"A Call to Action and a Reaction"

Let me make this intense, raw, and straight forward as I can.

Friendship is not very important to me since lots of people consider friendship as backstabbing one another. You're supposed to return favors and be there regardless of anything that comes your way for your friends. You have to give some time and have at least an ounce to sacrifice.

It's all right being a loner because it's revengeful and even vindictive. Being a loner is not always about having no friends. It can be about the kind of people you hang out with or the stuff you believe in. It's a state of mind much more than just a label which then ties in with punk. Punk is revenge and your counteraction to alienation from the brutal society. It's the fuel that comes from being treated as an outcast from the society. Punk does not always mean wearing a leather jacket with spikes and combat boots. It's fighting for your rights. I'd rather not dress punk, but declare myself through actions. I don't have a problem with that so called "freedom of expression" that is seen and understood through clothes because not all people have that opportunity to act. Nevertheless, conduct sometimes means much more than words and statements.

Clothes are all about making statements without the equitable action and that's what this crude society is missing today where friendship is only expressed through words and not actions. Friendship is only claimed and therefore an unjustified state. You cannot be a friend unless you reveal some of it.

This society's backwardness corrupts many of us and breeds malignity. It doesn't allow us to speak our mind and that's where my sympathy comes from for those who can only make attempts through clothes. Society draws the line between that group and the other group. There's no agreement anymore and even in music we see those distinctions. Those distinctions are not variations because they involve disgust and segregation.

It's almost inevitable to abolish these separations in our lives that draws the line between "loners" and "insiders." (Loners who eventually preach punk or anything with a sense of rebelliousness and insiders who lead superficial lives filled with prejudices they never bother to clear up) Insiders are the ones who have been untouched by the flaws of society because they accept the way things are even when they are wrong. They accept this backwardness and therefore have no voice in our proposal to change the world. Outcasts, loners, and 'insurgents' are severe victims of this apathetic society. They, meaning we are counted on "improving" the society and then are blamed on. We're the ones who have to undo this boundless cycle because nobody else will try. Ignorance of the insider clique destroys the union and spirit of "rebellion against what is immoral."


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