"A Night You Should Remember"
by Alexandria

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Jane's kitchen some time after two in the morning. Daria is getting a drink of water.
She's wearing her usual short and shirt she wears to bed. She hears an odd scrapping sound and
follows it to the front door. Daria peaks out the window squinting because she forgot her
glasses. Daria opens the door to find Trent standing there with his keys in hand.

Daria: Morning Trent. Having trouble with the door?

Trent confused: Daria? Wow, I thought this was my house. No wonder my key wouldn't work. I
wonder why Max dropped me off at your house?

Trent sways a bit and has to lean against the doorway to stand up.

Daria: Trent this isn't my house. This is your house, I'm just spending the night.

Trent: Oh.

She waits for Trent to come in but he doesn't move.

Daria: You want to come in now?

Trent nods and stumbles in. Daria moves out of his way as he falls on the floor.
Wincing Daria shuts the door.

Daria: Trent, you okay?

Trent muffled: Yeah.

Daria: Why don't you let me help you up.

Trent: Thanks Daria. I really appreciate you helping me. (Trent puts an arm around her as
they walk to his room.) We had rehearsal over at Jesse's tonight. Then we went out afterwards
to this bar. (He stumbles with Daria almost toppling over.) I guess I had too much to drink. Its just the band isn't taking off and I'm broke. There's this song I can't finish, I mean I just can't get past thsi one line.

Daria nods: Well here's your room. Trent can you open it? All my strength is focused on keeping you vertical.

Trent: Sure, God I'm sorry.

He opens the door leaning even more on Daria. The weight is becoming too much for her as she stumbles into the room.

Daria: Trent, try to stand up straight. Trent!

Her knees finally buckle. She and Trent fall onto the bed. Daria lays there for a moment catching her breath.

Daria muffled: Um, Trent? Can you get off of me?

Trent stirs and realizes he's halfway on top of her.

Trent moving: Daria, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to fall. Are you okay?

Daria sitting up: Sure.

Trent: Good, I'd never forgive myself if I hurt you. You mean so much to me Daria. I really feel like we're friends.

Daira blushing now: Thanks.

Trent: I mean it. We're friends. Good friends. (He slings his arm around Daria's shoulders.) How's that saying go? In your whole life you'll have doozens of friends. But your true friends you can count on your hands and still have fingers left. (Trent pauses frowning.) Or something like that. (Trent jostles Daria) You are one of those friends. You and Jesse and Max and Nick. I know your Janey's friend but your my friend too. I like you Daria.

Daria: I like you too Trent. Maybe you should sleep some of this off.

Trent: No Daria. I really like you...I think I'm in love with you.

Daria pulls back away from him so Trent no longer has his arm around her.

Daria patiently: Your drunk Trent, you don't know what your saying.

Trent: No no no. I know what I'm saying. I've been thinking about it for a while, I just haven't said anything about it. But I do, I like you. I like you a lot. Your funny and smart and pretty.

Daria trying to joke: I think you got me confused with someone else.

Trent shaking his head: Nope. It's impossible, I don't know anyone like you. Your unique.

Trent leans over and kisses her lightly on the lips. Daria freezes unsure what to do. Then Trent passes out with his head falling on her lap.

Daria to herself: Great, this is exactly how I imagined it.

She gets up and rolls Trent under the covers. Then walks quietly to Jane's room.

The kitchen later that morning. Jane is sitting at the kitchen table in her usual cloths. Daria is making breakfast for them while Jane watches. Daria looks at an unmarked box of something and grimaces.

Daria: Jane, when is the last time you went grocery shopping?

Jane: I'm not sure. Mom's at an artist retreat in Wyoming and Dad's...somewhere in Texas right now. I think. Anyway Trent has this thing with grocery stores. Don't ask.

Daira: Don't worry, I won't.

Jane: So tell me again why you were up so early?

Daria: I just couldn't sleep.

Jane: Yeah, but to be up at six in the morning?

Daria: Stranger things have happened.

