sure, I don't mind. (kisses Trent) Bye guys.

Trent: Bye Daria, Jess.

Jane: Bye Daria. (Gives a death look to Jesse who gives a look of hatred back)

On the way to Daria's house

Daria: Give it up Jesse. It's obvious that you like Jane.

Jesse: Like her?!?! I hate her with great hatred!

Daria: Whatever.

They pull up to the house and Daria gets out.

Daria: You should stop denying it. If I didn't tell Trent I liked him then I
wouldn't be dating him today.

Jesse looks at her and drives home.

The Lane house

Trent: Come on Janey, you know you like him.

Jane: Trent, what have you been sniffing? Jesse is a no good loser. He reminds
me of you.

Trent looks at her angrily

Trent: Ok, whatever, but if I didn't tell Daria how I felt about her then we
would STILL be flirting and we would never know what the other felt.

Jane: Well that's you. I don't like Jesse.

Trent goes up to go to bed and Jane goes to her room to put her PJ's on and
listen to music.

The Moreno house.

Mama Moreno: I told you to be home by 11:00 it's 11:10!

Jesse: But mama, I had to drop off Daria.

M Moreno: Well, you would have been home on time if you weren't so caught up
in that music of yours.

Jesse: Ma, you have no idea what you are talking about.

M Moreno: Watch your mouth, you ain't too old to catch a skillet upside your
head. (Pretends to whack him with a skillet) Pang!!!!

Jesse: But MOM!!

M Moreno: Get out, get out. I don't want no deadbeat son in my house!

Jesse: But mom, if you would just listen!

M Moreno: Don't wanna!

Jesse: Where will I go?!

M Moreno: Stay at your grungy friends house for all I care!

Jesse: But MA!

M Moreno: Let me give you two choices. You can get out, or you can get the
hell out.

Jesse leaves and if starts to rain

Jesse: Of course.

He looks back at the house.

Jesse: Behind every successful man is a mother that's not like mine.

He walks to the Lane house.

He climbs a tree and knocks on a window.

Jane is in her room listening to the album by "Five" She hears someone
knocking at the window so she opens it.

Jane: Jesse?! What the hell are you doing here?!

Jesse: Oops, I thought it was Trents window. Sorry. (He starts to climb down
when Jane stops him.

Jane No, you can come in. You can just walk down the hall to Trent's room from
in here.

Jesse: Thanks.

He comes in and Jane notices how cold he is

Jane: Maybe you should warm yourself up before you go. You don't want to catch

Jesse: Thanks.

Jane: So why ARE you here?

Jesse: My mama threw me out cuz I came home late. She is also made that I'm
still trying to become a musician.

Jane: Why is she upset about that?

Jesse: She says that she doesn't want me to end up like those people on the
street singin' their shoulda-coulda-wouldas.

Jane: That's crazy talk. Mystik Spiral is good, no matter what I say. And
you're good, no matter how much I hate you.

Jesse: You know, you can be nice for a cold-hearted snake.

Jane: COLD HEARTED SNAKE?!?!?! Why I outta!!!

She runs toward him and he dodges. She starts swinging at him while he blocks
her punches.

Jesse: Alright Jane. I'm getting warmed up now.

He moves until he is right in front of her bed.

Jane: You are such an ass.

    She runs toward him but trips over one of her shoes and bumps right into
Jesse. They tumble back onto the bed, Jane right on top of him. Neither of
them moved, they just stared at eachother, Jane's hands on Jesse's chest and
Jesse's arms on Jane's shoulders.

The song "When the lights go out" starts to play from the CD Jane was
listening to.

    Jesse started to lift his head up to hers and she moved her head down a
little. This continued until their lips where a centimeter apart. Jane gave
Jesse a " What the hell" look and she kissed him. They broke the kiss and
Jesse lifted Jane to her knees and he followed. They looked into each other's

Jane: What are we doing?

Jesse: Something we have both wanted to do for a long time.

    Jesse grabbed Jane's face and kissed her with force while Jane started
unbuttoning his shirt. He took of his shirt and pushed Jane onto the bed. He
practically tore off her nightshirt and he pulled down her bottoms and her

Jane: Jesus Christ. Aren't we the eager beaver.

He took his jeans and boxers off and climbed on top of Jane. Jane smirked as
she felt his manhood throbbing against her stomach as he kissed her neck.

