when i first set up this web page, i thought that i would try to not have to start off by exclaiming in huge letters that

i am not a nazi.

i thought that on average, people could be intelligent enough to understand that i just wanted to collect some facts about a specific time in history and share them here in a useful manner for others who are interested in learning here on the internet. i thought that if i simply laid out purely factual information, pictures, etc., and did not mention anything about white power, racism, or neo-fascism in general, that it would be apparent that i did not share these beliefs.

i overestimated the intelligence and understanding of the average internet surfer.

i have received countless death threats, hate e-mails, offers to join someone's klan rally, and at one time 1002 copies of an e-mail calling me a "nazi hijo de puta," which i believe translates into "nazi son of whore."


things like this could make a person start questioning whether or not ANYONE is in fact using my page and its information for its intended purpose, which is simply to learn about a period of german history. i don't know. i almost just deleted the whole damn thing today, but i figure as long as it is useful to somebody sitting up at 3am trying to find information for a school report or something, i might as well leave it up.

so. . .i'm not racist. i don't think the holocaust was a good thing. i don't own a gun collection & i have no desire to be part of a militia group (although i'm sure the offer was well-intended).

anyway, here's what i originally wrote about this subject in my guestbook. i decided i needed to put up something more noticeable, so here this disclaimer page is. . oh well.. .. .read on. . . .

i made this page for completely historical purposes. nazi-era germany happened and it needs to be remembered. i set up this site because i couldn't find a lot of un-biased information about this period in history. i asked the questions in the guestbook just out of curiosity as to what people's answers would be. i never said that i agreed with mass extermination. people are perfectly free to state anti-nazis as their favorite WWII era german. the german side of WWII was comprised of real human beings who lived and loved and had reasons for doing what they did. it is important to look at these beliefs and see why they had them, to see where they went wrong, logically, instead of blindly hating WWII germany because we are simply told that they were wrong. hitler's germany had many, many faults, as do all nations, although usually not so extremely. but these things happened. it is history and i will never be afraid to state historical facts just because some people will automatically see a swastika and label me a racist bigot. i know what i am. i know i am no racist. historical facts and pictures do not make a person a cruel fascist. my knowledge of nazi-germany does not make me a racist. america stands for freedom, that is what we fought in WWII to preserve, and i don't care how many ignorant e-mails i get, or how many stupid death threats i receive, because i know that i have the freedom to show whatever i want here, and because i know that there will continue to be people who use the things i have on this web page for their intended purpose, to learn about history.

breathe in. breathe out.


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