The Disorient Express
By Wind Lane

(opening credits)

(at the school lockers)

Daria: So when are you and Jesse going to break up so I can stop having to turn away whenever you two get close?

Jane: Who said anything about making you turning away? I thought you'd take notes for you and Trent.

Daria: Funny. You know, it wouldn't kill you to shoot for something a little higher up the food chain.

Jane: Speaking of food, I've got some killer news to tell you after school. Meet me at the pizza parlor.

(after school at the pizza parlor)

Daria: So what's the big news?

Jane: Can't tell you yet, waiting for the others.

Daria: What others?

Jesse: Hey Janey.

Trent: Hey Daria, Janey what'd you want to see us about? You're cuttin' in to practice time.

Daria: mmm, hey.

Jane: Sit down first, have some pizza, I'll explain.

(Jesse sits next to Jane and they get in a quick kiss. Trent sits down next to Daria and grabs a slice of pizza)

Jane: Well, the good news is I won a contest!

Daria: What contest? Don't you have to enter to win, you know, put in some effort?

Jane: Well, it's the only contest that I ever enter, Sick, Sad World's "Appalling Art Awards"

Trent: You acctually won that thing? I thought you said that last year would be the last time?

Lane: Well, thanks to Daria Here I've gotten a whole new lease on how disguisted I can trully make people.

Daria: Gee, thanks.

Lane: So anyway, I get to bring three friends to the awards show. It's an all expense paid trip to Florida where they'll tape the show with me receiving my award and display my painting.

Jesse: (with pizza in mouth) That's so cool Janey, you're gonna be a star.

Daria: And you're gonna spit pizza at everyone if you don't chew first.

(Trent and Jane laugh)

Jane: Aww, it's ok Jesse, I still love you.

(Split screen of Daria and Jane on phone)

Daria: I still don't know how I'm gonna get my mom to let me go. Let alone let me skip a day of school.

Jane: Just tell her the truth, that you'll get all your homework ahead of time, finish it before you go and that you're being chaperoned.

Daria: So your plan is to bore her to death and then run like a thief in the night?

Jane: Yeah, pretty much.

Daria: Thanks. (Hangs up phone)

(Helen sitting at table, going through paper work. Daria enters)

Daria: Mom, we need to talk about something.

Helen: What is it Daria, boys?

Daria: No...

Helen: School?

Daria: No it's....

Helen: It's not ANOTHER parent teacher conferrence because you insulted someone, is it?

Daria: No! Mom, just listen, Jane won an art contest. She gets to go to Florida to receive her award and she invited me as one of her guests. I need to know if I can go.

Helen: Well, you have started showing a lot more resposibility, so I'll let you convince me.

Daria: (sigh) We're going to be chaperoned, I'll get all the homework for the day I'll be missing in advance and have it finished before I leave, and I'll call you whanever we arrive at any destination.

Helen: Well, (pause) I don't like the idea that you'll be missing a day of school, but you present a sound case and I accept your terms. Provided you can meet all the pre-trip requirements.

Daria: That's it? You'll let me go just like that?

Helen: Well, you are getting to be mature enough to be able to handle yourself, and it is going to be a chaperoned trip, so I think you'll be fine.

Daria: You're up to something, aren't you?

Helen: If you want to go you'll just try not to think about that.

Daria: (sigh) Fair enough.

(Jake helping Daria take her suitcases down the stairs)

Jake: So why're you leaving so late kiddo?

Daria: Because the contest decided we have to go by train.

Jake: That's great! I love train rides.

Daria: Oh yeah, being on a train for a day and a half is going to be a blast.

Jake: Daria, could you explain why mom let you go on this trip again?

Daria: Well, I'm guessing that she plans to move all of you to another state and leave me here to fend for myself until I can pay rent.

Jake: (laughing) You're great Daria.

Daria: If only others knew.

(knock at door)

Daria: That'll be Jane, bye dad, (shouting) bye mom! I'm leaving now!

Helen: (from other room) Goodbye Daria, have fun!

(Daria opens door, Trent is there. Daria looks slightly panicked)

Trent: Hey Daria, Janey sent me to help you with your stuff.

