"Daria Strikes Back"
A Daria FanFic By WWMyra

All Daria characters are property of MTV, I am merely borrowing them so please don't
sue me.

The poem that Daria writes is from the movie Pump up the Volume, I did not create it
once again please don't sue me.

Scene One: Lawndale High, hallway. Daria and Jane walking down the hall.

Jane: So did you ever think of a poem for O'Neils class?

Daria: No I had to dig out an old one. I figure it's disturbing enough to shake up any
teacher. Except maybe DeMartino he's disturbing enough as it is.

Jane: Cool, what's the poem about?

Daria: You'll see.

Scene Two: English Class.

O'Neil: Okay class for today you each had to write an original poem. And just for fun
we are all going to read our poems out loud. Let's see who should we start with ummm.
Brittany how about you.

Brittany bounces to her feet :Okay! (perkily holding a pink piece of paper with scribble
all over it) For My Kevvy (grins at Kevin)

Kevin: Awe Babe (smiling)

Brittany: My Kevvy is really sweet, he knocks players off their feet. He can score easily,
especially with his Brittany!! Yeah !!! (waving pompoms)

Class laughs.

Daria under her breath:: I always knew she was easy but that's ridiculous.

Jane snickers.

O'Neil at a loss:: Umm moving on... Janet how about you (looking at Jane)

Jane: It's Jane. (stands up) Roses are red ,Violets are blue. I'm schizophrenic and so am I.
(sits down with a smirk)

Brittany: I don't get it. (sounding confused)

Daria to Jane: That's not what she said a minute ago.

O'Neil close to losing it sees Daria and looks relieved: Ah Daria. Why don't you go next.

Daria half smile: Okay. My poem is called Mystik Love.

O'Neil relaxes even more

Jane lifting her head in surprise in at the Mystik part, smiling knowingly.

Daria: Your the voice crying out in the wilderness. Your the voice that makes my brains
burn and my guts go gooey. Yeah you gut me. My insides spill on your altar and tell the
future. My steaming gleaming guts spell out your nature. I know you not your name but
your game. I know the true you. Come to me or I'll come to you.

Daria looks up from her notebook and sees a horrified Mr. O'Neil staring at her. She
smirks. lalalalalala

Scene Three: Jane's Room
Daria is on the bed reading Jane is sorting through a box of art supplies.

Jane looks up at the clock: Hey didn't you have to be home at 5?

Daria nose still in the book: Yeah why?

Jane: Cause it's ten after.

Daria dropping the book: Damn ::gets up to go::

Jane: Hey can I have a copy of the poem you wrote?

Daria: Uh I guess why ::opening her notebook and handing it to Jane::

Jane: I just thought it was cool. ::shrugging::

Daria: Okay bye ::darting out the door::

Jane gazes at the paper with and evil grin: Yenta Jane strikes again!

Scene Four: Outside Trent's room Jane bangs on the door, she's holding a small red envelope.

Jane: Yo Trent! come on let me in.

Trent yells annoyed: Quit banging and get the heck in here already!

Jane opens the door and walks over to the bed: Sorry to disturb you busy sleep schedule but someone left this for you in the mailbox.
::she tosses the envelope on the bed and walks out swinging the door shut behind her, not before you see a pleased grin on her face::

Trent looks at the envelope in surprise he slowly picks it up and after looking at it for a
minute opens it. He pulls out a piece of red stationary and sees black calligraphy writing.
It reads:

My Dearest Trent,
Your the voice crying out in the wilderness,
Your the voice that makes my brains burn and my guts go gooey.
Yeah you gut me.
My insides spill on your altar and tell the future,
My steaming gleaming guts spell out your nature.
I know you, not your name but your game.
I know the true you.
Come to me or I'll come to you.

If you want to know who your Poetry Lady is meet me at the fountain in the park at 10 o'clock tomorrow night.

Scene Five: Daria and Jane are walking home from school the next day.

Daria: You wanna come over and watch the new Sick, Sad, World tonight?

Jane: Sorry can't I'm going to a movie with Jesse.

Daria: What's playing?

Jane smirks: Does it matter?

They stop in front for the Morgandorffers

Jane: Oh here ::pulls a little red envelope out of her pocket:: Trent told me to give this to
you when we got to your place. (with an I told you so look and tone) I told you he liked

Daria eyes wide: Trent, why didn't you mention this earlier?!

