by Brittany

It was 12 o'clock and Amanda had been washing her face. She had just woke up. In her hand she held a cloth which she dipped in the alcohol. She then applied the alcohol dipped cloth on her face. Amanda had been very careful in applying the alcohol on her face. She felt the small bumps on her face that was red. The acne on her face bothered her. And the alcohol and all the chemicals she had used irritated her. She looked at her face in the mirror. Suddenly she scrubbed the cloth very hard against her face out of fury. The mirror showed her face bleeding in all the places. Near the mirror there was an aloe plant which she began cutting off with the scissors. She began applying the green stuff from the aloe on her face. This made her face look clearer but the redness and the bumps never went away.

She felt a scratch in her throat and she began to cough. Amanda coughed harshly and with fury, spit out the green mucus spotted with yellow dots. "Damn it!" She cried out loud. There was a brush near the aloe plant that she grabbed. She began brushing her hair with fury and at the same time coughed constantly. Her long blonde hair was knotted. She tried to pull her hair with the brush. In a mad anger she struggled with the millions of knots and split ends in her hair. During one of her struggles, she knocked the aloe plant off the table. The plant fell from the table straight on to her rug. There were millions of particles of dirt on her rug. Amanda started cleaning the plant off the rug. Amanda sat down hard on her bed making her mattress creak. She began thinking about yesterday and how she went around looking for hemp. Her boyfriend had told her she smelled like hemp. She wore a hemp necklace.

On her wall, there were posters. The poster on the right was the Grateful Dead. It was Jerry Garcia. Next to Jerry Garcia was Phish. The poster showed a man with blue skin lying down on the blue bed with blue sheets. Next to the Phish poster, there were pictures of her happier times. There was a picture of her at Woodstock covered with mud and dirt and laughing. Other pictures showed her with a long tie dye dress on with a vintage leather jacket. On the opposite side of her bed there was an acoustic guitar. Her closet was filled with vintage clothes and clothes that imitated the vintage look. She suddenly felt very nervous. She started taking out the marijuana plant from her antique pouch from her dresser drawer. She examined the leaves and rubbed the leaves on her fingers. She started coughing very hoarsely and felt the scratch in her throat. Amanda started smoking the marijuana taking long breaths in between. She didn't feel nervous and felt better. "I'm so happy!" She declared and smiled to herself. Amanda checked her answering machine. She called all her friends and told them how happy she was. But there was a sudden hunger for more. The nervousness was back and this time she started to shake uncontrollably. She turned on her favorite Grateful Dead song. She turned it on loud as possible but the nervousness was still there. She sighed and became paranoid. Amanda stood up shaking and turned off the stereo.

She got up with a fury and saw the clock. She quickly put on her dress and shoes. Amanda was late for work. It was raining outside and everything looked blue to her. She ran as fast as she could to escape the rain. In the middle of the street she broke her heel. As she was crossing the street, she was hit by a car. She lay flat on the ground. With blood spilling from her throat. Blood collected down the sewer and mixed with the green slime with yellow dots on it. She wished it was only a dream but as she lay down, she smiled and accepted and closed her eyes.

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