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(Scene 1)
< La La La La La…..>

( Tubthumping by Chumbawaba is playing in the background).

(Scene opens with Daria driving around Lawndale)

Helen: "Now Daria, slowly press on the break as you come to the stop
< We hear a slight screech of the breaks and a sigh from Helen>
Helen and Daria had been out for about an hour. Daria's
driving had improved ever so slightly since we last saw her. (Through a
lens darkly) She had managed to ease into accelerating her mom's car
which was a big plus. On the other hand Daria had this problem with
stopping the car…….

Daria mutters to herself: "Ok. So this isn't going as well as I
thought… maybe by becoming a permanent pedestrian I can avoid taking
that stupid driving test… "( Daria looks out all of the mirrors for on
coming cars and lightly presses on the gas when she sees that she can

Helen: " Daria, much better…You seem to be getting the hang of
driving." she then mutters to herself "Thank god I didn't start her off
on a stick!"
Daria continues along the road when low and behold that very
same dog (from TALD) appears in front of the car…. Unfortunately, (for
the dog) this time Daria isn't as quick to the break as before and we
hear a crack, a yelp and both Daria and Helen gasp "Oh no!!"
Helen quickly gets out of the jeep and checks on the
condition of the ugly little puppy while Daria continues babbling about
being a dog killer and not living with herself for it. As Helen is
examining the little guy she sudden disappears into thin air and the now
little dog is growing into a not so little 25 foot talking pooch… Daria
is stunned, and who wouldn't be there was a 25 ft dog in front of her
car and all she could do was stare in awe. Oddly enough, she came to
when the dog began talking.
"Rou ran re rover, rou ran re rover." It began speaking like Scooby
doo. And suddenly the amazing talking dog picked up the car and began
shaking it back and forth. With each shake Daria hit the horn…………………………

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP" Daria bolted up in a cold sweat as her alarm clock
awoke her for another day of school at Lawndale high….. (something
anyone would look forward to) As she wiped the sweat off her forehead
and out of her eyes she got out of bed and clumsily made her way down
the hall to begin her usual morning rituals. All the while thinking
about the peculiar dream she had dreamt.

Daria: "Why can't I be like other people and dream about flying into
stuff. Instead I get the crap scared out of my by a 25 ft. talking
Scooby-Doo impersonator…" She finished all that had needed to be done in
the bathroom in a hurry and dressed herself just as quickly.

(Time lapse : The whole Morgendoffer clan is scuttling around the
kitchen getting ready to start off their days.)

As Daria is sitting down to breakfast we see her munching
down some dry toast and reading the paper. We see Helen nonchalantly
seat herself next to Daria.

Helen: ( oh so perkily) "Good morning honey."

Daria: (completely inexpressive) "Oh, hey there mom."

Helen: " So Daria, Are you enjoying your toast?" (Helen is trying to
ease into this conversation…duh..hehe)

Daria: " Of course, you know there's nothing like eating stale toast to
make me think ' I'm a winner'…or was that Wheaties ?" (She continues
reading the local section in the paper)
Helen: (She ignores her sarcastic comment) " You know I was
Daria: <thought vo: "oh no">
Helen: "Well I was thinking that maybe we could have a little impromptu
driving lesson this morning. Because you test IS next week and I feel
that all though you're not a horrible driver.(she looks sort of
embarrassed at that comment) I think that if we have lessons all this
week you could catch up to where you should be…

Daria: (she recalls the dream from last night that she had worked so
hard at forgetting) This morning mom? I'm suppose to pick Jane up … to
help her get to school…she lost her left foot in a fight at the FartArt
Warehouse and needs me to carry her stuff…." <damn that was bad…even for

Helen: " C'mon Daria, we can pick Jane up on the way. We can even leave
early so she can hobble out to the car.( under her breath) Besides I
took those sedative s the dr prescribed…"

Quinn: " Mo-om , It's so not fair that Daria gets to drive to school. I
should be able to too. After all you're sending me a bad feeling when
she get s to do things that I can't."

Daria: " Yeah mom, I agree with Quinn, let her drive to school…(under
her breath) and we'll see who needs what sedatives afterwords"

( recap: Daria being shaken by the doggy)

<<COMMERICIAL>>(now lets see…I like those gap commericials…HaHa Im lying
wait ok one of those damned grap commericials and a ray bans comm. The
one with the vampires!! Ok that's all)

(Scene two -n- stuff, time lapse. Daria has evaded her mom and made her
way to Jane's house in one piece)
(( Fat boy slims I wanna praise you is on in the backround)

(Door bell rang, Daria is standing outside. But instead of Jane
answering we find a rather ((adorably) rumbled Trent instead.)

Daria: "um…"

Trent: " Hey Daria, you getting a ride with Janey this morning?"

Daria: < Thought vo: no I thought I might run along side the car> "um
Hi..yeah I guess so."
<(thought vo ) She dies as soon as we step out of the car>

(Jane walks down the stairs, already to go…you know those perky Lawndale
kids…always excited about school)

Jane: "Oh Hi Daria." (She gives her an evil grin and slings on her bag .
As she turns to Trent she asks) "Are you ready kimo-sobi?"

Trent: "Yeah sure, go wait by the car. I've gotta get something." (He
turns and runs back up stairs)

Jane: " Aren't you glad that that Trent decided to ride us to school
this morning? Although I don't know WHAT possessed him to give up sleep
for us…."(She looks away grinning)

Daria: ( for once ignoring the Janes yenta act)" Hey Jane, ever have
dreams about giant talking dogs?

Jane: "Not recently, although there IS that one recurring dream about
prom and a pink taffetta dress..(She shrutters ) Why do you ask ye
sprung one?"

(Just then Trent is seen coming out of the house looking a little more
put together…And he's looking real good if I can say so myself)

Daria: (is gazing at Trent affectionately while whispering) " I 'll tell
you later."

Jane: "ok…Ahh Trent, how nice of you to doll yourself up for the ride to
school… Just don't do it to often…we wouldn't want people to stare or
anything."(She slyly looks at Daria who is muttering words like kill and
justifiable homicide.)

Trent: (who by the way isn't entirely awake, really didn't catch what
Jane said.) Cool Jane, whatever…just get in the car. I'm losing very
valuable sleep time.

Daria: (selflessly, no more like self-consciously) That's ok Trent we
can walk…really! We want to don't we Jane.(She tugs at Jane's sleeve)

Jane: (Who seems to be enjoying her friends embarrassment) "No Daria, I
really think I need to get a ride…I went running all of last night and
my legs are really sore.(smiling)

Trent: " Ahh just get in. It really doesn't matter now, I'm awake now.
It could be hours before I get tired enough to get back to bed."

Daria: (she accidentally lets out) Hours? Right and next you ll say that
you're not really hungry…(she immediately covers her mouth as her eyes
widen) opps??"

Trent "Ha. Good one Daria!" (Laugh cough spasm etc)
(He unlocks the doors and gets in. Jane sees yet another opportunity to
get Daria's goat so she pushes Daria in next to Trent.)

Jane: (whispers)"Lighten up Daria its only Trent."

Daria: (thought vo) "Die Lane die" > So.. We off to school….wait wait
let me control my excitement (she blinks) Ahh much better!!"

(Jane and Trent both let out a little laugh a few minutes later they
pull up in front of the school. As the girls get out of the car Trent
begins talking)

Trent: " Hey um Daria, If you and Janey need a ride after school I'd be
more then happy to drive by and pick you both up. I have band practice
anyways…"(He looks a bit embarrassed)

Daria: " Um sure, ok."(She begins to walk off without Jane…She s beet

Trent: "cool, catch you all later"

( Jane catches up with Daria in their first period class)

Jane: " So why did ya run off like that?"

Daria: " I uh didn't want to miss Mr. O'Neills class."(She looks a bit
pre-occupied .)

Jane: " So what exactly is on your mind Daria-son?" (she hoping to get
some info about Daria's little crush)

Daria: " It's this whole driving thing. It s sooo frustrating. Besides,
remember I told you about almost running over that dog a few weeks ago.
Well I had a dream that I did run him over and well he grew into a giant
talking dog…As if I don't have enough on my mind and now all this
driving crap."

