An Element

This is nothing unique, but really just another thing to add on to my hate list: I'm talking about this busted girl who is always ten steps and twenty years behind. I'm talking about the girl who gets into fads very late and then broadcasts her new knowledge proudly to everyone. I am also talking about the girl who thinks she has artistic ability, but really has none whatsoever. However, this girl will never cease to reveal her filthy attitude, always being competitive and distasteful to others who seem to know more than her, although in this instance, the mass will always know more than her.

This girl has failed in doing many things. Most of all, she has failed playing guitar, but has tried to show off on many occasions. I don't blame a person who fails playing guitar; that's just not my point. Guitar surely might not be the thing for you. Nevertheless, the problem was that she tried to show off, but couldn't play a thing due to a lack of practice and her incessant babbling of crappy information which was directly obtained from the Internet, straight as she blurted out "oi, oi, oi!" Believe it or not, she really got that off the net. As pitiable as it may already seem, there has been times when things have gotten even worse. For example, the girl printed about 100 pages of skinhead statistics, in order to follow all the anal retentive instructions that were written by a bunch of drunken boneheads just because she didn't know the contrast between boneheads and baldies. She also desperately needed to know what a wife beater tank top was and where you could purchase them.

To give you a momentary history about this girl, she was once a gigantic sports fanatic. She had long hair and very bushy brows. All this information is purely for descriptive purposes, nothing more. She was very into the New York Rangers when they won the Stanley Cup in 1994. I heard that she also tried to talk about figure skating. The girl was also a prissy at one time. Then the girl became a huge hippie, rastafarian, whatever the crap you want to call those weed people. She made her very own bell bottoms by utilizing thread and needle to come up with an inadvertently tattered clothing. By this time, the hippie thing was already out, but she positively believed she was unique, productive, and creative with her homemade accessories. I also heard that one time the girl heard the song "Barracuda" on the radio and said it was Led Zeppelin, only to be corrected; it's Heart, dummy! By the next school year, the girl modified again like some element. She became, surprise surprise: an alterna type gal! She sported a Beck T-shirt with some donkey on it. Then she decided she'd get even fancier by adding even more dazzling glitters along with a Shirley Manson wannabe hairstyle when Garbage had been exposed years before.

I recently heard that she has been trying to educate people about the art of skanking. Quite possibly she had received skanking directions from a homepage called, 'made for the skadiots of the world.' I always knew she had this obsession for ska as if the sounds of ska had just been created yesterday and she was the only one who knew this secret so far! Today, I'd say she has gotten along fine with the British Invasion motif.