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One Band Town - Bronstein, Danny
Size: 29K
Summary: Daria and Jane follow Trent and Jesse to their first big concert, in
                 some hick town called South Park. Unfortunately, they have to
                 contend with Blake Cartman, the jealous lead singer of the town's
                 only successful band.

One-Man Army -   Pfeffer, Michael J.
Size: 11K
Summary: Lawndale is attacked by Arab terrorists, and Daria and Jake are
                 taken hostage. Michael and Mara Jacobs (Jade) are enlisted to
                 rescue the perilous pair. Oh yeah, and Trent, Jesse, and Jane come
                 to their aid as well.

One Man's Trash - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 51K
Summary: A Daria/Sanford and Son crossover. Thieve steal a guitar and hock
                 it at Sanford and Son; when Trent needs a new guitar after his gets
                 broken, guess where he goes when he's in LA?

One Night Stand: A Misleading Title - Mitch
Size: 5K
Summary: In the year 2011, a pregnant Daria watches her husband, Trent,
                 perform at a local pub.

Outbitched - Guerin, Peter W.
Size: 150K
Summary: Sandi's ousted from the Fashion Club and vents her anger on