"Silver Goddess"
by Invisigoth Gypsy (

Summary: For a school project, Daria interviews her aunt Amy. Amy's story
is of Silver Goddess, the girl band she played with in the 80's... and of
her feelings for the lead singer's boyfriend.

A note on chronology... I'm assuming that Amy was in her early thirties in
"I Don't." In the main part of this story, she is nineteen. Daria is three;
Quinn is two. That would place the story around the mid-eighties. If some-
thing isn't quite right chronologically, tough cookies. It's just a fan
fiction, cut me some slack.

(Scene opens in Mr. O'Neill's class on a Friday. He is attempting to have
a class discussion, without much luck. He flips through a book titled
"101 Class Discussions," searching for a topic. From a shot behind him, we
see Brittany and Kevin making goo-goo eyes at each other, Mack sleeping,
and Upchuck trying to fly a paper airplane down Jane's shirt. Cut to
shot of Mr. O'Neill.)

MR. O'NEILL: Ah, this sounds good.

(He gets up and goes to stand in front of his desk.)

MR. O'NEILL: Who has an interesting story to tell us about an adult you

(Cut to shot of the class. Nothing has changed, except that Upchuck's
airplane is now jammed into his ear. There is no response. Cut back to
Mr. O'Neill.)

MR. O'NEILL: Surely someone knows *something* interesting about a grown-up!
Maybe your grandad fought in a war, or your mother was a hippie.

(Cut to Daria and Jane.)

JANE: (to Daria) He doesn't *want* to know my parents' history.

DARIA: (out loud) How do you expect *us* to know about other people's lives
without asking them?

(Cut to Mr. O'Neill. He looks very excited.)

MR. O'NEILL: Daria, that's a *great* idea!

(Cut to Daria, who looks puzzled.)

DARIA: Uh... could you tell me what it was?

(Cut back to Mr. O'Neill.)

MR. O'NEILL: (still excited) This will make a *perfect* weekend project. I
want each of you to pick one adult-- it could be a relative or a family
friend, or even a teacher-- and interview him or her about an interesting
event in his or her life!

(Cut to Daria and Jane again.)

JANE: Great idea, Daria. Thanks.

(Daria drops her head in her hand. Cut back to Mr. O'Neill as the bell

MR. O'NEILL: Be sure to record or bring a transcript of your interview so we
can play them in class Monday! Have fun!

(Cut to Daria and Jane.)

DARIA: As of right now, I'm dropping out of school.

JANE: (perks up) Really?

DARIA: Yeah. Until Monday.

JANE: (back to normal) Oh. Let me know when it's permanent.

(Cut to them walking home from school.)

JANE: So who are you going to interview? You must have someone great in
mind to have suggested the project.

DARIA: Watch yourself, Lane. (She sighs.) I have no idea. What about you?

JANE: I was thinking of using the Internet.

DARIA: Really?

JANE: Yeah, I'm going to find me a psycho in a chat room and interview 'im.

DARIA: Damn, wish I'd thought of that.

JANE: (smirking evilly) I know. You could interview Trent about what it's
like to be the lead singer of a band that can't get any gigs.

DARIA: This project is embarrassing enough as it is. I'll find my *own*
subject, thank you.

JANE: (shrugs) You're passing up an opportunity, I'm telling ya...

DARIA: I know. That's the point.

(Cut to Daria's family at dinner that night. Quinn is babbling animatedly,
but Daria seems even more subdued than usual. Finally Helen notices.)

HELEN: Daria, honey? Is something the matter?

(Daria pushes at her food with a fork listlessly.)


HELEN: Sweetheart, you know you can talk to us if you have a problem. (looks
at Jake pointedly) *Can't* she, Jake?

JAKE: Well, I'm not really good at math, but I'll try my best, honey.

(Helen glares.)

DARIA: It's actually English. We have to interview someone about his or her

QUINN: Well *that's* not a problem. You can interview me! (dramatically)
I can tell you about what it's like to be Fashion Club vice-president!

DARIA: (deadpan) Much as the idea appeals to me, it has to be an adult.

HELEN: I'm sure I could--


HELEN: (a little taken aback) All right then. (She pauses.) Well... how
about one of your teachers?

DARIA: Oh, which one? Ms. Barch could discuss her divorce. Or Mr. DiMartino
could give a list of his least favorite students... i.e. all of them.

HELEN: (beginning to get frustrated) What about your friend Jane's parents?
I'm sure *they've* led interesting lives.

DARIA: They're never home.

HELEN: (fed up) For Heaven's sake, Daria, just pick somebody!

DARIA: (annoyed) It's not that easy! Do you expect some sort of divine
intervention to come along and hand me an interviewee?

(The phone rings.)

DARIA: Strike that last question.

(Helen picks up the phone.)

HELEN: Helloo? (pause; a little flatly) Oh. Hello, Amy. (pause) Yes, we're
fine. How are you? (pause) That's good. (pause) Of *course*. Certainly.
(pause) Great. We'll be looking forward to it. (pause) Unh hunh. Bye bye!