Jane: And you have been acting oddly.

Daria: No odder than usual. (She throws away the unmarked box.) So how do you like your egss, scrammbled, over easy, or burnt?

Jane: Burnt of course. Let me see if Trent wants something to eat.

Daria: That's all right! You don't need to wake him up.

Jane smirks: Aw, you don't want Trent to see you without makeup. Anyway this is the perfect chance for him to see you all domestic.

Jane walks off to wake him up. Daria throws a pan into the sink frustrated.

Daria: I really need to get a new best friend.

A couple of minutes later Jane comes back smiling. Daria is sitting down at the kitchen table with a newspaper in front of her.

Jane: Great news Trent's coming down. (Daria doesn't say anything.) Please stop thanking me, really Daria its not like you to gush like this.

A minute later Trent walks down into the kitchen. His hair as always looks messy and his cloths are crumpled. He looks a little sleepy.

Trent: Wow, real foodd. Where'd it come from?

Jane: Daria made it with her own two hands. (She waits for Daria to say something. When apparent she isn't she adds) And even a few of the neighbors.

Trent looks at the paper where Daria is hiding as if he's noticing her for the first time.

Trent: Hey Daria.

She mumbles a small hey back. Trent sits down at the table.

Trent: Hey Janey, me and Jess are going to this new club tonight. Its in the next town over, its supposed to be pretty cool. You and Daria want to come?

Jane: Yeah, I'm sure I can scrounge up some gas money.

Daria putting down the paper: Actually I can't go.

Jane: Why not?

Daria shrugs: I have plans.

Jane: Plans I haven't heard about?

Daria: Stranger things have happened. (She glances at the clock) I've got to go.

Jane puzzled: Now?

Daria shrugs again: Something came up.

Daria walks to the door and Jane follows her. Trent watches them go puzzled.

Jane: Daria wait up! What is so utterly important that you'd pass up spending quality time with Trent?

Daria: I'm the new vampire slayer. Oops now I've blown my cover.

Jane: Daria.

Daria now a bit flustered: You just can't let me bow out gracefully. I don't know why. I'll call you later with a good excuse. Bye Jane.

Jane calling after her: So we'll pick you up at six right?!

Back in the kitchen Jane sits down at the table with Trent. She looks a little worried.

Jane: My best friend is acting really weird.

Trent through a mouthful of eggs: Feah, somting's rong wit er.

Jane: Gross! Don't do that!

Trent: Forry.

Jane rolls her eyes: So when did you creep home last night?

Trent: Some time this morning. Man I was pretty wasted.

Jane frownes: If you were drunk than how did you get up the stairs last night? Usually when your wasted you just pass out on the living room floor, or the porch.

Trent shrugs: I don't know.

Jane: Well someone had to have helped you, you sure as hell can't walk when your drunk. Let alone climb the stairs. (She laughs) The last time you even tried you passed out in the middle of the stairs. The next morning Dad tripped over you and tumbled down them.

Trent: Yeah, I was diffedently in trouble for that.

Jane: Trent. Did Daria help you up last night?

Trent looks thoughtful for a good minute. Then nods.

Trent: Yeah, I think she did.

Jane looks at him intently.

Jane: Trent what did you do?

Trent? What?

Jane: Something is wrong with her. What did you do?

Trent defensive: I didn't do anything to her. (bt) Honestly. Jane not believing him: Uh huh. Look Trent Daria is my best friend and if you did anything or said anything to upset her. (She pauses) I'll make you crawl.

Jane leaves the room and Trent is still at the table. He has a blank look on his face. Trent remembering a part of last night, althought its hazy. Trent is laying halfway on top of Daria on his bed. Trent shaked his head and has gone completely white. A look of utter terror on his face.

Trent: Oh my God! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!

Daria's room later that day. Daria's at her computer when someone knocks on her door. She looks up to see Trent standing at her doorway.

Daria surprised: Trent?

Trent: Hey Daria, your sister let me in. (bt) Janey told me about your room. Pretty cool.

