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Seventh Generation

20. Edna (His Ist cousin) (Daniel , Mahalalel , Cainan , Enosh , (His Sister) Azura , ).

(His married Enoch (Metatron) 1 son of Jared and Baraka (His Ist cousin). (Metatron) was born in 3378 BC in Cainan, , East Eden. He died in 3013 BC in Zion, , East Eden.


They had the following children:

+ 22 M i Methuselah was born in 3313 BC. He died in 2344 BC.

21. Enoch (Metatron) 1 (Jared , Mahalalel , Cainan , Enosh , (His Sister) Azura , ) was born in 3378 BC in Cainan, , East Eden. He died in 3013 BC in Zion, , East Eden.


(Metatron) married Edna (His Ist cousin) daughter of Daniel.

They had the following children:

+ 23 M i Methuselah is printed as #22.

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