(She hangs up the phone and immediately looks royally pissed.)

HELEN: That was Amy. She just practically invited herself over for the week-


HELEN: (dismissively) I don't know, something about some kind of convention
here in Lawndale. I didn't really hear her.

DARIA: Yeah, you were too busy plotting how to graciously accept to her
unthinkable demands.

HELEN: Anyway, Daria, you can interview *her*. She'll be here tomorrow
afternoon; it'll give you time to prepare your questions.

DARIA: But--

HELEN: (grumbling) I guess I'd better start cleaning up. (She picks up some
dishes from the table and carries them into the kitchen.) Why she has to
call at such short notice, I don't know...

(Daria glares.)

HELEN: (offscreen voice over) Jake, for crying out loud, come help me clean
up for Amy!

JAKE: Amy? Amy who?

(Cut to Daria on the phone with Jane later that night.)

DARIA: after complaining about how rude it was for Amy to invite her-
self over, Mom went into a cleaning frenzy. (She sighs.)

(Cut to split screen of Daria and Jane.)

DARIA: And what's more, she's insisting that I interview Amy for our project.

JANE: What's wrong with that? It *has* to go better than my interview did.

DARIA: Couldn't you find anyone online to interview?

JANE: Oh sure, I found someone. Only problem is that after I finished the
interview, she revealed that she was really a 13-year-old boy who wanted to
have cybersex with me.

DARIA: That would make an interesting addendum. Would scar O'Neill for life.

JANE: Yeah. (brightens) Heeey... you're right! Man, you're full of good
ideas today.

DARIA: (sighs) Gee. Thanks.

(Cut to the Morgendorffers the next day at lunch-- or more specifically,
Daria, Quinn, and Jake are at lunch. Helen is too busy vacuuming like a
madwoman to eat.)

QUINN: (loudly, over the vacuum) When's Aunt Amy getting here?

HELEN: (yelling) What? I can't hear you over the vacuum!

QUINN: (yelling) I *said*, when's Aunt Amy getting here?

(Helen, annoyed, turns the vacuum off.)

HELEN: Quinn, do you *have* to interrupt me? I don't have time for that;
Amy'll be here in a *hour.* Now what were you going to ask me?

QUINN: Never *mind.* *God*!

(She gets up and stalks off to her room. Helen is about to resume her
vacuuming when the doorbell rings.)

HELEN: Daria, will you get that? It's probably for Quinn.

DARIA: I'll inform her personal secretary that she has a caller.

(She gets up and goes to the door as Helen turns the vacuum back on. Daria
opens the door to see Amy, carrying a suitcase.)

AMY: Hey, Daria.

DARIA: (surprised) Hey.

AMY: Sorry I'm a little early... I got a head start. (She hears the vacuum
and smirks.) I see that Helen *didn't*.

DARIA: Oh, she's been like this ever since you called.

AMY: (makes a tsking noise) My sister, the perfectionist. She'd probably
freak out if she knew I was already here. Hey, what do you say we give her
some time to catch up? (She gives a devious smile.)

DARIA: (matching smile) I think that's a good idea. There's something I
need to talk to you about anyway.

(Cut to the two walking randomly through a park later.)

AMY: So you want to interview *me*? (wryly) I'm honored.

DARIA: Actually, you're just the only decent adult at hand. But hey.

(They sit down on a nearby bench, and Daria pulls a small tape recorder out
of her pocket.)

AMY: I haven't really done a whole lot that's overly exciting. (smiles
wryly) I'm not *that* old yet.

DARIA: (smiles a little) Any interesting high school stories? Tales of how
you beat conformity to a bloody pulp?

AMY: (laughing) Well, if blood, sweat, and tears are what you're looking for,
I can tell you about Silver Goddess.

DARIA: Silver Goddess?

AMY: The chick band I was in during the 80's. (sardonically) Man, those
80's. What a decade.

DARIA: Isn't that what we have that picture of? You and my family and some
other girls?

AMY: Yeah, that's us. I remember that day, when Helen came to visit.
*That* was a disaster.

(Fade to a posed shot of a young adult Amy in glasses standing with three
other 80-fied girls, a slightly younger Helen holding baby Quinn, Jake
grinning happily, and toddler Daria. They are posing in a garage with band
equipment in the background. Slowly zoom in on the picture as it wavers and
comes to life in a flashback. There is the flash of a camera. Baby Quinn
starts crying.)

HELEN: Hush, sweetie, it's just a camera, it's not going to hurt you.

TODDLER DARIA: Is so. Sudden bright lights will damage your retinas.

(Quinn blinks at Daria, then starts crying more loudly.)

HELEN: (tiredly) Daria...

(Cut to Glenn, a young man with dark hair holding the camera.)

GLENN: Hold still... I want to get one more...

(Cut back to the group. Sheila, a girl with crimped blond hair and bright
makeup speaks.)

SHEILA: Hurry up, sweetie, I'm getting stiff!

(Amy glares at her as the camera flashes. Cut back to Glenn as he lowers
the camera.)

GLENN: There, that was perfect!