Daria: ok, uhm, take this one.

(he grabs the larger of the two suit cases)

(at train station)

Daria: So, tell me again why we're catching a train at midnight.

Jane: Because Sick, Sad World wants to have us there before two on Saturday.

Daria: And all this time I've been thinking they were just sadists.

(Jesse and Trent laugh)

Trent: Good one Daria.

Daria: uhm, yeah.

(on the train, in their compartment)

Jesse: So where do we sleep?

Trent: I think these trains have fold out beds in the walls.

Daria: Wait, we're all sleeping in the same compartment?

Jane: 'Fraid so Daria, I call the top bunk!

Daria: So I end up at the bottom, sounds like a metaphor for my life.

Trent: Don't worry Daria, Jess and I'll leave while you girls get ready and get in to bed.

Jane: What, you guys don't wanna stay and watch?

Daria: (voice over) And then I couldn't control myself officer, I had to kill her.

(Trent and Jesse leave)

(in the train compartment, morning. The train stopping causes Daria to fall out of bed)

Daria: Dammit.

Trent: Are you ok Daria?

(Daria quickly gets back into bed)

Daria: Fine, nothing seriously injured (voice over) except my pride.

Trent: Cool. Hey Jess! Wake up, we gotta leave the room so the girls can get dressed.

Jesse: ok, just let me remember where I am.

Daria: Is that a common problem?

Jane: Now, now, Daria, you leave my boyfriend alone or I'll scratch your eyes out.

Daria: Yes ma'am.

Jane: Geez, make me feel like your mother why don't you.

Daria: It's my revenge.

(Trent laughs as he and Jesse leave)

(at the train station food court)

Trent: How long is this lay over anyway?

Jane: Three hours. But, this is where all the winners come together. We'll get to meet the second and third place finishers at dinner tonight.

Trent: That'll be fun, getting to see artists who aren't as good as my kid sister.

(Everyone laughs)

Daria: Don't give her too much praise Trent. She's got the top bunk, and I don't want that ego of hers falling off and crushing me in the middle of the night.

(Trent laughs, Jane and Jesse have started kissing a little)

Trent: Hey Daria, you wanna go somewhere so we can leave these two alone?

Daria: uhm, uh....

Jane: Yes, she'd love to. (she grins widely)

(Daria and Trent on one of the train station benches)

Trent: It's weird, seeing your best friend and your sister kissing.

Daria: That would be pretty weird for me.

(Trent laughs then coughs)

Trent: I guess that would be strange. (he smiles) It's still a little unsettling for me. I mean, it's not like I don't trust Jesse, it's just that...

Daria: She's your little sister.

Trent: Yeah. You've always been easy to talk to Daria.

Daria: Thanks.

Trent: So how come you don't have a boyfriend?

Daria: What?

Trent: Well, you're smart, and funny, and you've got more to say then most of the mindless zombies out there, someone should be taking an interrest in you.

Daria: uhm, thanks, I think that's my first compliment from the opposite sex.

Trent: It shouldn't have been.

(Daria turns away as she feels her face turn red)

Daria: We should be getting back soon.

Trent: Yeah, they should've had enough quality time by now.

Daria: (voice over) me too.

(Daria smiles as she follows Trent back towards Jane and Jesse)

(on the dining car of the train. Jane, Daria, Trent, and Jesse sit at the head of a table with serveral other people linning the sides)

Sick, Sad World Lady: I'd like to welcome all of our lucky winners to this informal get together. This is so the winners of our contest can get to know one another and have a little fun on the long train ride.

Daria: Wouldn't it have been more fun for us to have been flown in and spent more time in Miami?

Sick, Sad World Lady: What do you expect from a show with such a low budget?

Jane: Come on Daria, lets go meet the other contestants. I want to know who I beat.

Daria: Sure, maybe after we get to know them you can laugh at their art because, hey, you're the winner.

(Trent and Jesse laugh)

Trent: While you girls are meeting the other artists, Jess and I'll grab some food for all of us.

Jane: Are you sure they brought enough for even just you two?

Jesse: Sure they did, it's a buffet.

