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Gala - Lauren
Size: 6K
Summary: Jane and Trent get new neighbors.

Game Of World Conquest, The - Megaleus
Size: 9K

Genuine Imitation - Stephanie
Size: 12K

Getting To Know Daria - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 11K
Summary: Daria's, Jane's, Quinn's, and Trent's answers to an Internet survey.

Girl Like Me, A - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 10K
Summary: A poem where Daria and Jane help a girl being beaten up because
                 she's smart and cynical.

Glitter Berries (1/?) - Mercury, Nina
Size: 10K
Summary: Daria/Buffy the Vampire Slayer; What if Daria was in Sunnydale
                 when Spike came back?

Good-Weird - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 10K
Summary: Jesse helps Trent overcome his worries about kissing Daria.

Goodbye, Diarrhea - Forman, C.E.
Size: 38K
Summary: Daria's last days in Highland. (Daria/Beavis and Butt-Head crossover)

Goodbye, Jake - Mitch
Size: 3K
Summary: After years of marriage trouble, Helen finally kicks Jake out of the

Great Lawndale Earthquake, The - Mitch
Size: 86K
Summary: The "last" Daria story, with danger, disaster, unlikly loves, and new

Guard Duty - Invisigoth Gypsy
Size: 69K
Summary: When summer rolls around, Daria is convinced by Jane to take a
                 one-week job as life guard at the Lawndale YMCA. Things look
                 up when Trent decides that he and Jesse could use the extra cash...