(He walks over to the group and hands Jake the camera.)

HELEN: We'd better get going. (She looks down at still-crying Quinn and
bored Daria.) We've got a long way to go.

(Karen, a tall thin girl with long brown hair in a high ponytail, hurries
over to Helen.)

KAREN: (gushing) I've got to see little Quinn just one more time!

(The other girl, who has teased bleached-blond hair and is nick-named Tiny
because of her small stature, joins her.)

TINY: Ooh, yes, isn't she just the *cutest* thing!

(Quinn, sensing that she is the center of attention once more, quits crying
and smiles endearingly. Amy sighs.)

(Glenn sticks his hand out to Jake.)

GLENN: Nice to meet you, sir.

JAKE: (gives Glenn a five) Call me Jake! Just 'cos I'm married doesn't

HELEN: (impatiently) Jake, come *on*!

JAKE: (quickly) Yes, dear.

(They leave amidst fervent goodbyes, particularly from Karen and Tiny.)

TINY: (awed) You have the coolest family, Amy! A *career-woman* sister!
Who used to be a hippie!

KAREN: (wryly) Wish *my* sister was more like Helen.

(Amy turns to the band equipment and begins straightening it up.)

AMY: You wouldn't say that if you grew up with her.

SHEILA: (with a teasing tone, but an expression in her eyes that clearly
shows she's serious) God, Amy, why do you have to be so negative? Lighten

AMY: (still busy with the equipment) What, you want I should wear Christmas
tree lights?

(Glenn laughs; Sheila scowls.)

SHEILA: (to Glenn, pointedly) Oh, look at the time! We're going to be late
for our movie! Come on, sweetie. (She takes his hand.) Bye girls. (almost
snidely) Bye Amy.

AMY: (not even glancing up) Bye.

(However, when Sheila and Glenn are walking away, Amy looks up and watches
them almost wistfully, then quickly turns back to her work.)

KAREN: Hmm, why don't we have a girls' night out, just the three of us?

TINY: That sounds cool, but remember I gotta be home by one.

KAREN: (automatically, as if out of habit) Tiny, you really oughta move out
and come live with us. You're eighteen, already!

TINY: (smiles; she's used to the scolding) And I'll only be eighteen once.
No sense in cutting myself off from free meals before I have to.

(Karen shakes her head, but smiles.)

KAREN: Amy, you in?

AMY: (quietly) Nah, I think I'm gonna clean up in here, then practice some

TINY: Awww, c'mon! The gig's not for over a week! And you sound good enough
as it is!

AMY: (doggedly) There're a couple chords I still need to work on.

KAREN: (sensing that Amy wants to be alone, gently) Okay, I'll be home later.
Come on, Tiny.

(They look at Amy worriedly, then leave. A moment after they've gone, Amy
stops fiddling with the equipment and sits down on a nearby stool. She drops
her chin in her hand with a sigh.)

(Cut to Sheila in the passenger seat of Glenn's convertible. As he drives,
she reapplies her makeup.)

SHEILA: Wasn't Amy's family the weirdest? The baby was cute, but that other
little girl... She was, like, *strange.*

GLENN: (shrugs) I thought they were all right. Different from Amy though.

(Something about his tone makes Sheila glance at him sharply.)

SHEILA: Different how?

GLENN: Oh, I dunno. Just... different.

(Sheila turns back to her mirror, slightly perturbed.)

SHEILA: Mm. Well. Personally, I'm getting a little tired of Amy's attitude.
She's awfully... harsh.

GLENN: (surprised) She doesn't seem harsh to me. She's kinda funny.

SHEILA: *You* don't have to be in a band with her. You should hear how she
bitches at practice. I'm thinking of kicking her out.

GLENN: (unsupportively) It's your band.

SHEILA: (snaps) What's *that* supposed to mean?

GLENN: What's what supposed to mean?

SHEILA: (sighs) Nothing. Forget it.

(She starts putting on lipstick. Glenn looks at her sideways with a half-
glare, then turns back to the road.)

(Cut to Amy later, still in the garage. She is sitting on the stool, strum-
ming an acoustic guitar and singing. Her voice is low but musical, and she
is completely absorbed in her practice.)

AMY: (singing) Why do you call me... Why do you look for me... Why do your
eyes follow me the way--

(Her finger slips on the guitar string, causing a dischord.)

AMY: Dammit!

(She sighs and looks at a clock hanging on the wall. It says ten o'clock.
Amy takes off the guitar and slowly leaves the garage. Cut to her entering
her room in the house that she shares with Karen and Sheila-- when Sheila
isn't spending the night at Glenn's house. Amy's room is fairly neat with
few decorations, only a few posters. The most prominent feature is her
desk, which sits in front of shelves of books and notebooks. She sits down
at it and takes a notebook off the shelf. It is her journal.)