    He moved down to taste her breasts. Jane whimpered as Jesse explored her with
his lips. He grabbed his manhood and inserted himself into Jane and thrust
forward. Jane winced at the pain of him breaking into her but began to enjoy
feeling of ecstasy she was getting from his motions. She rolled over until she
was on top of him and then sat up, her legs straddling his hips. She began
riding him up and down whimpering as her emotions ran through her.
Jesse was grunting at her movements and was in awe of how gorgeous she looked
with the sweat glistening off her body. Soon they were both at their peak.
When the orgasm hit them it was like a tidal wave crashing down on the beach.
Jane collapsed onto Jesse's body and he gave her a soft kiss on the lips, then
they both fell asleep, Jesse forgetting why he came here in the first place.

The next morning, 2 hours before school.

Jane woke up as the sunshine was peaking through the window. She turned to see
Jesse still asleep and she turned to go back to sleep when she jerked right
back up.

Jane: Jesse?!?!

She was confused but then she remembered what happened last night.

Jane: I can't believe we did THAT.

She starts to shake Jesse until he's awake.

Jesse looking at her: Morning my sweet.

Jane: Don't good morining me. Get up and get out.

Jesse: Why?

Jane: I have to start getting ready for school and I don't know what I would
do if Trent came in here and saw you.

Jesse: I like you.

Jane: That's nice to know, really, it is, MOVE IT!!

Trent opening her door: Janey, why are you- (he sees Jesse on her bed and Jane
covering herself with a sheet) This is crazy. Are my eyes playing tricks on

Jesse: Tricky eyes. That could be a good name for our group.

Jane: ...It's not a good time Jess, It's just NOT a good time.

Trent walks out and closes the door.

Jesse puts on his boxers and jeans and Jane starts to get dressed. Jesse
circles her, checking her out while she dresses.

Jane: What...what were you a vulture in another life?!

Jesse: I'm just wondering why I never noticed how pretty you were before and
how come you never told me that you liked me.

Jane: Lets me tell you something about men and women. We're liars and you're
all idiots.

They smile and then they move for a kiss

Last period of the school day. Jane goes to meet Daria at her locker

Jane: There is something I've been meaning to tell you all day.

They pause

Daria: Well what am supposed to do, guess what it is?!

Jane: Sorry...Um...MeandJessehadsexlastnight.

Daria: Come again?

Jane: Jesse and me had sex last night.

Daria mocking Jane: I don't like him, he's a loser. (Back to her normal voice)
I should have known that was a crock of shit.

Jane: But I don't like him.

Daria: Sorry, I can't believe that anymore. You did the foo foo nasty.

Jane: Ok, ok, so I like him. But now I don't know how to act around him.

Daria: Act like me and Trent do.

Jane: No, I don't think I would like acting like an asshole.

They smirk and they head for home.

The Lane house

Trent: Ok Jane, I'm going to pick up Daria for our date tonight. (Smirking)
You know where Jesse's phone number is in case you need anything.

Jane: Go to hell.

Trent: Been there, got kicked out, tried to take over.

Jane pushes him out the door.

Jane is sitting on the couch.

Jane thinking: I'm not gonna call him. I will not call him. We have nothing in
common, he's a loser, and I want nothing to do with him. Hm...I wonder where my
small paintbrush is? Maybe Jesse took it, asshole that he is. I'll just call
and ask. (Picks up the phone when she sees the paint brush on the floor) Oh,
there it is and I was just about to call Jesse. That's funny that's really
funny. I mean it, that's funny. You know who likes funny stories, Jesse. (She
calls him up)

Trent pulls up to Daria's house.

He walks up to ring the doorbell.

Quinn answers the door: Oh, Daria!!! It's that girls brother!!!

Daria comes downstairs

Daria: Well at least you were considerate toward him.

They walk out

Daria: That little ingrate

Trent: Every family has one.

They drive to a fancy restaurant

Eating their meals

Trent: So, I guess you heard about Jane and Jesse.

Daria: Yeah. That was bound to happen, ya know.

Trent: Yeah but at least YOU didn't catch them in bed the next morning.

Daria looking disgusted: Oooh.

Lane house

Jesse is getting dressed

Jesse: So the paintbrush was right there? That is funny.

Jane: Ok cut the crap. What do we do now?

Jesse putting his arms around Jane: Well, we can go another round.