(Trent and Jesse walk off towards the food table)

(Daniel walks up to Daria and Jane)

Daniel: Hi, you must be Jane Lane, this year's winner.

Jane: And you're Daniel Thornwood, the third place finisher right?

Daniel: Well, since second place was a girl named Kristi Drodge, I'd hope so, otherwise my parents we're pretty cruel with naming me that.

(Daria and Jane laugh)

Daniel: But yeah, I saw your piece. It was awesome.

Jane: Thanks.

Daria: Where are you from?

Daniel: I came all the way from California, but call me Danny, everybody does.

Daria: ok.

Jane: So where's your guest? I heard that second and third place each got to bring one person with them.

Daniel: I decided to not bring anyone, they'd only get in the way.

(Jane walks off without Daria noticing)

Daria: Of what?

Daniel: Me, I plan to throw myself from the train when I have to go home.

Daniel: So you're one of Jane's guests? You didn't tell me your name.

Daria: uhm, It's Daria. She and I are friends at school.

Daniel: (talking to himself) Ok, gotta remember, Daria. (to Daria) Sorry, I have trouble with names, took me forever to remember my own.

Daria: That would cause problems, especially if you're gonna get hit by a car.

Daniel: Come to think of it, the third time in the hospital is when I finally buckled down and commited it to memory.

(Daria laughs)

Daniel: I think your boyfriend is signalling you. (points to Trent waving for Daria to come to the table)

Daria: (blushes quickly) That's not my boyriend, that's Jane's older brother, Trent

Daniel: The other one then?

Daria: Jane's boyfriend, Jesse.

Daniel: And you're boyfriend was ok with you going off on a trip with two guys and your best friend?

Daria: Acctually, I don't have a boyfriend. Most guys I that talk to me are too creepy, or just plain stuipid.

Daniel: Damn, and for a moment there I had hopes of saving my species.

Daria: Is it worth saving?

Daniel: Only for the sake of procreation at the moment. I'm working on an alternate use for us though. Research has indicated that we'd be good as worker bee types.

(Daria laughs, Trent walks up)

Trent: Daria, didn't you see me signalling? We got you some food.

Daria: Alright, Trent, this is Danny. He won third place in the contest.

Trent: Hey.

Daniel: Hi.

Daria: Well, nice talking to you, but I'm gonna go get something to eat.

Daniel: I'll see you later then.

(Daria and Trent walk back to the table, Jesse and Jane are sitting next to each other already eating)

Jane: He seemed really nice.

Daria: He is, not at all like the guys who try talk to us at school.

Jane: Oh, getting to know my rivals huh? Well, they won't be able to save you.

Daria: Acctually, you'd like him. He's kinda funny and he listens well.

Jane: Sounds like you found a new friend.

Trent: Cool Daria.

Daria: I guess so.

(In the dining car of the train)

Trent: So, Jess and I were thinking we should write a song about Jane's painting.

Daria: That sounds cool. (looks around room)

Trent: We're thinking of calling it "Twisted Window"

Daria: (sees Daniel, and isn't really paying attention) uh huh.

Jane: (watching Daria) Or they were thinking about writing a song about girls who ignore them when they talk to them.

Daria: (snaps out of it) What?

Jane: See something you like? (she grins)

Daria: Just an interresting specimen. It's an experiment in human behavioral patterns.

Jane: Why don't you invite the specimen to sit with us?

Daria: uhm, ok.

(Daria gets up and walks over to Daniel's table where he's eating alone)

Daniel: Hey! uhm, don't tell me, Dar-, Daria?

Daria: Wow, and on the first try.

Daniel: Told you I was bad with names, but I don't forget faces. Wanna join me?

Daria: Acctually I was here to invite you to sit with my group. You, uhm, looked lonely.

Daniel: Acctually, there's been a rather pleasent morning quietness keeping me company, until you broke it. (he grins) But, since you offered.

(Daniel gets up and he and Daria walk back to her table and sits down)

Jane: Hey Danny. By the way, I was curious, how'd you get to see my painting before it's been unvailed?

Daniel: I was able to talk the Sick, Sad World people in to letting me look since I was coming the farthest.

Trent: Where do you live, man?