AMY: (writing, VO) Helen came to visit today to show off Quinn. Karen and
Tiny loved her. Wonder if there's something wrong with me that I don't like
babies and little kids? Having a kid seems like a nightmare to me. Strange.
She brought Jake and her other kid with her. Sheila accused me of being
negative-- in front of Glenn. I don't care that she's a bitch to me, I just
wish she wouldn't act like it when he's around. (She pauses, then continues
writing with a vengenance.) Life isn't fair. It just *isn't.*

(She sighs and closes the journal, then puts it away. Standing up, she
picks a book from her shelf and sits down on the bed with it. She looks at
the book morosely a minute, then opens it and begins to read.)

(Cut to early the next morning. Amy is in the kitchen, making toast and tea
for breakfast, when Sheila comes in. She has been out all night and is some-
what dishelved.)

AMY: (wryly) Morning, Sheila.

SHEILA: (yawns) Morning.

(She sits down at a table and lays her head on her arms tiredly. Amy gets
her meal and sits down at the other end.)

AMY: Rough night?

SHEILA: Mmph? (She sits up and looks at Amy a little blearily.) Ohh. (see-
ing the chance for a dig at Amy) Oh, yeah, I didn't get a *bit* of sleep.
You know how Glenn gets once he gets started. (hiding a smirk) Oh, well I
guess you *wouldn't*.

(Amy ignores this and proceeds to eat her toast.)

SHEILA: What are you doing up so early anyway?

AMY: I wanted to get some practicing done before I go to work. Our big
show's a week from today.

SHEILA: (a little warmer at the mention of the show) Yeah. This is gonna be
it, I know it! Our big break.

AMY: (not so convinced) Yeah.

(She gets up and puts her dishes in the sink.)

AMY: 'Kay, I'm off.

SHEILA: Have fun at *work.* I still can't believe you have a job on *Sat-

AMY: Yeah, well I guess I just have too much free time on my hands. Not
having to make up for missed sleep and all.

SHEILA: (indulgant laugh) True. See you, Amy.

AMY: Yeah. See you.

(She leaves, and Sheila looks after her, glaring.)

(Cut to Amy practicing in the garage at about 9:30 AM. Tiny comes wandering
in and watches as Amy finishes up her song.)

AMY: (singing) Why do your eyes follow me the way they do?

(She trails off and sighs. Tiny claps proudly.)

TINY: Wow, that was great!

AMY: (dissatisfied) But it wasn't *perfect*. (She puts down the guitar and
stands up.) At least I still have another week.

TINY: (congenially) Well, I know you want it to be just right. Your first
big solo.

AMY: Yeah. (She smiles.) What are you gonna do today?

TINY: (shrugging) I dunno. Karen's going to the beach with Raymond, and we
*know* what Sheila's gonna be doing.

AMY: (smirking) Sleep all day, party all night.

TINY: (rolling eyes) And talk about Glenn the rest of the time.

(Amy's face sinks a little, and Tiny notices.)

TINY: Hey, you all right?

AMY: (quickly) Yeah, I'm fine.

TINY: (narrows eyes) No you're not. What's wrong?

AMY: Nothing, really!

(Tiny takes on an air of authority, which is adorable combined with her

TINY: Amy Barksdale, you haven't been yourself lately, and you're not leaving
this garage until you tell me what's wrong!

AMY: (smiles a little) With friends like you who needs parents?

TINY: (not about to be distracted) Does this have something to do with

AMY: (uncomfortably) Yeah, sorta. More like... with Glenn.

TINY: (prompting gently) Yeah?

(Amy doesn't answer, looking down instead. Realization dawns on Tiny's

TINY: My God... do you like Glenn? Like, *like him* like him?

(Amy looks pained, then nods uncomfortably. Tiny breaks into a grin.)

TINY: Wow, you're a human being after all! I *never* thought you'd fall for

AMY: (glancing around) Look, don't tell anyone okay?

TINY: 'Course not. (She frowns a little.) So you have a thing for Glenn,
and you're upset that he's with Sheila?

AMY: No... it's not that, exactly... it's just... (She pauses, having trouble
putting her feelings into words.) It's not that he's with someone that
bothers me, because I really can't imagine being with him myself. It's
*Sheila* that bothers me. She's so...

TINY: Slutty?

AMY: (smirks) Exactly. (Her smirk fades.) When she's gone all night, I know
what she's doing with him, and it drives me *crazy.* I mean, I know that
he'd never like me like that, but it doesn't help to hear her talk all the
time about what they do and all. It just...

(Amy trails off again, and Tiny watches her expectantly.

AMY: ...hurts.

TINY: Oh, Amy. (She puts her hand on Amy's arm.) I can see how it bothers
you. But you know... I know Glenn thinks you're great. I mean, he laughs
at your jokes, and yesterday, he was really paying attention to you and all.

AMY: (moves away and starts fiddling with her guitar. noncommittally) Yeah?

TINY: Oh, don't clam up on me now! I swear, every time you start to show
some emotion or open up to someone, you just... get all frozen up again!

(Amy doesn't respond.)

TINY: (more gently) I know it's so you won't get hurt, but... but sometimes
you have to take a chance. *I* think Glenn likes you, more than as just a
friend. I think you should tell him how you feel.

AMY: (quietly) But what about Sheila?

