A few injustices in the world-A bunch of -ism's

A closer version or simply, as close as we can get.


By now this should end and when I say end, I mean it should end cold, but who the hell am I to give you that proposition? Besides, I am only a human being like the rest of you suckers out there.

People do treat you differently and it might just be your friend, who will be the first to jump at the opportunity to call you a contemptible, racist name as soon as your back is turned. