Another Day

by prehistoric as whole

"oh yeah, another day,
oh yeah, what a waste,
what it is,
it never was,
i don't care,
or give a fuck."

I woke up an hour early and was glad that I had more time to sleep. Finally my alarm clock rang and I lazily got up from my bed, washed up, and got dressed, feeling hungry. I hitched a ride with my friend to school and we talked about how we hate Lipton's ice tea.

After first period, I got some breakfast from the cafeteria. I had the usual breakfast, skim milk and bagel without cream cheese or butter. Some classes went by fast, some slow, and some classes were just a waste of time, for example gym and study hall. Lunchtime was excellent because I was able to get on the computer and eat snacks behind the computer lady's back. Well, I wasn't the only one who was into that.

After school, I had to serve my detention for coming to school late on Friday and for cutting classes. Detention wasn't bad, just sit and be quiet and you'll get out within fifteen minutes. What's the point of detention anyway? Everyone seems to enjoy it.

After my dismissal I went to work at the pizzeria. I was twenty minutes late but my boss didn't seem to care since it was a slow day. I sat in a small room with bunch of other kids folding boxes and caring on lame conversations about what they did on the weekends. Following the box folding, I went into the kitchen, washed dishes with some cheap detergents, and mopped the tiled floor. After an hour of chores, I went out to get some air and saw bunch of wasted youths smoking and yapping about their idiotic love life.

I was going to go home from work but I decided to take a long walk down the alley to clear my head. My mind was filled with unnecessary crap of people screaming and whining that needed to be wasted down the gutter. The weather was moist and sticky from the noon's rain. The hazy clouds floated strongly and the sun was setting; stretching shadows of people walking by. I watched them drive by and talking to one another to get away from people like me. But that didn't concern me because my head felt stiff as a rock. Damn it! I whacked my head with my palm, but that made it worst. Damn it!

However, I forgot all about it when I saw a beautiful black Gibson Les Paul solid-body electric guitar in the show case window. My mouth started to water. My eyes were stunned by the presence of the black beauty. I felt so nervous but I couldn't swipe that smile off my face. Oh, how I wanted to run my fingers down the frets. And the way that the double humbucking pickups stood, mastering the all-pure, number one standard of all guitars. Oh, how I wanted to hold it and play the mighty power chords.

Unfortunately, I stumbled and fell on the concrete and my right hand fell into a puddle when some woman accidentally hit my knee with her blue shopping bag. Man, what the hell was in there, rocks? She said, "I am sorry are you okay?" and went away with her friends.

I got home at about 7:30 p.m. and didn't bother to do my homework because I felt sick and tired. Instead, I set my alarm clock to 8:35 p.m. and laid in bed. "An hour of rest would do me well," I thought.

I heard the rain drops tapping on my windows and my room looked blue. The walls were blue, the ceiling was blue, my rock posters were blue, and even my hands looked blue. Furthermore, the smell in my room was bitter, giving me feelings of loneliness and solitude.

I grabbed my bruised knee to ease the pain. Then I fell a sleep, dreamed, and recovered from the day. I woke up and my alarm clock blinked 12:00 a.m. "Man!" I thought, "The power must have went out! Damn it!" I reached over to my desk and grabbed my wristwatch and it read 3:44 p.m.

Well, I didn't give about my homework, quizzes, or dinner, Hell with it! I just went to sleep. That was all that mattered.

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