Jane: he told me not to give it or mention it till we got to your house and I was leaving.
::holds out the envelope::

Daria takes it with a shaking hand:: uhh thanks, later

::walking into the house starring at the envelope::

Scene Six: Daria in her room sitting on the bed starring at the envelope.

Daria to herself :well here goes everything. ::Opens the envelope pulls out red paper with
Trent's slanted writing on it and reads.::

Please meet me tonight at the fountain in the park at 10 o'clock.
I have something important I need to talk to you about.


Daria drops the note and flops back on the pillows with a dreamy look an her face.

Scene Seven: It's 9 and Daria is looking in her almost empty closet for something to wear.

Daria: Desperate times call for desperate measures
::takes a deep breath and sneaks into Quinn's room. ::

Scene Eight: It's five of ten and Daria is sitting next to the fountain waiting for Trent. She's
wearing a shorter version of her black skirt, a black baby tee and small black tennis
shoes. No make up of course. She's got one hand playing in the water. Daria hears
footsteps and jumps up.

Trent pov walking up sees Daria standing there.

Trent surprised: Daria?!

Daria: Hey Trent, (shyly) you seem surprised to see me. ::blushing::

Trent: I am ....... I mean

Daria: Why wouldn't I be here, you said it was important. (blushing )

Trent: I know but I didn't think you would........ (what she said sinks in) What did you just

Daria getting even more nervous: I just said that since you said it's was important of
course I came to meet you. Why did you think I wouldn't show up?

Trent: Daria what are you talking about? You asked me to meet you here. In that weird
poem you wrote me.

Daria's eyes narrow: poem? I wrote you a poem and asked you to meet me here?

Trent confused: Yeah , didn't you?

Daria: Nope and you didn't write me this.
(pulls the note she got out of the skirt pocket and hands it to trent.)

Trent reads it looks up: Nope I didn't. So I guess you didn't write this. (pulls his note out
of his pocket and hands it to her)

Daria reads it just to see the poem she had read in class the day before.

Daria: Trent I'm sorry about all this. I did write this poem, but I didn't send it to you. I read it in English class Jane must have gotten it in to her head to try and fix us up and gave us both notes to get us together.
(she sits down next to the fountain with a sigh.)

Trent sits next to her: It's not your fault, it's not mine either. Janey needs to learn to mind
her own damned business.

Daria has her head bent down:: Trent I ....(lifts her head and is gazing right into his eyes.
suddenly she quickly kisses him on the mouth and pulls away just as quickly)

Trent stares at her in surprise for a moment, Daria is staring at her hands again.

Trent: Daria? :softly:

She looks up shyly.

Daria: Trent? (softer)

Trent leans down and kisses her, she's kinda stiff at first but then Daria wraps her arms
around his neck and leans into the kiss.

Scene Nine: Trent's car in front of the Morgandorffers.

Daria smiling at Trent: You know we will have to pay Jane back for the joke she played
on us tonight.

Trent: Yeah we'll have to think of something..... after.

Daria smirks: After?

Trent grins: yeah after.

Trent reaches out and pulls Daria closer kissing her deeply.

Pulls back to outside Trent's car you can hear Daria.

Daria: mmm after's good.... but I think I like during better.

Fade out.

Scene Ten Daria's room the next morning
Split screen Daria is on the phone with Jane. Daria is sitting on her bed and Jane is at her easel.

Jane: What do you mean he never showed up?!

Daria: Just what I said, he never showed. I feel really stupid Jane I sat there for over an hour waiting for him but Trent never came, he could have at least called me to tell me he couldn't make it. (sounding bitter)

Jane: I don't get it he left here at like 9 and didn't come home til after midnight, if he wasn't meeting you where the hell did he go?

Daria: All I know is he wasn't with me last night, I think this pretty much cements my belief that I'm nothing more to him than your friend.

Jane: So what are you gonna do about him leaving you there like that? ::sounding worried::

Daria: Not a damned thing, I don't want him to know it hurt me when he didn't show so my plan is complete and utter denial. I'm not even going to acknowledge that I got that note.

Jane: So your just going to act normal?

Daria: Yeah, for lack of a better plan and the courage to bring it up.