TINY: (relieved to have gotten a response) Amy, I honestly don't think he
cares for her any more. They're spending less and less time together, and...
The other night, I heard her complaining to Karen about how distracted he's
been lately. And we *all* noticed how catty she was to you yesterday when
he paid attention to you.

(Amy is quiet a long moment.)

AMY: You really think I should talk to him?

TINY: (smiling softly) Yeah. I do.

AMY: Tell you what. I'll *think* about it. But no promises.

TINY: (grinning) Okay. No promises.

(Cut to Amy where she works in a used book store. She is taking books out of
a box and shelving them. She is a little dusty and sweaty, but it's obvious
that she enjoys her work. She picks up a particular book and looks at it,

AMY: (to herself) 'A Clockwork Orange.' What a great book.

GLENN: (offscreen VO) I liked it myself.

(Cut to show that Glenn has come up to Amy when she wasn't paying attention.
She looks up, embarrassed, and brushes her hair off of her face.)

AMY: Uh, hey.

GLENN: (smiling) Hey. Whatcha doing?

AMY: Shelving these.

(She quickly puts the book on the shelf and picks up another stack.)

GLENN: Need some help?

AMY: (putting books away and not looking at him) No, I can get it.

GLENN: (amiably) Okay.

(He starts looking at the books on the shelves. Amy glances at him side-

AMY: So, uh, did you... need something?

GLENN: Oh, I just came to tell you that Sheila canceled today's practice.

(Amy stops working and stares at him, concerned.)

AMY: She did? *Why*?

GLENN: (shrugs) She said that she was too busy. I went over there a little
while ago. (He smirks wryly.) She was busy all right-- busy sleeping.

(Amy is too angry to respond to the joke.)

AMY: I can't *believe* this! Our biggest gig *ever* is a week from today,
and she's too "busy" to practice?!?

GLENN: (soothingly) Look, the times I've heard you guys practice, you've
been *great*. I'm sure you'll do fine.

(Amy turns back to her work, frowning.)

AMY: (without conviction) I guess.

GLENN: (smiles gently) Trust me.

(He squeezes Amy's shoulder, then leaves. She watches him go, a little sur-
prised. After a long moment, she turns back to her work.)

(Fade to Amy later that night in her room, writing in her journal.)

AMY: (writing) Sheila just doesn't seem to realize how important this is!
This gig could make or break us! And what's more, she doesn't even tell me
herself, she sends Glenn to do it! Unless... (She pauses, then continues
writing.) There wasn't any real reason for *anyone* to come and tell me. I
would have found out when I got home anyway. Maybe he came on his own.
Could Tiny be right?

(She stops writing and looks down at her journal, then sighs and lays down
her pen. There is a knock at her door.)

TINY: (offscreen VO) Hey Amy, it's me.

AMY: Come in.

(Tiny comes in and sits down on the bed.)

TINY: Hi, how was work?

AMY: It was okay. (a little pleased) Glenn came to tell me that practice
was canceled.

TINY: Yeah, I didn't hear until just now. (She frowns.) I showed up all
ready for a good practice, and then Karen told me that Sheila canceled.

AMY: Tell you what... you and me and Karen can go practice, at least some

TINY: (sighs) I guess, but it won't do much good without the lead singer.

AMY: (stands up) I know, but it's better than nothing.

(They leave Amy's room and head down the hall.)

TINY: So have you decided if you're going to talk to... you know.

AMY: (sighs) No, I haven't decided. Although he *did* come all the way to
the store, just to tell me that practice had been canceled.

TINY: (grins) See, I *told* you! You should do it.

(Amy obviously struggles with herself a moment, then reaches a decision.)

AMY: Okay, I will.

TINY: Promise?

AMY: Promise. But not tonight.

TINY: (rolls eyes) You'll say that every night.

AMY: No, I'll do it sometime before the gig.

TINY: (with pretend ferocity) You'd better!

AMY: (grins) Don't worry. I will.

(Fade to a montage of the week: Amy at work, at home writing in her journal,
and practicing alone, interspersed with practices with the rest of the band,
sometimes without Sheila. Finally fade to practice the afternoon of the gig.
The whole band is there, playing, and Glenn is sitting nearby, watching. As
the girls finish their song, he claps proudly.)

GLENN: Terrific!

SHEILA: (ingratiating) You really think so?

(Glenn stands up.)

GLENN: You're gonna knock 'em dead tonight, trust me.

AMY: (deadpan) If *we* don't die from over-exertion first.

(Glenn, Karen, and Tiny laugh. Sheila glares.)

GLENN: Amy, why don't you play your solo for us? I really want to hear it.

(Amy looks down, secretly pleased.)

AMY: Um... I'd really rather not. I want to practice it some more.

TINY: Aw, c'mon, you've practiced it all week! I'm sure it's perfect.

AMY: (smiles a little) Then it still needs work.

(Tiny rolls her eyes, grinning.)

TINY: Always the perfectionist. Tell you what, Glenn, you keep working on
her. I'm gonna go grab something to eat. Coming, Karen?

KAREN: Sure.