Daniel: Small town outside of Anaheim in California called, Rancho Cucamunga.

Jesse: Just outside of Anaheim? You're pretty close to all the action.

Daniel: Yeah, too bad I can't get to any of it. L.A.'s in driving distance and I don't have a car. I'd love to bum around for a while to study the art and people around there though.

Daria: That's pretty cool, but wouldn't your parents get upset at you slumming around L.A. instead of getting a job or school?

Daniel: Not really, I live in my grandparents old house. They left it to me in their will, and enough money for food and expenses. But, only if I continue to live there.

Daria: Wow, sounds like you have it rough.

Daniel: Wow, sounds like I'm being told not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Daria: Sorry, I was just kidding.

Daniel: It's ok, so was I. (he smiles)

(Daria smiles)

Daniel: You wanna come see my painting?

Daria: Sure, uhm, are the rest of you coming?

Jane: Nope! We've got important things to talk about.

Daria: Ok.

(Daniel and Daria Leave)

Trent: Hey Janey, what did we need to talk about?

Jane: Nothing, I just thought those two could use a little chat time alone.

Trent: oh. (pokes at his food) I'm going back to our room to practice untill we get there. You coming Jess?

Jesse: uh, I kinda wanted to spend some time with Janey.

Trent: ok, see you guys later then.

(Trent in the train room with his guitar)

Trent: (singing)

When you try to kiss me,

I only bit your tongue.

When you tried to get me together,

I only came undone.

When you tired to tell me,

The one for me was you.

I was in your mattress,

Back in nineteen eighty-two.


(stops singing)

Trent: Why'd I start singing that song?

(At hotel check-in table)

Jane: Hi, we have a reservation under either Lane or Sick, Sad World.

Clerk: Here you are, room 314.

Daria: One room again?

Clerk: It's a small suite. It has two bed rooms, a living room, and bath room.

Trent: Cool.

(Daria and Jane in their bed room)

Jane: You never told me how your time with little Danny went.

Daria: And there's a reason for that. (sigh) As much as you'd like to hear it, nothing really happened. He showed me his painting and we talked for a while. He wants to take me out today though.

(Trent looks in door)

Jane: A date! How exciting.

Daria: Oh yeah, I'm really hoping this goes somewhere. Then, when he's got to go back to California, I can be heart broken.

Jane: Don't worry Daria, there's always Trent.

(Trent knocks then comes in the room)

Trent: Hey, what's the schedule for today and tomorrow Janey?

Jane: The rest of today is for us to explore the area and have fun. Tomorrow we go to the awards show in the morning and a party that night. Then we head back home on an express so that Daria and I can make it to school on Monday.

Trent: Cool, I'm going to check out the local clubs. Either of you wanna come?

Jane: I'm already going with you because Jesse's going.

Daria: uhm, I'm meeting Daniel in about an hour to go check out a couple of art gallaries.

Trent: Fine, you coming Janey?

(Jane, Jesse, and Trent walking down the street.)

Jane: So what was that all about?

Trent: What?

Jane: With Daria. You kind of snubbed her when she said she wasn't coming.

Trent: I didn't snub her I just thought she was coming with us.

Jane: So, why does it matter that she didn't?

Trent: I don't know, I just expected her to be coming too, ok? That's all.

Jane: ok....

(Jane, Jesse, and Trent coming out of a club)

Trent: We could do better than that band.

Jesse: Did you see how all they were really doing was changing the key and the tempo for each song?

Trent: Yeah, it's still nice to know that mediocrity is a marketable commodity.

Jane: What!?

Trent: Just thinking what Daria would've said.

Jane: You don't miss her, do you Trent? (she starts to grin)

Trent: uhm, no, I was just expecting to get to talk more. She's always been a good sounding board.

Jane: h yeah, that's Daria all right, just a wall for you to talk at.

Trent: That's NOT what I meant Janey. She's just kinda cool and you and Jess are pretty much occupied so that left me as the lone man out when Daria met that guy.

Jane: Trent, are you saying that you feal jealous about Daria going out with that other guy?

Trent: No, I'm saying that I wish there was somebody who wasn't occupied to talk to while I'm here.

