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Asia: A Christian Perspective
by Mary Ann Lind
                    Published by YWAM. Publication date: September 1,1996
                    Dimensions (in inches): 7.91 x 5.20 x .48
                    ISBN: 0927545721

Asia for Women on Business : Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea
by Tracey Wilen, Patricia Wilen
                    Published by Stone Bridge Press. Publication date: December 1,1995
                    Dimensions (in inches): 8.93 x 5.97 x .60
                    ISBN: 1880656175

Asian Homosexuality (Studies in Homosexuality Vol 3)
by Wayne R. Dynes, Stephen Donaldson (Editor)
                    Published by Garland Pub. Publication date: October 1992
                    ISBN: 0815305486

Asia's Next Giant : South Korea and Late Industrialization
by Alice H. Amsden
                    Reprint Edition - Paperback
                    Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Trade). Publication date: March 1,1992
                    Dimensions (in inches): 8.02 x 5.36 x .80
                    ISBN: 0195076036

Chaos Under Heaven : The Shocking Story of China's Search for Democracy
by Gordon Thomas
                    Hardcover, 336 pages
                    Published by Birch Lane Press. Publication date: November 1991
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.34 x 6.24 x 1.34
                    ISBN: 155972059X

Chi-Hoon : A Korean Girl
by Patricia McMahon, Michael F. O'Brien (Illustrator)
                    School & Library Binding, 48 pages
                    Published by Boyds Mills Press. Publication date: March 1,1993
                    Dimensions (in inches): 11.32 x 8.85 x .40
                    ISBN: 1563970260

Confucian Transformation of Korea; AStudy of Society and Ideology
by Martina Deuchler
                    Volume 36 (Harvard-Yenching Institute Monog)
                    Hardcover, 439 pages
                    Published by Harvard Univ Press. Publication date: November 1,1992
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.33 x 6.31 x 1.75
                    ISBN: 0674160886

The American Occupation of Japan : The Origins of the Cold War in Asia
by Michael Schaller
                    Reprint Edition - Paperback
                    Published by Oxford Univ Pr (Trade). Publication date: November 1,1987
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.02 x 6.05 x 1.02
                    ISBN: 0195051904


Beyond Basics Issues and Research in Tesol
by Marianne Celce-Murcia (Editor)
                    Published by Heinle & Heinle Pub. Publication date: June 1985
                    ISBN: 0838426816

Classroom Teacher's Esl Survival Kit No 1
by Elizabeth Claire, Judie Haynes, John Chapman
                    Paperback, 120 pages
                    Published by Prentice Hall. Publication date: October 1,1994
                    Dimensions (in inches): 10.82 x 8.29 x .62
                    ISBN: 0131376136

Content Area ESL Social Studies.
by Dennis Terdy
                    Published by Linmore Publishing. Publication date: June 1986
                    ISBN: 0916591069

From the Other Side of the Desk : Students Speak Out About Writing.
by Linda Miller Cleary
                    Paperback, 213 pages
                    Published by Boynton/Cook Pub. Publication date: October 1,1991
                    Dimensions (in inches): 8.99 x 5.95 x .50
                    ISBN: 0867092823

Functional English Grammar: An Introduction for Second Language Teachers.
by Graham Lock
                    Paperback, 500 pages
                    Published by Cambridge University Press. Publication date: October,1995
                    Dimensions (in inches): 0.74 x 8.89 x 5.94
                    ISBN: 0521459222

Grammar Book: An ESL/EFL Teacher's Course (2nd Edition).
by Marianne Celce-Murcia, at. al.
                    Paperback, 800 pages
                    Published by Heinle and Heinle. Publication date: 1999.
                    Dimensions (in inches): 1.41 x 10.25 x 7.27
                    ISBN: 0838447252

Learning Styles in the ESL/EFL Classroom.
by Joy M. Reid
                    Published by Heinle and Heinle. Publication date: February, 1995.
                    ISBN: 0838461581