(Tiny and Karen head out. As Tiny passes Amy, she nudges her and grins. Amy
gives her a Look. Sheila makes no move to follow the other girls.)

GLENN: Come on, Amy, just once. For me?

(He gives her a sweet, pleading smile. Amy appears to waver. Sheila, frown-
ing, opens her mouth, but before she can speak, Tiny calls to her.)

TINY: (offscreen VO) Hey Sheila, can you c'mere a minute?

(Sheila looks torn, then leaves, casting a final glare over her shoulder at
Amy, who sits down on a large crate.)

GLENN: Please?

AMY: (shakes her head) Not yet. You'll get to hear it tonight. You can
wait that long.

GLENN: (sighs, pretending to be annoyed) You women. Always such perfection-

(Amy doesn't smile; she instead appears to be deep in thought. Finally she
takes a deep breath and speaks.)

AMY: Actually, Glenn, there was, uh, something I needed to talk to you about.

(Glenn sits down next to her.)

GLENN: Yeah? What is it?

AMY: (choosing her path carefully) You and Sheila are pretty serious, aren't

(Glenn looks a little surprised, but considers his answer.)

GLENN: Well... I dunno. *She* is, I guess... I think she wants to get
married. But I don't think I'm ready for *that* kind of committment with
her. (He looks at Amy, bemused.) Why?

AMY: (shrugs) I dunno, I just... wondered. I mean, from the way she's been
acting lately, I thought... (She trails off.)

GLENN: (gently prompting) Yeah?

AMY: I thought maybe you were. (She looks down.)

GLENN: (softly) Amy? Is something wrong?

AMY: (hesitantly) N-no...

GLENN: It's okay. You can tell me.

(Amy scowls and folds her arms, still looking down.)

AMY: That's just it. I *can't.*

GLENN: Sure you can! I can tell *you* anything, and I know you'll under-

(She looks at him, surprised.)

AMY: Really?

GLENN: (smiling) Yeah. I mean, I've told you stuff I wouldn't even tell
*Sheila.* So you can *always* talk to me.

AMY: Well... (She looks away and swallows hard, then looks at him again.)
It's... it's about you.

GLENN: (surprised) Me?

AMY: Yeah. The reason I asked about you and Sheila is that I... um... I...
like you. A lot.

GLENN: *Me*?

AMY: (her usual deadpan self again) No, the other guy sitting behind you.

(She looks a little worried when he doesn't respond to the joke.)

GLENN: I, uh... well, I'm really... surprised. (He laughs a little, but
mirthlessly.) And, uh, flattered.

(Amy's face falls as she sees where this is headed. She scowls and looks

AMY: Yeah. Right.

GLENN: (quickly) No, really I am, Amy. You're so... so amazing, intelligent
and funny and everything. I've never known a girl like you before, and I'm
really flattered that you like me.

AMY: (glances sideways, prompting) But...?

GLENN: (rather tiredly) But even though I'm not ready to really commit to
Sheila, I *do* want to be with her. And...

AMY: (stands up, angrily) And we'll always be friends, but you really can't
see us being anything more, and you're sorry. I know.

GLENN: (stands up, pleading) Amy, look, I *am* sorry--

AMY: (more quietly) No, it's okay. I shouldn't have said that. (bitterly)
I shouldn't have even told you at all.

GLENN: Amy...

AMY: Never mind. Forget I said anything.

(She stalks out of the garage quickly. Glenn watches her go and sighs.)

(Fade to the gig later that night. It is being held at a smallish club,
but there's already quite a crowd gathered. On stage, most Silver Goddess is
setting up their equipment, but Sheila is off to one side, talking to Glenn.
Amy glances at them miserably, then turns to Karen and Tiny, who are chatter-
ing happily.)

KAREN: I can't believe it. This is *it*, girls. This is how we're gonna
make it.

AMY: (tiredly) I hope so.

TINY: (trying to rally Amy's spirit) I *know* so! We're gonna do just fine,
Amy, trust me.

(Glenn joins the crowd preparing to watch the show as Sheila joins the other
girls. She seems glaringly cheerful.)

SHEILA: Everybody ready?

KAREN: (grins) All set.

TINY: Me too.

AMY: (quietly) I'm ready.

(Tiny looks at her worriedly, but no one else notices.)

SHEILA: Let's do it.

(The girls scatter to take their places. Sheila steps up to the mic, Karen
and Amy pick up their guitars, and Tiny gets behind the drums.)

SHEILA: (smiling) Hi everyone! We're glad to see you all here tonight. Let
me introduce ourselves-- we're Silver Goddess!

(Loud cheers go up from the audience. When they die down, Sheila contin-

SHEILA: I'm Sheila Burns, to my right is Amy Barksdale, on bass we have
Karen Standifer, and on drums is our very own Tiny Patterson!

(More cheers.)

SHEILA: We're starting tonight with a song Karen and I wrote just for the
Goddess. It's called "Star Bound," and we hope you enjoy it. Let's do
this thing!