Jane: (whos a bit disappointed) "Well if you're doing that bad in
driving maybe you could take lessons from one of those schools?"

Daria: (Deadpan) " I thought about that. Those schools are expensive
and you know my dad…Whenever the issue of money pops up his eyes pop
out:"(She looks off, still reliving the dream) " Besides I get nervous
enough driving with my mom let alone some poor innocent bystander…"

Jane: (suddenly has a bright idea) " Well then..why not ask someone
That's calm and mellow to help you learn to drive. Someone like.(Shes
cut off)

Daria: "No Jane, I know who you're gonna suggest and its not going to
work. No.."(She finishes with a little huff)

Jane: " Fine, I won't help you but maybe Trent will."
(She says seriously) Trent is a good driver…aside from that pesky
falling asleep at the wheel thing. And I'm sure he would help you out."

(They make it to English and sit down to begin…..A few periods after
lunch Jane and Daria are in Art class. They seem to pick up the
conversation where it had last left off. )

( Jane is working on a painting that sort of resembles the dream that
Daria told her about…theres a giant dog shaking a yellow jeep)

Jane: " Well. What do you think?" (she steps back and admires her own

Daria: " Ahh, it's a nightmare come true. Very funny Jane."(she's
actually smirking at the painting…who knew?) And I think you're right.

Jane: " I know I am….About what?"(she goes back to the canvas to paint
in a little screaming figure that resembles Daria)

(Ms Defoe comes over and takes a critical look at the painting)

Ms. Defoe: " Jane, we are suppose to be working on still life."

Jane: " I am, after the dog it done shaking the car the person in side
will be absolutely still. I promise"

(She gives Daria a evil smile as the teacher just shakes her head and
mutters ' Teenagers')

Daria: " Anyhow, you were right about Trent helping me out…I mean I get
nervous enough just driving why not up the ante and let him watch me
crash his car."

Jane: " So in other words you'll be so nervous about driving, Trent
isn't even gonna bother you in the slightest."

Daria: " Bingo" ( Puts her stuff away and gets ready to leave, the bell
is about to ring)

Jane: (who is also doing the same) " Good we can break the news to him
when he picks us up after school then."


Daria: " Oh goody."

(Both of the girls head out of the class and out of the school. They
walk to the circle thingy in front and notice that Trent's car is
already there.)

Jane: " I guess practice ended early??" (She looks at Daria who just
shrugs. They continue walking towards the car and then see that Trent is
fast asleep with some extremely loud music blasting from the car. Jane
then opens the right side passenger door and gets in. Right after her is
Daria. Just as she closes the door Trent's eyes pop open and he smiles."

Trent: " Hey Janey, Daria" (He switches into gear and starts to drive
towards Howard ave.) " You re coming over right Daria?" (She just nods
as Jane elbows her in the side)

Jane: " Daria didn't you have to ask Trent something?"( She smirks

Daria: (is a little peeved at Janes forwardness) "Um yeah.. I was
wondering if you might be able to (she gets a little quiet) give me
driving lessons??" (She then looks away from him)

Jane: "What Daria? I couldn't hear you." (Being honest)

Trent: " No its cool Janey, I heard her."(He thinks for a moment) Sure
thing Daria. When do you want to start? Cause I'm free tonight."

(Jane's smiling widely)

Daria: (Her eyebrows lift a little) "Tonight is fine with me…but I am
warning you know…I'm a terrible driver."

Trent: " Don't worry about it, I can fix that!!" (He smiles to himself
as the pull into the Lane driveway)

(comm bumper: Trent agreeing to help daria)
( now for the commercials…haha I like those trojan condom commercials
theyre pretty funny…let put in like 3 ok good)

Act 3?(I still can't figure that part out :P )

( in the backround there is a the Monkeys theme song…you know we
come walking down the street we get the funniest looks from everyone we

(Daria is at home after watching Sick Sad World at Jane's. Its around
7:24 pm and Daria is outside, waiting for Trent who said he'd be there
by 7)

Daria: " Hmmm, I wonder what kind of teacher Trent's gonna be…."

