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The Pocari-Beast !!! 
A beast like no other beast. A beast indigeneous to Korea. A most ferocious animal that lurks in the mountainous areas surrounding Taejon. The beast will often meander it's way through Chicken-Dragon Mountain to Chung-Dae San and then into Kung-Dong area. Especially fond of the area, the beast can usually be seen in the early hours of the morn between 3 and 4am, as it is attracted to the scent of Lemon Soju in the air.
Known only by the trail the beast leaves, in the gutters and along the side of the roads, droppings that look some-what like pizza. Yes indeed the Pocari-Beast is one of the least known Korean animals. Even most Koreans do not know that their native soil is home to this, the most bizarre of all creatures. The size of a cat and the color of gray, but more like a rat with a long tail that possesses a white curved stripe.
It is from here that the every popular "Pocari-Sweat refreshment water" arises ... The Pocari-Sweat company sends teams of trained experts out to forage amongst the wilderness in search of this amazing creature. The teams then gather the beasts together and place them into a large heated room best described like a sauna. The heat within the room causes the beasts to sweat, the grated floor then allows the sweat to seep through and thus it is in this manner that the sweat can be harvested.
Another team of trained experts travel far and wide over the Land of the Morning Calm in order to obtain Sok-Su (natural Korean mineral water). The Sok-Su is then mixed with the sweat already harvested from the Pocari-Beast, a few extra chemicals and minerals are added then the whole mixture is canned and ready for consumption. Hence the white stripe on the can to symbolize the white stripe from the tail of the Pocari-Beast, and the blue color of the can symbolizing the refreshing taste of the water that is also contained within "Pocari-Sweat".
Hmmm, TASTY !!!