A Beginner's Guide to Linux

The purpose of this page is to get you up and running with Linux with as little pain as possible. There are other sites out there which although helpful assume too much in my opinion. For example they will say something like "go to sunsite and download the latest xxx.tar.gz file and then edit the makefile and install. I will try not to do this to you. This site attempts to answer the questions that are not clearly explained elsewhere or not at least on one web site. Below you will find an index of topics which lists what I will cover on this site. If you are already familiar with Linux then there may not be much here for you.----------------------------------------------------

As you can see I haven't really updated this page in a LONG time. At one time I did used to answer a lot of email and help people get started with Linux but then life happened. Anyway I'm trying to decide what if anything to do with this page and if it can be updated in a way so that it may again become useful. 04/03/2004. On the off chance that people still come by here I am once again putting up my email to offer any help I can. You can reach me at aboutlinux(at) Take care. Mike.

Introduction to Linux

Installing RedHat Linux

Getting Xwindows working (including refresh rate!)

Connecting to your ISP (the easy way)

About KDE (Kinda Outdated)

Common Commands

Booting into Xwindows (i.e. no command prompt on boot)

File and Directory Rights

How to setup Samba as a PDC!

Setting up DHCP under linux

Setting up a Firewall and sharing your dialup connection

Telnet to check your email

Using a Zip drive under Linux


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