Isn't that in Asia ???

This page has been orchastrated in order to show what witty responses you will receive when stating the list below to any foreigner living in (or who has lived in) Korea.

  • The Nation
  • The Climate
  • The People
  • The Food
  • The Cost of Living
  • The Language
  • Miscellaneous

  • The Nation

    70% Mountains.

    Q. What do Koreans do on weekends ?

    A. Go to a mountain !


    The Climate

    Constantly hot and sticky in summer,

    and freezing cold in winter - watch out for "black ice".


    The People

    All 45 Million of them !

    Unless you are on the island of Seoul,

    be prepared for stares and shouts of "Hello!"

    (especially from children).


    The Food

    If you like spicy food you'll love KimChi.

    The Problem is:

    Koreans don't think

    Western people eat anything that is hot and spicy.


    The Cost of Living

    A bag of gold could buy a loaf of bread.

    Well, not really.

    Some things tend to be around the same price as in western countries but most tends to cost more.

    Although remember that the tax rate is only 7%.

    Also if you are American there is a reciprocal tax agreement so you don't have to pay tax for two years.


    The Language

    Easy to speak, even easier to read.

    All hail King SaeJong !!!

    (You can see him on the 10000 won note).

    Although ask yourself:

    "Is it worth learning Korean anyway?"


    "Who speaks it?"



    Be always wary of the "Korean Promise" !!!