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Jake's Therapy - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: Jake seeks mental help from Dr. Katz.

Jane's Crisis - The Unknown
Size: 22K
Summary: When Jane is attacked, the cast must deal with feelings of sadness
                 and hatred. A new character is introduced that helps Jane through
                 the ordeal. Note: This fanfic also appears on Poor Pathetic Daria
                 Page, but this one is slightly unedited.

Jane's World: Ice Box Woman
- Abraham, George K.
Size: 65K
Summary: Jane and Jesse play matchmaker with Daria and Trent and few years
                 in the future.

Janey's Dilemma - Jenna
Size: 24K

Jared Hunting's Pool -  JadeGryphon
Size: 20K
Summary: The beginning of Spring Break in Lawndale through the eyes of
                 Jared Hunting.

Jesse - Mitch
Size: 3K
Summary: Jesse thinks that Daria likes him.

Jodie and Mack's Visit - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: Jodie and Mack visit Daria in the future.