Linguistics in Context : Connecting Observation and Understanding :
Lectures from the 1985 Lsa/Tesol and Neh Institutes (Advances in Discourse Process)
by Deborah Tannen (Editor)
                    Volume 29
                    Published by Ablex Pub Corp. Publication date: January 1988
                    ISBN: 0893914541

New Ways in Teacher Education (New Ways in Tesol)
by Donald Freeman, Steve Cornwell (Editor)
                    Published by TESOL. Publication date: November 1993
                    ISBN: 0939791463

Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
by Bush, Michael. D., and Terry, Robert. M., (editors)
                    Published by National Textbook Company. Publication date: December 1996
                    ISBN: 0844293962

The Other Tongue: English Across Cultures.
by Braj B. Krachu (editor)
                    Published by University of Illinios. Publication date: September 1992.
                    ISBN: 0252062000

201 Ready-To-Use Word Games for the English Classroom/Spiral
by Jack Umstatter
                    Spiral Edition
                    Paperback, 310 pages
                    Published by Prentice Hall Trade. Publication date: January 1,1995
                    Dimensions (in inches): 11.13 x 9.15 x 1.29
                    ISBN: 0876289111


Aside from Teaching English, What in the World Can You Do? Career Strategies
by Dorothy K. Bestor
                    Published by Univ of Washington Press. Publication date: February 1983
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.34 x 6.46 x 1.03
                    ISBN: 0295959606

Dangerous Women: Gender and Korean Nationalism
by Kim, et. al.
                    ISBN: 0415915066

English in Japanese: A Selection of Useful Loan Words
by Akira Miura
                    Published by Charles E. Tuttle Co.
                    ISBN: 0834804212

Getting Married in Korea of Gender Morality and Modernity
by Kendall, Lawrel
                    ISBN: 05020202007

 Korea Calling: The Essential Handbook for Teaching English and Living in South Korea
by Jay W. Freeborne, Allegra J. Specht
                    Paperback, 174 pages
                    Published by Woodpecker Press. Publication date: November 15 1996
                    ISBN: 0966096908

'My Trouble Is My English' : Asian Students annd the American Dream
by Danling Fu
                    Paperback, 230 pages
                    Published by Boynton/Cook Pub. Publication date: March 1995
                    Dimensions (in inches): 8.88 x 5.98 x .55
                    ISBN: 0867093552

Notes On Things Korean
by Crowder-Han, Susan
                    ISBN: 1565910192

Teaching English in Asia : Finding a Job and Doing It Well
by Galen Harris Valle
                    Published by Pacific View Press. Publication date: July 1,1995
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.02 x 6 x .50
                    ISBN: 1881896110

Thirteen Weeks : A Guide to Teaching College Writing
by Irvin Yuiichi Hashimoto
                    Paperback, 263 pages
                    Published by Boynton/Cook Pub. Publication date: January 1991
                    Dimensions (in inches): 9.05 x 6.03 x .63
                    ISBN: 0867092610

The Stone Within - Chung Kuo Book 4
by David Wingrove
                    ISBN: 0440217555

Beneath the Tree of Heaven - Chung Kuo Book 5
by David Wingrove
                    ISBN: 0440221536

White Moon, Red Dragon - Chung Kuo Book 6
by David Wingrove
                    ISBN: 0440223083

Days of Bitter Strength - Chung Kuo Book 7
by David Wingrove
                    ISBN: 0440507944

The Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools:
Earning Your Degree without Leaving Home
                    ISBN: 0679769307

Linguistics: An Introduction to Language and Communication
                    ISBN: 0262510863

The Chinese Roswell: UFO Encounters in the Far East from Ancient Times to the Present
                     ISBN: 189213800X

Yahweh Encounters: Bible Astronauts, Ark Radiations, and Temple Electronics
                    ISBN: 0961511125

Alien Agenda: Investigating the ET Presence Among Us
                    ISBN: 0061096865

Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens
                    ISBN: 0345393007

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