( Dream sequence)

Trent pulls up in his car. As he gets out he doesn't say just anything
yet…instead he opens the drivers door for Daria and buckles her in. He
then goes around to the other side and does the same for himself.)

Daria: (thought vo) ' Um ok' (slightly enthused)
"So Trent, Where to?"

Trent: ( who suddenly sounds like Mr. D'martino) " Well I fiGURED that
we might start OFF at the Seven corner Ms. Morgendoffer"

Daria: "What….Trent are you alright?"

Trent: (same voice) "I Assure YOU I'm FINE. Just drive please."

( Dream sequence is interrupted by someone beeping a car horn)

Trent: "Hey Daria, you awake?"

(Daria quickly snaps out of it and gets in the car)

Daria: ( a bit embarrassed)" Yeah I guess so…but if you start sounding
like my history teacher I'm jumping from the car"
Trent: " Huh? Never mind. I don t think I wanna know" (He gives her a
weird smile and continues on) Ok So where do you want to start? Its all
cool with me…anywhere is fine as long as the roads arent to bumpy…"

Daria: "Well hmm I guess the parking lot of the mall is ok….but Trent
you're going to have to stay awake for this you know...(She begins to
sound like shes explaining it to a child cause he's already falling
asleep) TRENT, you've gotta help me."

Trent: ( suddenly snaps out of it) Sorry, we had that early practice…"

(Daria jumps in) " Or late??"

Trent: " Right…whatever"

(He drives his "car" over to the Cranberry Commons, there they find a
desolate lot where Daria can crash or run over whatever her heart
desires… Trent puts his beast in park and gets out of the car, they both
switch seats and buckle themselves in. )

Trent: "So, like you've probably got down how to start this thing right?
Its an automatic you know" (Daria just nods and puts it into drive) Ok,
hmm try to go around to get the feel of the car…become one with it…Wait
that's something else.( Daria is driving in circles, and not its not as
bumpy as it was before)

Daria: " This isnt so bad…"
( a few minutes pass)

Trent: " Ok Daria, I think it you got the feel of it, but you seem kinda
tense…Just will be much easier I promise"

(As she goes to change into reverse she sorta gets shaky..Trent notices
and reaches over to her putting his hand on hers)

Trent: " See you gotta loosen up.Just a bit ok?"

Daria: (she blushes and relaxs a lot) Sure Trent..anything you
say…(realizing how she just sounded she turns even redder..luckily for
her…Trent as we know is COMPLETELY oblivious….damn him)

(anyhow after a few hours of this Trent decides its time….to take Daria
on the thruway. Lucky Daria)

Trent: " Ok now ease in the stop…very good. Remember to turn on your
blinking thing….there you go"(He smiles to himself realizing that she
has made some progress, thought vo " I m gonna have to buy her some
pizza after this.")

Daria: " Trent where are we going?"(She sounds very nervous)
Its not the highway is it? Im not ready for the highway…."

Trent: " Daria remember what I said? Chill and the car chills with you"

(She isn't listening and suddenly pulls the car over to the right

Daria: (she looks sort of ashamed and mad at herself) Trent. I'm not
usually a quiter…that's mainly because I ve never start anything but
that's besides the point. Driving makes me sooo neurotic" (she adds
under her breath) "And it doesn't help that you're here to witness my
mental breakdown"

( Trent really doesn't know what to say to this girl. She s confiding in
him and he s at a loss for he does the only thing he knows how
to…no not sing. He reaches gets out of the car and goes around to the
other side. Daria gets the hint and slides over. )

(A few moments pass and Daria calms down…she mutters a thanks and they
get back on the road not saying a word til she gets back to her house)

Trent: (he's talking as she gets out) "You know you really didn't do
bad…I was expecting to crash into a tree…like your dad did. But we
didn't…( notices shes really not paying taking it in)Um so do you want
to schedule another lesson?"

