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Halloween Party - JadeGryphon
Size: 12K
Summary: Daria and Jane go to Lawndale High's Halloween Party and three
                 "movie monsters" make and appearance that will change the entire
                 evening, especially for Daria.

Harboring a Soldier - Mitch
Size: 7K
Summary:  A Daria/Captain America crossover.

Hell Hath No Fury - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 27K
Summary: Daria, forced to attend the prom, must to use her new telekinetic
                 powers against a vicious rival's humiliating prank. Based on

Her, Uh, Cane - paperpusher
Size: ?K (It's not on my server)
Summary: What do high winds, heavy rains, the Giant Strawberry, fights over
                 ice, a flying Jaguar XK6, widespread power outages and boarded
                 windows have in common? Find out in this little sarcastic little trip
                 through a minor natural disaster that gets blown completely out of

Hero and the Tank, The - Gliniecki, Candice
Size: 14K
Summary: Jane "saves Kevin's life," and "The Tank" gets a groovy new paint

Herself, An Elf - Berry, John
Size: 77K
Summary: It's Christmas, and Daria, deciding for once to give her family some
                 decent presents, takes an embarrassing job in order to afford
                 shopping. She gets a little more in return, good and bad.

Historical Inevitability - Megaleus
Size: 14K
Summary: Daria, Jane, Upchuck, Brittany, and Kevin are formed into a group
                 and attempt to film a documentary about the Revolutionary War.

Hostile Makeover - SentryHope
Size: 31K
Summary: Quinn and the other Fashion Club elite must come up with an idea in
                 order to save their beloved organization from reduced funding.
                 They decided in order to do this they must transform someone from
                 "geek to chic". And that's were Daria comes in...