(As the audience claps, the girls begin to play the song. Slowly fade to
much later that night as they are finishing the next-to-the-last song of
the set. They all look rather tired, but the audience is still cheering.
As the song ends, Sheila steps back from the mic and lets the audience
burn itself out. Amy looks at her cautiously, wondering if she's going to
get to do the last song or not. Just as she is sure that Sheila isn't going
to allow her to sing, Sheila steps up to the microphone once more.)

SHEILA: And last of all, we have a (cattily) very *special* treat for you
fans of Silver Goddess. Our very own guitarist Amy Barksdale is going to
grace us with a song.

(Despite her snideness, cheers go up from the audience. Sheila steps away
from the microphone and gives Amy a sacchrine smile as the latter approaches
the mic.)

SHEILA: (in a hissing whisper) Good luck, *Amy.* Hope you don't screw up.

AMY: (gloomy thought VO) Yeah. I've done enough of that already today.

(She takes a seat on the high stool in front of the mic and adjusts her
guitar. She looks out into the expectant audience and sees Glenn watching
her. She gives him one expressionless look, then looks away.)

AMY: (quietly) Hi everyone. I'm glad to be able to sing for this very
special event. This is my first time doing a solo-- in fact, my first time
singing anything other than backup with the Goddess. (She smiles softly.)
This is a song originally by the Bangles, called "Following."

(She begins to play her guitar gently, then to sing in a low, but forceful

AMY: (singing) You think I'm crazy or something, always following you
around... You say I'm hopeless case, run an obsession into the ground...
You call me a loser, you call me a shadowing fool... Look over your shoulder,
and you say I'm haunting you...

(She is now only aware of her guitar and the music; she sings only for her-
self. However, it is clear from Glenn's expression that he reads hidden
meaning into the song. He thinks she's singing to him.)

AMY: (singing gently) So why do you call me? Why do you look for me? Why do
your eyes follow me the way they do?

(She begins to strum the guitar a little more forcefully.)

AMY: (singing, more bitterly) You hold me responsible. Yeah, so I stand
accused! Of causing all the trouble after high school... between him and
you... (very emotionally, almost angrily) You call me a loser, you call me
a shadowing fool. But I was a good girl, 'til you taught me what it means to
be true...

(As she begins the chorus for the last time, pan the audience. They are all
spell-bound, and Glenn looks very moved. Close up on Amy as she finishes
the song.)

AMY: (singing, softly again) Why do you call me? I know you look for me!
Why do your eyes follow me the way they do?

(Her voice trails off, and she quits playing, as if coming out of a trance.
The audience begins to clap wildly and cheer. A little surprised, Amy stands
up, smiling.)

AMY: Thank you. Thanks. (She sees Sheila approaching the microphone and
hurriedly decides to make closing remarks herself.) I hope you've all enjoy-
ed tonight's performance. Silver Goddess thanks you!

(Sheila looks annoyed at having been cut off from speaking, but Karen and
Tiny hurry over to Amy before Sheila can say anything.)

KAREN: My *God*, Amy, that was wonderful!

TINY: (smiling) All that practice paid off. It was beautiful.

AMY: (touched) Thanks.

SHEILA: (snidely) Yeah. Great performance. Almost as touching as your
private one for Glenn.

(Amy turns to Sheila and *stares* in shock. Karen and Tiny look puzzled.)

KAREN: Hunh?

AMY: He-- he told you?

SHEILA: (with a brittle smile) Yeah, right before the show. (turns to
Karen) Oh, didn't you hear? Your beloved Amy decided to tell *my*
boyfriend that she was in love with him!

(Tiny looks at Amy in surprise.)

TINY: You *told* him?

(Amy nods miserably.)

TINY: (in touching admiration) I never thought you'd do it. You've got
guts, girl.

(Sheila stares at Tiny.)

SHEILA: You mean you *knew*? And you didn't tell me?

(Tiny looks at Sheila defiantly.)

TINY: It wasn't my secret to tell.

SHEILA: Apparently *Amy* didn't care who knew!

KAREN: (hurriedly) Look, can't we talk about this in private? People are
starting to look at us.

SHEILA: (furiously) In *private*? Oh no, *everyone's* going to know that
Amy Barksdale is a sneaky, adultering *bitch*!

AMY: (angry now and fighting back) Adultering? I'm surprised you know a
word that long, Sheila!

SHEILA: Oh, so you think I'm stupid now too, do you?

AMY: The thought has crossed my mind!

TINY: (near tears) Sheila, Amy, stop it, please!

SHEILA: *You're* not so smart if you thought Glenn would *ever* want a geeky,
bitchy, *misery chick* like you!

AMY: (surprised) Misery chick?

SHEILA: (still nearly yelling) Yeah! All you ever do is complain about how
unfair everything is! You don't even know *how* to be happy!

(Amy looks at her a long moment, suddenly quieted.)

AMY: Actually, I *do* know how to be happy. I was happy when I was out there
singing. I was happy when they cheered for me. (She looks at Tiny, who is
crying. Karen's arm is around her.) I'm happy when I'm just doing nothing
with Tiny and Karen. (She looks at Sheila once more.) I'm not miserable.
I'm just not like you.