Daria turns away and smiles: "Yeah I do…" (She the turns back towards
the car) " how about tomorrow?"

Trent: " Yeah that's cool but like after 8 cause I really need to catch
up on my sleep"(smile) See you then Daria

Daria: "Yeah see you then"

Act 4 (haha I got it now)

(The song criminal by fiona apple is heard playing)

Quinn: " So like I heard that Brooke went to the party wearing a
chartreuse green tank top…I know didn't anyone tell her that that was
last months bright… Really…

(Daria walks up to Quinns door.)

Daria: ( wooden) " Hey Quinn, give it a rest and give me the phone"

Quinn : " Hold on a minute Stacy." (She muffles the reciever)
"What do you want?"

Daria: " a lack of oxygen to the brain…that way I might finally
understand your ways, O Fashionable one." (quinn looks dumbfounded) The
phone Quinn, the phone.."

Quinn: " Oh why didn't you just say so?" (She picks up the phone) " Hey
Stacy I gotta call you later, my cousin has to use the phone….To call my
Aunt to come pick her up…ok bye"

(Hands her the phone and shuts the door before Daria can say anything…)

Daria : " What do I got to do to get some respect around here?"

(She heads to her room. Locks the door and heads over to her radio. She
flips it on and Godsmack is playing)

Daria: "cool"
(She then dials up Jane)

Jane: " Yo?"
Daria: "Yo yourself, so..(She sounds kind of happy) I went driving with
Trent…did he say anything?"

Jane : " Well, he muttered something about you being nervous and the
passed out on the couch. Why should he have said something ?"

Daria: " What other then me having a breakdown in front of him? Nah but
it was ok I guess. I mean I was calm for most of it. I m only going to
say thing once more and then it shall not pass from mine lips again. You
were right"

Jane: ( smiling to herself) "Yeah I know, So are you going out again

Daria: " Yeah, tomorrow. You know the test is next week right? I just
hope I m ready for it."

Jane: " Well if your not I m sure Trent won't mind playing chaufeur for
a little while longer. Hey I ve gotta start working on this new art
project, its dues pretty soon. So I ll talk to you tomorrow then?"

Daria : " Sure thing bye"

Jane: "bye"

Daria: " Ahh damn, I forget to tell her about the hand holding oh well
tomorrow then" ( Yet another mona lisa like smile)

(And with that Daria does her nightly rituals so she can get to
bed…c'mon how many times CAN you watch Sick Sad World in one day??)

(Dream Sequence)

( Daria is out for her driving test. As the guy who is giving the test
gets in Daria notices that he looks A LOT like Trent.)

Trent like guy: " Ahh Ms. Morgendoffer Hello my name is Mr. Ave but
please call me Trey." (He reaches over in a languid way and shakes the
bewildered Daria's hand)

Daria: " um, Hi. Just call me Daria then."

( Daria, puts on her belt, checks on the mirrors and starts the car. As
she pulls out he tells her to just go wround the parking lot once.)

Trey: " Hmm very good, now just pull back up to the building and we re

(She does this and he hands her her liscence)

Daria: "That was it?? That's what I ve been driving myself nutts over
for the past 2 months???" (She gets out of the car and goes to her own
just shaking her head…)


Daria: " Damn vigilant devices" (She slaps it off and goes on to what
she usually does)

(After picking Jane up and going to school they arrive at their lockers)

Jane: " Well, after I got off the phone with you Trent miraculously woke
up. And I asked him about the lesson. He said it went pretty well. So I
guess they're really wasn't anymore to tell huh?"

Daria: " Well I guess I could tell you about the driving dog but not
now…Its to early to tell you anything to stimulating."

Jane: "Haha, lets go."

(And they did. All throught the day Daria was anticipating the lesson.
For more reasons then I can mention but anyways the school day was over
and everything went as planned. Trent met Daria at 10 pm…There wasn't to
much traffic so Daria did her thing and did it well!! The lessons went
on for the rest of the week as planned right up til the next Monday…the
dreaded day of the test. )

(Helen and Daria are sitting in their driveway the SUV is running but in

Helen: (Anticipating Daria's driving) Well, are you ready for today

Daria: (confidently) "Yeah, as ready as driving I can be after
practicing with a narcoleptic musician all week."