Daria stands up: Thanks Trent. What are you doing here?

Trent: I just wanted to talk to you.

Daria: Oh.

Trent: You don't mind do you?

Daria: No of course not. Um, what do you want to talk about?

Trent uncomfortable: Last night, uh, thanks for helping me up to my room. Its just that last night I was drunk and its all kind of a blur to me. I just wanted to know uh...

Daria watches in disbelief as he actually blushes.

Trent: Well I just wanted to know. (Trent steps into the room and whispers.) Did we have sex last night?

Daria: WHAT?!

Trent backs up and holds up his hands.

Trent: I just wanted to know.

Daria pulls Trent into her room and shuts the door. She gaps at him unsure what to say next.

Daria whispering: No we didn't have sex last night. Why would you even think that we did?

Trent blushing from ear to ear now: I remember um, being on top of you.

Daria: You fell on top of me, then you sat up.

Trent relieved: Oh. (bt) What else happened?

Daria: You apologized.

Trent: That's it?

Daria enjoying his fragile state smiles: Well I didn't say that.

Trent: Well what happened?

Daria: Well you talked for a bit.

Trent worried: About? (Daria doens't say anything.) I didn't say anything about well. (He gestures to her legs)

Daria: Excuse me? (He gestures a little more franticlly) My legs? What about my legs?

Trent: You know! They're long and nice. They look good in your boots and those skirts or yours.

Daria: Trent!

Trent opens the door and walks out. A moment later Daria hears a noise like someone's head being pounded against the wall. A moment later he walks back in.

Daria: I'm going to take it that your fine now. And no you didn't say anything about my legs.

Trent puts his hands over his face.

Trent's voice is muffled: Daria, please just tell me what I said before I get myself into real trouble.

Daria grinns mishcievous: Well you said that I was a true friend and that you would never forgive yourself if you hurt me. (Trent relaxes slghtly) You said that you never met anyone else like me. (He relaxes more) You said I was funny, smart, and pretty. (Daria pauses debating weather or not to go on) Then you said that you thought you might be in love with me. (Trent hands his head, his hands still over his face) Then you kissed me, and then you passed out.

Trent muffled by his hands: I'm never drinking again.

Daria laughs slightly: Trent, its all right. A little odd but all right. I know you don't like me. You were just drunk.

Trent looks at her for the first time. He looks extremely uncomfortable.

Trent: Because that would be a bad thing. Someone like you would never go like a looser like me.

Daria shocked: Trent, your not a looser. Any girl would be happy to go out with you. Just don't worry, I didn't take you seriously last night. So you don't have to worry about hurting my feelings.

Trent: I'm not any good at this. Dating is too complicated, I like things to be simple. Easy. (He pauses) The thing is Daria is that I do like you. I like you a lot. So everything I told you last night was true. When I get drunk I get honest, right before I pass out. (He's not willing to look at Daria) Feel free to kick me out at any time now.

Daria after a moment: Wait a minute, you like me?

Trent: Yep.

Daria: Wow. I don't know what to say.

Trent: I think your supposed to be screaming for your Dad to toss me out.

Daria getting her courage after seeing Trent like this: I like you too Trent.

Trent: Really?

Daria laughing: Yeah.

Trent jumps up and yells: All right! (Then calms down and beams) You want to go out then?

Daria: Yes. Yes I would.

Trent grinning from ear to ear: Great I'll pick you up tonight then?

Daria: Sure. Uh, we're not going out with Jane and Jesse are we?

Trent: No I'll canacel. How about we go see the Matrix instead.

Daria smiling: Sounds great.

Trent: I'll pick you up in an hour then.

Daria: Oh Trent! Don't tell Jane about this just yet okay. I'll tell her, later.

Trent: No problem. (He grins all over again) Bye.

Trent turns again to go and trips. He stumbles out the door without falling. Daria hears him running down the hallway.

Daria to herself with a small smile: I'll tell her all right, after a month or two.