Jesse: Well, I think Janey's right Trent. You're acting like your jealous or at least envious. I mean, come on man, you're mopping about it.

Trent: I guess I might be, a little. But, it's really weird for me. I mean, she's four years younger than me, she's my sister's best friend, and I think of her as my friend too. That's a lot that I could screw up by doing something stuipid.

Jesse: But, if you like her, I thought it was worth it? I mean look at Janey and me. Right now I don't wanna even think that we might break up one day because, it's great where we are. Seize the day, man.

Trent: Thanks Jess. I gotta find a way to talk to Daria.

(Daria and Daniel leaving a museum)

Daria: I never new that Salvador Dali was affraid of insects becuase of the other kids throwing them at him when he was young.

Daniel: It's really weird how because of that he uses insects in his paintings to represent fear and terror. I tried using the stuff that terrified me growing up to represent terror, but nobody else knew my parents like I did. (he drins) Which one was your favorite, Daria?

Daria: I'd have to say "The Lane to Lligat with View of Cape Creus". It had such a sense of depth and beauty.

Daniel: Something that the schools don't offer too much of these days.

(Daria laughs)

Daniel: So, what'd you want to do now?

Daria: I think I better be heading back to the hotel to see what's going on for tonight.

Daniel: Ok, then I'll walk you back. It's only a couple of blocks away.

Daria: uhm, ok.

(at the door to Daria's room)

Daniel: I had a lot of fun Daria, maybe we'll see each other tonight.

Daria: Maybe, bye.

(she goes inside the room)

(inside the room. Jane is sitting on the couch watching tv)

Jane: How was the date?

Daria: Fine, uhm, what're we doing tonight?

Jane: Ask Trent, he said he gets to pick tonight's festivities.

Daria: Where is he?

Jane: I think he's back in his and Jesse's room.

(in Trent's room.)

Trent: Man, I gotta find some way of telling Daria that I like her without sounding like a total geek.

Jesse: Why don't you just ask her out?

Trent: Janey said that too, but I think that might freak her out too much all at once and that could kill our friendship.

Jesse: Then why don't you treat it like you're on a date with her when we all go out tonight?

Trent: That sounds like a good plan. I just hope she's not already involved with that Danny guy.

(Daria knocks)

Trent: It's open. (Daria enters) Hey Daria.

Daria: Hi. uhm, Jane said you were picking what we're doing tonight and I just came to find out what it was.

Trent: I think I'll make it a surprise. You gonna be able to keep your evening free?

Daria: Sure, nothings planned right now.

Trent: Cool.

(Trent, Jane, Jesse, and Daria waiting in line at a concert)

Jane: So how did you get tickets to this show Trent?

Trent: With a little will power, a little luck, and a hundred and fifty bucks mom gave me in case we got in trouble.

Daria: It cost you all that to get in here?

Trent: No, it cost all that plus what I'd been saving.

Jane: Why'd you spend so much money, Trent?

Trent: Cause you're all worth it and I thought it was my turn to repay you all for stuff you've done for me.

Jesse: I guees that you don't owe me that shirt then.

(Trent laughs)

Jane: I know what I did, but I'm curious as to why you feel in Daria's debt.

Daria: uhm, that's ok, I don't need a reason.

Trent: It's ok Daria, I wanted to treat you too because I think you deserve a night out on the town.

Daria: (she smiles) Thanks Trent.

(after the concert)

Trent: Hey, how about we go get something to eat. I'm starved.

Jane: That's ok Trent. Why don't you and Daria go. Jesse and I were gonna have room service.

Trent: Ok. So Daria, where do you want to go?

Daria: uhm, I'm not picky, any place that has burgers or pizza is fine.

Trent: Cool.

(Daria and Trent sitting across from each other at a small burger joint)

Trent: So how're the dates with Dan going?

Daria: Why would you wanna know about that?

Trent: Guess I'm just curious.

Daria: Well, he's a nice guy, and he's smart. So, we get along well together. But, I don't think it's really going to go anywhere since he's got to go back to California after tomorrow.

Trent: Yeah, I guess that'd put a damper in your relationship. Hey, Daria?

Daria: Yeah Trent?

Trent: uhm, what, ah, nevermind.