Helen: " Daria, this is serious, driving is a big step in a young woman
s life. It will give you that extra independence you ve been reaching

(Daria puts the car into drive and heads out to the LawnDale DMV)

Daria: "Yeah, now I can legally skip state…as long as its between 5 am
and 9 pm though"(smile)

(They make to the DMV where Daria fills out all the extra paper work ,
She is told to wait in her moms SUV for the test guy)

Daria: (She s staring out the window hmm "She ll be coming round the
mountain, just as she stops she sees a examiner coming towards the car.
He bares an odd resemblence to the man from her dream)

Examiner: "Hello Ms Morgendoffer, I m Nick and I ll be your examiner
today. And they tell me I m real tough so you better be careful."

(He see that she just lost the look of confidence she had and starts to

Daria: "What?"

Nick: "I was kidding, May I call you Daria?" (she nods)
Just follow the instructions and you ll pass. It's a piece of cheese
cake I promise!"

(She gains composure and they re off. The test itself is really only 10
miles long. A small ride on the high way and the usual 3 pt turn and
parallel parking. Daria does everything fairly decent. They test is
finally over)

Nick: "So Daria, How do you think you did?"(He s smiling)

Daria: "Well other then the bus load of kids I took out I think I did
pretty good."

Nick: (He nods) "You did, although I am going to have to take off for
the bus but other then that don't worry. You passed."

Daria: (doesn't say anything just grins…as much as she can)

(They both get out of the SUV and Daria goes inside so that she can get
her temporary drivers license . She then thanks Nick and drives her and
her mom home)

Helen: (who s getting out of the car and heading into the house)
" Honey, I m very proud of you. As matter of fact I think that you
deserve these. And after dinner we ll show you what I m talking about."
(She hands Daria a brass key ring with her name on it and two keys on

Daria: "Uh. Thanks mom. Hey do you mind if I head over to Janes house??"

Helen: "Sure, just make sure you re back by 7 ok?"

Daria: ( excited.slightly) "No problem."

(Daria decides it s better to walk to Janes then to drive, she d rather
keep them in suspense about how things went)

A few minutes later:

RING, Knock Ring

Jane: ( starts talking gore she actually opens the door) "Damnit I
thought I said I didn't want any cds?" (She sees who it is) "Oh Daria,
its you I thought you were one of those Soul saver people"

(Daria raises an eyebrow and gives Jane a look which screams now what
have you been smoking?)

Daria: "Sorry to disappoint you, I just thought I d come over and share
my news with you and your loved ones."

(Jane ushers her in and down to the basement where Trent has barricaded
himself in and sworn that he wasn't coming out until he could play a
tri-tone in C on his guitar)

Jane: ( Yelling over something that sounds like a cat is being
strangled) "Hey Trent, your driving protégé is here. Open the freaking

(We then hear something crash, a loud OW and the door unlocking)

Trent: "Geez Janey, you scared the crap outta me"

Daria: (thought vo Looks like she scared the guitar outta you to)
Are you ok?

Trent : "Oh, hey Daria. How d the test go?"

Jane: "She s saving that for a time where she can sit a like a civilized
human being. Or at least until she can sit." (smirk)

Daria: "Haha Lane. Anyways, It only takes a little persusion to make the
DMV believe that I was ready to drive and then I got this ." (She pulls
out the paper and the keys)

Trent: "See. I told you so. And now we re all gonne have to go out
tonight to celebrate."(He gives himself a pat on the back so to speak
and then heads back down stairs.)

Jane: "Hey hey, He never actually considers going out unless it has to
do with the band…or food…or a new tattoo…"(She walks up to her room with
Daria just shaking her head and following. When they get up there we
hear Jane still babbling)

(( We can here where my girls at by 702 playing)

Jane: "Or a new piercing…or to drink…or to look at guitars..:

Daria: ( a little annoyed)"Ok Jane.I get the idea"

Jane: " Huh? Oh, so now that bemused boy it gone. What would you like to
do tonight?"
Daria: (whos still in a good mood smiles mischievously)
"Welllll" (She looks away) Really. Just going out is cool, Maybe pick
something up other then processed , chemically altered lab tested
pizza???(she thinks for a second and then plops on the bed) "Ice cream
is cool."

