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Karen Carpenter Blues - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 134K
Summary: Stacy goes bulimic for an upcoming "Fashion Clubs Showdown",
                 with tragic results.

Kevin and Brittany's Romance - Mitch
Size: 6K
Summary: In the near future, Kevin purposes to Brittany. See the bachelor
                 party, the wedding, and their future together. Brittany becomes a
                 famous model, but she's having doubts about her marriage to Kevin.

Kindness Of Strangers (1/3) - LaurenGirl
Size: 48K
Summary: Trent, Jesse, Jane and Daria decide it’s time to head to Santa
                 Monica for a weekend of beach fun. however, as they have more
                 and more fun, Trent starts to feel something he’s never felt before
                 about Daria, and isn’t sure how to deal with it. He can’t tell Jane
                 or Jesse, they might spill it to Daria. What’s he gonna do?

Kindness Of Strangers (2/3) - LaurenGirl
Summary: See part one.

Kitsune (1/3) - Fox, Rey T.
Size: 29K
Summary: Trent is smitten with a mysterious red-haired beauty that he met on
                 the side of a road on the edge of a forest. Daria, naturally, is
                 jealous, but as events unfold, she begins to suspect that this girl is
                 more than she appears to be.

Kitsune (2/3) - Fox, Rey T.
Size: 25K
Summary: See part one.

Kitsune (3/3) - Fox, Rey T.
Size: 22K
Summary: See part one.