(She turns and walks away from the rest of the band. Sheila watches her go,
unable to think of anything else to say, but Karen and Tiny look away.)

(Fade to Amy in her room later that night. She is sitting at her desk, look-
ing at her open journal, but she's unable to write about any of what
happened. She sighs and puts the journal away, just as there is a knock on
her door.)

AMY: (flatly) Who is it?

GLENN: (offscreen VO) It's me.

(For a brief second, Amy looks panicked, but she quickly regains her com-
posure. She turns toward the door.)

AMY: Come in.

(Glenn comes in quietly.)

GLENN: I just wanted to tell you that you did a good job tonight.

AMY: (guardly) Thanks. I'd been practicing that song awhile.

GLENN: I didn't just mean the song. (He moves closer to Amy.) I couldn't
hear what you were saying to Sheila on the stage, but I have a pretty good
idea of what it was about. And you also did a good job on what you said to
me earlier.

(Amy looks at him in surprise.)

GLENN: You got me to thinking... about me and Sheila and stuff. I didn't
know you liked me, not really, until you told me... And after that, I sorta
realized that maybe Sheila isn't the best person for me to be with.

(He is very close to Amy now, but she does not try to back away.)

GLENN: You're a great person, Amy, and I think... I think I might be able to
fall in love with you.

(Amy looks up at him calmly, with an expression of careful thought on her

PRESENT-DAY AMY: (VO) I realized something then, as he said that. Sometimes,
no matter how much you want something, you just *know* that you can't have
it. There are only so many times you can take a chance on something; after
that you just have to let it go.

YOUNG AMY: "Might be able to" isn't good enough, Glenn. I've already risked
enough tonight. I can't risk my future.

GLENN: I don't... I don't understand.

AMY: (with more conviction and a firm look in her eyes) You don't have to.
I *do* understand.

GLENN: Amy...

(He moves in to try to kiss her, but she pushes him away gently, forcing him
rather than her to step back.)

AMY: (very calmly yet infinitely cold) Goodbye, Glenn. Please leave now. I
don't want to see you anymore.

GLENN: (gently) We can still be friends...

AMY: (expressionless) No. We can't. And I meant what I said. I don't want
to see you again. Ever.

(Glenn looks at her with an expression of mixed anger, hurt, and bruised ego,
then he turns and leaves. Close-up on Amy, who watches him go with the same
emotionless look.)

PRESENT-DAY AMY: (VO) And I got my wish.

(Slowly morph young Amy's face into present-day Amy's face.)

AMY: I quit the band the next day and moved out of the house as soon as I
could find another place. Tiny and Karen quit too because they knew that
things would never be the same, even between them and Sheila. And that was
the end of Silver Goddess.

(Cut to shot of both Amy and Daria. Daria looks sympathetic.)

DARIA: After you guys finally got your gig? It just... all ended?

AMY: Yeah. Just like that. Just 'cos of me.

DARIA: (softly) What happened to Glenn?

AMY: A few months later I heard that he and Sheila had gotten married, but
after that... (She shrugs.) Never saw or heard of either of 'em again. (She
smiles, with a hint of sadness.) Good riddance, I guess.

DARIA: Are you sorry you told Glenn how you felt?

AMY: Well... I know now that it wasn't my place to profess feelings for him,
not when he was with Sheila. But at the time, I figured that taking the
chance was worth it, just in case he felt the same way about me. Maybe it
*was* worth it. (She arches an eyebrow at Daria.) If things hadn't
happened the way they did, who knows how long I would have stayed in the
band? My life would have been totally different.

DARIA: (hesitantly) Are you sure you don't mind me using this for my inter-
view? I mean--

AMY: (with a dismissive flap of her hand) Oh, go ahead. Doesn't mean any-
thing now. (a little smirk) And maybe someone can learn something from it.

DARIA: (smiling, just a little) Maybe so. (She stands up.) I guess we'd
better get back. Mom's probably done vacuuming by now.

AMY: (stands up) Okay. (Cut to shot of them from behind as they walk off.)
You *sure* she's done?

DARIA: Now that you mention it... we just might have time for some pizza.

AMY: Sounds good to me.

(Fade to Mr. O'Neill's class on Monday as Daria and Jane sit down.)

JANE: How'd your interview go?

DARIA: Fine.

JANE: I ended up redoing mine. I interviewed Trent.

DARIA: You shoulda stuck with the chatroom transcript.

JANE: Yeah, well. I'm saving it for when I go on Jerry Springer. (She
smirks.) I *still* think *you* should have picked Trent. You know, Daria,
if you never take any chances in life, you never get anywhere.

DARIA: (thoughtfully) Yeah. I know.

(End credits as "Inside Out" by Eve 6 plays:

"I would swallow my pride,
I would choke on the rinds,
But the lack thereof
Would leave me empty inside.
I would swallow my doubt,
Turn it inside out,
Find nothing but faith in nothing.
Wanna put my tender
Heart in a blender,
Watch it spin around
To a beautiful oblivion.
Then I'm through with you.")

The End