Jane: Well do you still wanna come over today, I mean since Trent will be here and all?

Daria: Sure, it's still better than hanging around with Quinn and the fashion fiends.

Jane: Cool see you when you get here.

Scene Eleven Casa Lane, Jane's room
Daria is sprawled out on the floor wearing a white t-shirt with a plastic knife handle glued to the front and fake blood all over it so it looks like she's been stabbed. Jane is standing behind the easel painting the scene.

Trent sticks his head in the doorway: Hey Janey can you give me........... (trails off and is staring at Daria's prone figure on the floor) Daria?

Jane grinning: Sorry Trent we only have one Daria and I'm using her at the moment. You can play with her later.

Daria and Trent both glare at Jane.

Trent: Janey! (sounding mad, then looks at the canvas) Uh Janey that doesn't look like Daria.

We see the canvas it's the prone figure but the face is acutally Quinn's and Sandi is standing over the body with a self satisfied smirk.

Jane: Good it's not supposed to.

Trent confused: If it's not supposed to look like Daria why is she posing for the picture??

Jane smirks: Because Princess Grace would never pose for me and I couldn't stand being around her long enough to paint anything even if she would.

Trent: Okayyyyyy, anyway Janey do you think I can borrow your muse for a minute?

Jane looks up at Trent: Huh?

Trent sighs: Can I talk to Daria for a minute.... alone.

Jane looks amused: I don't know why don't you ask Daria?

Trent blushes slightly: Can I talk to you for a minute Daria, in my room?

Daria looks up at Trent her face carefully blank: Uh sure let me just change shirts okay?

Trent: Sure.

::Stands up looks over and see's Trent still watching her. She pointedly looks at him then the door::

Trent realizes she wants him to leave blushes slightly and mumbles: I'll be in my room. ::leaves closing the door behind him::

Jane' s pov we can only see Daria's head and shoulders above the canvas as she changes shirts.

Jane: Well that was certainly weird.

Daria: Yeah, what's with him anyway. He stands me up last night, then today he wants some private meeting in his bedroom of all places. If I ever understand guys shoot me okay? ::she says over her shoulder as she heads out the door now wearing her shirt.

Scene Twelve
Jane creeps to the door and watches Daria knock on Trents door then go in. She waits a few minutes then follows very softly easing up to the door to listen.

Daria OS slightly annyoned: Trent will you just tell me what you want to talk about already? Janes waiting for me.

Trent OS: Well you see some chic sent me this poem and asked me to meet her somewhere but she only signed the thing poetry lady.

Daria OS: And you think I'm the one who sent it? ::Sounding surprised::

Jane looks horrified thinking:: Oh god they are gonna kill me slow and painful if they figure out what I did.

Trent OS: No actually I'm pretty sure it was this goth chic from the Zen.

Daria throughly confused OS: You lost me, what does any of this have to do with me?

Trent OS: Well you see, uhh when I went to go meet her... I found myself kinda hoping that when I got there it would be you waiting for me not Jasmine. Even though I know you would never have sent that thing to me.

Daira after a long moment of silence OS: You really wanted it to be me? ::softly::

Trent OS: Yeah I did, I still do.

Daria OS: I don't get it, why me? You could have any girl you want.

Trent OS: Daria you are the girl I want, the only girl I want.

Daria OS: But Trent.... ::arguing with him::

Trent OS: Why are you trying to talk me out of liking you?

Daria OS: I don't know ::ruefully::

Trent chuckling OS: I think this is the part where one of says shut up and kiss me.

Daria OS sounding nervous: Which one of us is supposed to say it?

Trent OS laughter in his voice: I think I am.

Daria OS: Sooo, are you gonna say.....

There's a long moment for silence Jane is now grinning like the chesire cat.

Daria OS: Trent?

Trent OS: Yeah?

Daria OS laughter in her voice: You didn't say it.

Scene Thirteen Lawndale high, hallway. Jane is at her locker waiting for Daria.
Jane's POV Daria approaches. Her hair is wavy and she's wearing her contacts. She is wearing the black baby tee she wore when she met Trent at the fountain with hip hugger jeans and high heeled granny boots. She looks even better than Quinn.

Daria:Hey ::leans against the locker::

Jane makes a big show of looking her up and down: What happened did you fall in Quinn's closet or something??