(Jane nods) "Ice cream it is. Mind if I ask Jesse to come along?? He
doesn't really get out much either…except for food…or drinking….or

(Daria lets her head fall onto the bed and then the scene changes. Its 7
15 and the Morgendoffer family is sitting around the dining room table
munching on the usual dish of Lasagna and mashed potatoes)

Jake: (way way to excited)"So Helen, can we tell her now?? Can we? ? Huh
huh? "

Helen: (smiles) Sure Jakey. But calm down ok?? Remember your heart."(he
nods and She proceeds) Daria, we felt that what you re about to receive
is a well earned prize. And even though you don't always get new things
like clothing (she looks to Quinn) and other such things, This is

(Shes cut off by and over exuberant Jake)

Jake: "Honey, we got you a car. And not just ANY car, a dark green bug
honey a BUG!!(he s smiling) You known those new kinds, all the hip kids
are driving."

Helen: "(decides to let that side) "Like I was saying, you deserve it,
as well as a hour extension on your curfew. Be home by 12 ok??"

(Dinner is over. Quinn is absolutely quiet…((of course Helen paid her
off to be..duh)) And Helen shuffles Daria outside to show her the new
car…which btw the license plate reads

Daria: (her eyes widen a bit) "wow, pretty cool…(she sees the plate and
thinks…am I ever gonna have 1 decent say?? Huh God?) mischic1?? Quinns
idea? Huh?

(Helen nods reassuringly)

Helen: "ok heres the registration, we ll talk about the insurance
payments tomorrow, Tonight you go out and have some fun…and look on the
dash their just might be a little money for something sweet tonight!"

(Helen then heads in the house as a stunned Daria just sits there"

Daria: " Snap out of it girl and go pick up your friends."…"ok"

(she gets in and drives over to Casa De Lane)


(Jane comes out of the house with a grimace on her face but as she sees
the car her mouth drops ahd she calls Trent and Jesse out.)

Jane: " damn, Trent look at this."

Trent: (his smiles doenst falter) Looks like Im not driving tonight

Jesse: "Cool. But then why did I bring the Tank??? Oh well I m still
driving. Jane you with me??" (Gives her a you better be look)

Jane: "I guess so, Trent I believe your with mischic" Jesse, warm her
up I'll be over in a minute."

(She walks over to daria, With Trent talking to Jesse)

Jane: "So, you got some wheels huh? To bad Trent won't be carting our
butts around no more. But (she looks over to Trent who's now coming
over) You ll be carthing his butt around tonight."

(She takes off before Daria can say anything, just then Trent knocks on
the window)

Trent: " This seat taken?" (Smile)

Daria: (Blush) " Nope.So …we re going for ice cream right??"

Trent: "Yup, (he's playing with some buttons n stuff and turns on the
radio) This is pretty cool .

Daria: "Yeah its not bad."

(She pulls out after Jesse following the Tank. Just as they leave Howard
drv. Last kiss by Pearl Jam comes on the radio)

Daria: mutters "How appropriate "

Trent: " Hmm , it is isnt it?"

Daria: " Oh uh huh….its just weird I mean its not really but hmm Its
just its makes me think about mortality…I know that's kinda heavy or
whatever but its like their in love and she just dies cause he s not
paying attention?!(She looks at his um yeah expression and gets to the
point) Well if something like that happened say tonight, I d be
(thought vo: What did I just say?)

Trent: (sorta getting her point….well not really) "Yeah. I d be upset
too, just getting the car in all. And of course well you. You're being a
good friend in all." (he smiles a little and continues playing with the

Daria: (Deadpan) "Yeah …..I d hate to mess up something like that…"

(End credits ….I cant think of a song..well what about crash into me…or
maybe that you be crash into a tree.. or well…)