Daria: What'd you want to ask? It's ok.

Trent: Well, I'm just kinda curious about what you think of, uh, me.

Daria: What?

Trent: You know, just wonder about how you see me. Being a musician, I think about those kinda things and I trust your opinion more than anybody elses.

Daria: Why me? What about Jane or Jesse?

Trent: Well, Janey's my sister, so she can't tell me the truth either way. And, with Jess it's different because he's a guy.

Daria: Ok, uhm, well, your music's coming along. I mean, it's ok, but it could use improvement. I guess.

Trent: Not about my music, I meant what do you think about me, as a person.

Daria: Oh! (silent for a bit) uhm, you're pretty cool. But, some people might say you're unmotivated. (voice over) and you're the only guy I acctually think about.

Trent: Well, I guess that's ok. We should do this again.

Daria: ok.

(next day at the awards show)

Sick, Sad World Lady: And the first place on our "Appalling Art Awards" goes to Jane Lane for Ted Bundy's Dreams.

(crowd cheers)

Sick, Sad World Lady: We'd like to thank all our contestants from this year and to remind all of you out there that if it's sick enough to get you thrown out of a restaurant, or sad enough to make your family cry. It might be good enough to win Sick, Sad World's "Appalling Art Awards"!

(crowd cheers)

Camera Man: And, we're clear!

(Daria, Jane, Trent, and Jesse walking down the street)

Daniel: Hey, Daria, Jane! Wait up!

(they all turn to see Daniel jogging towards them)

Daniel: Hey, Jane, I wanted to congradulate you again.

Jane: Thanks. I really liked your piece too. My Last Days on Death Row.

Daniel: Cool. Hey, I was wondering if I could sit with you guys at the banquet tonight?

Jane: It's ok with me. Any of you guys got an objection? (nobody responds) Well, looks like it'll be a five-some then.

Daniel: Thanks a lot, I'll see you guys tonight then.

(Daniel leaves)

Jane: Daria, I was thinking.

Daria: A new hobby I see.

(Trent laughs)

Jane: Acctually I was wondering, you did know that this would be a dance, didn't you?

Daria: uhm, no, someone (shoots Jane a look) forgot to tell me.

Jane: And as soon as we find out who screwed up, we'll string 'em up by their thumbs.

Daria: What does it matter that it's a dance anyway?

Jane: Cause I'm guessing ol' Danny boy is going to ask you to cut a rug.

Daria: Sorry, I don't believe in vandalism.

Jane: How're you gonna break that to Danny?

(Daria has a blank stair)

Jane: Good plan, want me to help teach you how to dance?

Daria: Want me to help teach you how to run for your life?

Trent: Don't worry Daria. I could help too.

Daria: uhm, ok.

Jane: Well Trent, it looks like we got ourselves a pupil!

Trent: (smiles) Cool.

(at the dance)

Jane: So, you think you're ready to handle your many suitors?

Daira: That army of one is starting to look intimidating enough to me.

Jane: Speaking of that one.

(Daniel walks up to them)

Daniel: Hey Jane, hi Daria. You guys having a good time yet?

Jane: We were until you came over.

Daniel: Ouch! (smiles) That's one for you Jane. Daria, would you like to dance?

Daria: uhm, I'm not sure yet.

Daniel: Sounds fair, wanna grab some food before it's all gone?

Jane: We should be getting over there soon, Trent and Jesse have already left to pile up their plates.

Daria: Then we're too late already.

(Daniel laughs)

(later in the evening)

Daniel: So Trent, how long until I'll get to see you guys in concert where I live?

Trent: Not really sure. We need to rename the band and then it would help if we played better.

Daniel: Speaking of music, you ready to dance Daria?

Jane: (whispering to Daria) Now or never.

Daria: Well, ok, but you aren't allowed to laugh at me.

Daniel: ok, but I want the same promise.

Daria: Deal.

(Daria and Daniel go to the dance floor)

Trent: They look ok together.

Jane: Still haven't found a way to talk to her?

Trent: I thought I did, but I guess all I really said was "I might ask you out someday". But not in a bad way.

Jesse: Why not ask to cut in after a couple of dances?

