FrOm ThEsE aShEs ArOsE:
* cHoPsTiCkS *
* a MaSs Of KnOwLeDgE - sPaRkEd By ThE fLaIr Of A vAmPiRe ToOtH * 
Jang Chae-Suk (9512032)
(Sophomore English Composition - Taejon University, Korea. 1996. Prof. David B. Kent).
Everybody calls us chopsticks
But I don't know what that means
We are very different
- style of clothes
- style of hair
- style of thinking
But everybody calls us chopsticks
One day I lost a chopstick
After that I couldn't eat any meal
I couldn't eat any food
I think that is why people call us chopsticks
How valuable she is to me
I think that we are chopsticks because we are exactly alike
I want to call her my chopstick 
A Mass of Knowledge -
Sparked By The Flair of a Vampire Tooth
From what strange environment does this creature stir
coming and going unnoticed but noticed by all
certainty arises in that -
a strange combination of elemental forces combined to spawn it birth
filling the void -
a presence that pervades all surroundings
hanging in the air as humidity clings to each particle
reflected on the deepest winter snow
jaundice skin fresh and as pale as the full moon
where steps pass without a trace
held back yet flowing autumn-tainted hair
swishing as the main of a horse
trotting through the thickest untrodden path of a mountainous forest
whilst slender fingers furnished black manoeuver objects
a gentle sloping nose harvests scent
with sounds never before uttered or understood
comprehended by pixie-style ears
piercing almond shaped eyes shining brightly
showing glimpses of sights never before seen or envisioned
dimmed only by
the flutter of moth-wing eyelashes trimmed by the black streak of eyebrows matching
the gentle sway of the dark night
that is
this creatures blanket. 

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