Daria sighs:Nope, my mother decided to update my wardrobe. She basically made me wear this stuff. It's either dress like this when I'm at school or go to music camp this summer.

Jane: Ouch, bummer. Helen really got you this time.

Daria even more deadpan than usually:Yeah... uh oh, fashion feinds at 10 oclock.

The fashion club approaches.

Sandi: Quinn isn't that your cousin or whatever over there, she actually looks good today.

Quinn going pale:: Where?!

Stacey: Wow she looks really cute, she even looks better than you Quinn!

Quinn glares daggers at Stacey.

Stacey:eep! ::cowars beneath Quinn's glare::

Sandi sensing an opportunity to strike at Quinn: Yeah Quinn, Stacey's right. Maybe we should like make her a honorary member of the fashion club. For like you know most improved fashion sense.

Quinn looks scared: Uh I'll be right back guys I gotta go talk to my sis.... uh Daria.

Quickly walks toward Daria and Jane.

Daria: Oh great here comes the fashion plate herself.

Quinn angrily: Daira what do you think your doing?! Your ruining my life again! If you don't cut it out your gonna mess everything up! This is the only time you will hear me say this, you better start dressing like a brain again or else! ::storms off::

Daria smirking: Well this new outfit does have some advantages after all.

Scene Fourteen: Casa Lane, Jane's room girls are on the bed watching Sick, Sad, World ( of course).

Television: Once you pop you can't stop, the Pringle addiction coming up next on
Sick ,Sad, World.

Jane: Their not even trying anymore.

Turns off the TV in disgust.

Daria: So now what do we do?
::pulling at the hem of the tee self conciously::

Jane: Food?

Daria: lead on yoda.

Jane in a yoda type voice: food, you seek food. Take you to it I will.

Scene Fifteen: Lane's kitchen
Jane has her head stuck in the fridge and is rummaging.

Jane voice muffled:Hey I found some pizza from last night, get some plates ok?

Daria: Sure

Daria pulls out two plates and turns around just in time to see Trent walk in.

Jane emerging from the fridge with the pizza box: Hey Trent, want some pizza?

Puts the box on the table and sits down. Daria slowly sits next to her handing a plate to Jane.

Trent smiling: Hey Daria, you look hot.

Daria blushing: uh thanks ::smiling slightly::

Jane: So Trent you like Daria's new look?

Trent grins:Yeah.

Scene Sixteen: Morgandorffer kitchen Jake and Quinn are sitting at the table and Helen is just placing the lasagna on the table.

Helen: What does she want an engraved invitation. (yelling) Daria come down to dinner this instant!

Daria walks in and sits down: I am here oh parental one.

Helen is staring at Daria in shock: Daria you look wonderful when did you get that outfit?!

Daria: Yesterday when I went to the mall to buy a new book.

Helen: Sweetie I am so happy to see you finally taking pride in your apperance. Here ::hands her a credit card:: take my platinum and by yourself some more new clothes. You look absolutely wonderful. Doesn't she Jake?

Jake: Yeah Quinn always looks great!

Helen sighs: Why do I even bother.

Daria: Denial?

We see a montague of the people at school reacting to Daria's new look positivly and Daria seeming to like the attention more and more. The more Daria warms up to the popular crowd the darker Jane's look gets.

Scene seventeen
A few days after Daria first wore her new outfit Daria and Jane are walking home. A car with Jodie and Mack in it drive up and stops next to them.

Jodie:Daria, Jane I'm having a party on friday you guys want to come?

Daria: Sure, can I bring my boyfriend? ::actually smiling!!::

Jodie grins widely: Sure bring him along, bye guys.

They drive off.

Jane looks at Daria in amazement: I can't believe you said yes! There is no way Trent is gonna go to that party.

Daria looks at Jane confidently: Oh yes he will.

Jane narrows her eyes:What's with you lately? I mean ever since your makeover you've been acting like a completely different peson. I mean I saw you talking to Sandi for crying out loud, and now your going to Jodies party? I hate to say it but your starting to remind me of Quinn.

Daria looks angry: What! how can you say that, I'm nothing like Quinn. You know what what I think Lane, I think that for once I'm getting some attention and your jealous. As for Jodies party, your the one who always wants to go to these things and now because I want to go it's suddenly a bad idea. You know what, when you get over yourself call me.