Trent: I don't dance to well.

Jane: Neither does she Trent. Remeber? We helped teach her this afternoon.

Trent: Yeah, but all I did was play the music.

Jane: So what? Just go up and ask if you can cut in after this next dance.

Trent: Alright, but if she says no, I think I'll go back to our room.

(Trent gets up and starts to walk over to Daria and Daniel who have just finished a slow dance)

Daniel: You know Daria, it sucks that I can't get to know you better.

Daria: Why?

Daniel: Because, I like you and I'd just like to know more about you.

(Daria blushes briefly)

Daria: Thanks.

Daniel: But, since I can't really do that I'd like to give you something to remember me by.

Daria: What?

(Daniel leans over and kisses Daria. Trent sees and turns back to where Jane and Jesse are sitting)

Daria: (blushing) I guess then after the dance it's goodbye.

Daniel: Yeah, but once I get my computer I could send you e-mail or we could write to keep in touch.

Daria: That'd be ok.

(back at the table)

Trent: I'm heading back up to the room.

Jane: (shocked) She turned you down?

Trent: No, but they were kissing so I'm not gonna get in the way.

Jane: What?!

(Trent leaves)

(in Daria and Jane's room after the dance. They're packing)

Jane: So what's this about you and Danny kissing?

Daria: What? Who told you we were kissing?

Jane: Trent, he was going over to ask you to dance and he saw you two kissing.

Daria: (worried) He did? (normal) Daniel said it was something to remember him by, since we won't get to see eachother again.

Jane: Looks like you get the heart ache special, do you want fries with that?

Daria: Acctually, I think he's more broken up about it then I am. He's nice, but...

Jane: He's not Trent.

Daria: uhm, yeah, I guess.

(in Trent and Jesse's room)

Trent: You done packing yet?

Jesse: Yeah, are you ok?

Trent: Yeah, I'm fine, why?

Jesse: Because of Daria.


(on the train in their compartment)

Jane: Jess, I'm hungry, you wanna split a sundae with me?

Jesse: Sure Janey.

(they leave)

Daria: uh, Trent? Why didn't you ask me to dance?

Trent: I was going to but, I saw you and Daniel and I just thought you two wanted to be alone.

Daria: oh.

Trent: What'd you guys talk about.

Daria: Mostly we were saying goodbye. That's when he, uhm...

Trent: Kissed you.

Daria: Yeah. Jane said you saw us.

Trent: Yeah. You looked good tonight.

Daria: Thanks. uhm, Trent?

Trent: Yeah Daria?

Daria: (nervous, with her eyes closed) Why did you want to dance with me?

Trent: I guess cause I was getting jealous of Dan being the only one dancing with you.

Daria: What?

Trent: Well, when Jane invited all of us I knew why she had invited each of us, I'm her brother, you're her bestfriend, and Jess is her boyfriend. But I thought that since she and Jess would be doing most of their stuff together, I figured you and I were paired up. I guess I got a little jealous when somebody else got to spend more time with you then I did.

Daria: (blushing slightly) oh. It's ok Trent. I don't think Danny's going to be buggung us on the way home, so what do you want to do? (she smiles)

(Trent smiles)

(Jane and Daria at their lockers at school)

Jane: So you and Trent talked a whole lot after Jesse and I left I heard.

Daria: Yeah, it's weird having a guy that much older than you tell you he got jealous because of you.

Jane: Yeah, well, I'm sure you two will be dating in no time.

Daria: Oh yeah, and then he'll take me to the prom.

Jane: Oh ye of little faith.

Daria: Speaking of faith, I was right about not trusting my mother while we went on this trip.

Jane: Why? What'd she try to do?

Daria: Redecorate my room. Luckily Quinn was asked to help so now her room looks great, and they waisted all their time and money on it.

Jane: Wow, Quinn helped you out?

Daria: Only because I gave her the forty bucks my dad gave me for the trip.

Jane: So you got everything you wanted out of this trip, didn't you?

Daria: Well, almost, Quinn still looked pretty happy when I got home.

Jane: Don't worry, you have all week to destroy her life now that we're back.

Daria: (smiles) Cool.