WWII German Medals & Pins

3 medals stickpin- 2 iron crosses & a WWI war merit badge

DAF membership stickpin

DAV membership pin

early badge of the SA Reserve II stickpin

DRLG Grundschein stickpin

NSKK stickpin

SA membership pin

RLB stickpin (enameled) for Luftschutze membership

RLB second version stickpin

Freiheits-Spende 1932 stickpin

1936 Gymnastics Association stickpins

NSFK stickpin

Agriculture stickpin

DSB Sports Badge 3rd place

Veteran's Eagle stickpin

Veteran's Marksmanship silver stickpin

Labor Corps pin

Stahlhelm badge

SA Sports Badge bronze

Kriegsmarine Eagle pin

Land Organization lapel pin

Air Spotters badge (enameled)

Close Combat badge silver

Effective 25 November 1942 Hitler ordered that all officers and men of the Army who engaged in hand- to-hand combat when unsupported by armor would be recognized for their heroism providing they qualified. The bar was struck in bronze, silver and gold for 10, 20 and 40 days respectively. The bar was primarily for award to Infantry soldiers, however, other units were also eligible. A service-to-combat days ratio was established on the following scales:

5 combat days were credited for 8 months service.
10 combat days were credited for 12 months service.
15 combat days were credited for 15 months service.

League Members Badge of the German Colonies

Silesian Eagle 1st Class

Iron Half Moon and Galipoli Star

Krim Shield-
Feldmarschall von Manstein introduced on 25 July 1942 a bronze shield that had at its top an army eagle, the wings just breaking the edge of the shield, clutching a wreath surrounding a Swastika in its talons. On either side of the wreath are the dates 1941 and 1942 respectively. Beneath this is a map of the Crimean region, with the major rivers and six towns marked on it, and impressed on to this map is the word 'KRIM'. The badge was to reward the troops engaged in operations in this region from the period 21 September 1941 to 4 July 1942.
The Criteria for the award were:
1) To have served in the region for three months.
2) To have taken part in at least one major operation against the enemy.
3) To have been wounded whilst serving in that region.
It was awarded on a back cloth in the color of the branch of the Service to which the recipient belonged. It is estimated that over 100,000 awards of this shield were rendered during the period of award.

Auxiliary War Cruisers badge

Ernst Peekhaus of Berlin produced this badge on request from Grand Admiral Raeder. It was introduced on the 24 April 1941 to recognize the armed merchant men who were so successful in harassing Allied shipping. The badge in its early forms was constructed in two parts, its base being of solid brass which was then burnished to give the appearance of gold. The badge consisted of a wreath of oakleaves which was secured by a tie at the base and surmounted by an eagle and swastika. The main feature of the badge was a Viking ship on a globe showing Western Europe and part of the USA.

The Criteria for the award were:
1) To have participated in a successful long-distance voyage.
2) For outstanding leadership.
3) To have been wounded in the course of duty on one of these voyages.

Black Wound badge

General Assault badge

Hitlerjugend Kreissieger

Hitlerjugend membership pin

Infantry Assault badge in bronze

Second Pattern E-Boat badge

Destroyers war badge

High Seas Fleet war badge

Luftwaffe Anti-aircraft badge

Air Gunner and Flight Engineer badge

Luftwaffe Glider Qualification badge

Mine Sweeper and Sub Chaser war badge

Panzer (tank) Assault badge

Coastal Artillery badge

DRL Sports badge silver

DRA Sports badge 1933 3rd place

DAF Woman's broach

Deutscher Frauenhilfsdienst (enameled)

Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft pin

Member's Badge of the German Women's Work

RAD Woman's broach bronze

Mother's Cross bronze

Mother's Cross silver

Mother's Cross gold

Nazi Party pin (enameled)

NSDAP membership pin (enameled)

Iron Cross 1st Class 1939

Iron Cross 2nd Class

Knight's Cross

Knight's Cross w/ oak leaves and diamonds

War Merit Cross 1st Class

War Merit Cross 2nd Class w/ swords

Luftschutz 2nd Class (civil defense)

Czech occupation medal

Mine Rescue Service medal

Order of the German Eagle silver

Ostvolk 1st Class gold

Ostvolk 2nd Class silver

RAD Long Service 4-year bronze

Social Welfare medal

Spanish Blue Division medal

Winter Campaign in Russia medal (the "Frozen Meat" award)

West Wall medal

25-year Faithful Service medal

25-year Police Service medal

40-year Faithful Service medal

Army 4-year Service medal

1 October 1938 medal

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