Jane taking his arms off: Not about that. About us.

Jesse: Well, I guess we could start dating. Be like Daria and Trent.

Jane: Eww that's what Daria said.

Jesse: We could give a relationship a try you know, go to dinner.

Jane: Out to dinner?! Sex isn't important so I can understand that, but dinner
is entering the actual relationship.

Jesse smirking: Come on, go out with me, you know you want to.

Jane: God, I hate you (she smiles and they kiss)

After Trent and Daria's dinner

Daria is picturing Trent naked and then a horse and buggy pulls up.

Trent: Hey, do you wanna ride?

Daria thinking: It you only knew. (Out loud) Sure.

They ride around in the park a few times and then the driver stops in front of
the restaurant again.

Trent: Ok, let's go.

They get in Trent's car and he starts driving Daria home.

Trent: So, what's going on at your house tonight?

Daria: Well my parents went on a weekend vacation to get the romance back in
their life and Quinn and the fashion club are having a B.Y.O.S.S sleep over.

Trent: Huh?

Daria: Bring Your Own Shallow Self

Trent: Ahh.

He pulls up and walks her to her door.

Trent: So, you're all alone?

Daria: Yup...Do you want to come in for a while?

Trent thinking: I think that was an invitation (out loud) Sure.

They walk in and they are sitting on the couch

Trent: So what do you wanna do?

Daria thinking: I can think of one or two things. (Out loud) I dunno.

They smile and Trent goes to kiss her when the power goes out.

Daria: Of course. I'll get some candles.

She finds a few candles and puts them on the coffee table as Trent lights

Trent: Now, where were we?

They start making out.

Lane House

Jane: The power went out.

Jesse: So, come on. Let's go someplace.

Jane: Ok

They leave

Morgandorffer house

Trent and Daria are making out and Trent is starting to feel around Daria.
Trent broke the kiss

Trent: Before I lose resistance, I better go.

Daria shaking her head: Don't go.

They smile and start to kiss while Daria unbuttons Trents shirt. She takes it
off and tosses it to the side. Trent starts to take her blouse off; she helps
him do so and if falls to the floor. They role over onto the floor and Trent
pulls down Daria's bra. Her rubs her bare breasts, feeling her nipples
hardening at every touch. Her lowers his head to suck on her right breast as
he removes her skirt and panties. Trent sits up on his knees and unbuttons his
pants and pulls them down, then he kicks them off, along with his boxers. He
stays in this position just staring at Daria.

Trent: You are so beautiful.

Daria gets up on her knees and looks Trent in the eyes.

Daria: I've waited for this moment with you since I was a sophomore, don't
ruin it by talking.

They smirk at each other and the Trent lays her on the floor and inserts
himself into her. Her thrust into her and Daria blinked back the tears from
the pain. Trent continued grinding into her as his tongue moved to lick her
right breast, then her left, then he sucked on her neck, then his lips finally
made it to her mouth. They kissed passionately for some time and then they
were there. Daria wrapped her legs around Trent's waist and he moved his head
and bit her shoulder. Trent looked up and smiled when he saw the pleasure on
Daria's face. Her whimpering and screaming made him want her more. Trent
started grunting louder and louder until they were there. When the orgasm came
it was like nothing either one of the ever felt before. Daria grabbed onto
Trent's back and scratched him when it finally hit her. Trent just watched her

They lay there, on the floor, in the after glow of their lovemaking.

Trent: Wow.

Daria: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Trent: So, I guess I was your first.

Daria: Well, aren't you observant.

Trent looking sheepish: How was it?

Daria: I have never felt anything so wonderful in my life. You must have done
this before.

Trent: Yeah, I did, but only once before. The girl I thought I loved left me.
After that, you were the only girl I've had feelings for.

Daria: Don't worry, I'll never leave you.

They smile

Trent: Can we do this again sometime?

Daria: Is the earth round?

They look at eachother and kiss

The next day. Jane called Daria and they decided to go for a walk.

In the park

Jane: So how was your date?

Daria: The best date in the history of all dates.

Jane: Ahh, Jesse and I went on a date to. We decided to give a relationship a

Daria: That's great! Trent and I went on a date last night and we had sex
right after.

Jane: Jesse and I had sex last night and went on a date right after.

They look at each other

Jane and Daria: Cool.

They smirk at one another give each other a pound and walk off.