Below please find links to a few Linux sites that you may find useful

 Linux Today

This site is by far the best news site for what is going on in the Linux community.


Another great site for Linux, and other interesting news articles. Has discussion forums for every article.

 Linux Weekly News

Publishes a weekly newsletter on everything from Linux news to security advisories.


This site lists newly released software on a daily basis. Links to downloads and home pages provided.

 The RPM Repository

Huge archive of RPMS for RedHat and other Linux distros. Everything you need is here.


Home of LinuxMandrake a distro based of RedHat that incorporates the KDE desktop and other enhancments for the new Linux user.

The makers of the excellent applixware office suite bring you a site for the open source community. Stop by and say hi :-)


Site for Samba info and downloads. Try it out, and you'll be happy you did.


The KDE desktop environment homepage. Nuff said go get it.


RedHat's homepage.


Great site for buying anything to do with Linux. Buy any distro for $1.89. Its where I get my stuff from.

 Linux Expo

Home page for the up and coming Linux Expo event. This should be a lot of fun for both people learning about Linux and those suits who are still trying to figure out what Linux is!


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