Daria walks away leaving Jane looking completely shocked.

Scene Eighteen:Casa Lane
It's friday night Jane is sitting in the living room watching TV.

Trent comes down the stairs and into the livingroom. He's wearing jeans with no holes in them a long sleeved button up black shirt that looks like it's just been ironed. His hair is neatly combed and he's not wearing any jewlery.

Jane stares at him in shock: What did you do to yourself?

Trent looking uncomfortable:Well I'm taking Daria to this party tonite, and I thought I better dress this way cause she might not like my old look now that she's so popular.

Jane:I can't believe what I'm hearing, you mean your going to start dressing preppy now so you'll match Daria's new look?!

Trent grimances at the word "preppy": If that's what I gotta do to keep her, then yeah. I gotta go pick Daria up now. Bye Janey.

Trent walks out the door leaving Jane sitting on the couch in shock.

Jane's eyes narrow: This ego trip has gone too far. When she starts messing with my brother, she's messing with me. It's time to pop Daria's bubble. ::Reaches for the phone and dials we hear ringing:: Hi Jesse? It's Jane, (pause) I need your help.

Scene Nineteen: The next morning. Lane's Basement Daria and Trent are sitting on a old futon talking when
Jane, Jesse, Nick, Max, and Andrea file down the steps. Daria is once again wearing the baby tee/ jeans combo and Trent is dressed like the he was for Jodies party the only difference is his shirt is dark blue instead of black.

Everyone lines up in front of a surprised Trent and Daria.

Trent: Janey what's going on? ::confused::

Jane: This is an offical intervention. You guys have crossed the line into the land of the popular. We are here as your real friends to bring you back into the land of sarcasum.

Daria and Trent look at each other amused.

Trent: You wanna do the honors? ::grinning at Daria::

Daria: More than anything. ::grinning::

Trent motions to Jane.

Daria stands up and walks over to Jane standing about a foot away from her, Jane is now distinctly nervous.

Daria with an amusement in her voice: No Jane this is offically revenge.

Jane looks at her in surprise: Revenge? ::puzzled::

Daria with laughter in her voice: Yup, Jane you finally took your damned yenta act too far. You see Trent and I did meet that night by the fountain just like you planed, and we did get together that night just like you planed. And my guess is you also planed on us getting mad at you for setting us up like that. And we did get mad just like you planed. And this past week where you have watched your best friend and older brother turn into Jodie and Mack right before your very eyes is the revenge that we planed.

Jane with realization dawning in her eyes: So this whole thing your makeover, Trent going preppy just to please you, your Quinn impression was just an elaborte ruse to get me back for setting you up?!


Jane stares at her for a long moment: So you really don't like dressing like that and being popular?

Daria: Nope

Jane: And you like Trents slacker gear, ripped jeans multi peircings and all?

Daria looking at Trent fondly: Yup.

Jane thinks for a moment:You guys really are a couple now though, right?

Daria:Yeah ::blushing::

Jane suddeny grinning: It's about damned time!

Scene Twenty: Casa Lane Daria and Jane are sitting in the living room. Daria is dressed like her old self again, glasses and all.

Jane: I still can't believe you managed to act like that for a whole week without going insane.

Daira:Yeah well it was for a good cause. ::smirks:: teaching you a lesson.

Jane: Next time you decide to teach me something try doing it without driving me insane.

Daria: But that was half the fun.

Jane: You know how I feel about fun.


Jane complaining: oh don't start that again

Daria smirks: Nope.

Jane warningly:Daria

Daria chuckles:Okay I'll stop.

Jane: Hey now that you've been yourself again for a week now how's Helen taking it?

Daria: She's convinced that I'm extremely disturbed now that she knows me acting more like Quinn was just designed to torture you because you ticked me off. And Quinn herself is completely insulted that me adapting her personality was a weapon not a compliment.

Jane: Gee I thought she'd be relieved that your a brain again.

Daria: She won't admit it but she's thrilled to have her fan club back. Of course she won't admitt she lost them in the first place.

Jane: Yeah but it is cool to know that if it came right down to it you can leave Quinn in the dust in brains and looks.

Daria gives her mona lisa smile: Yup

The End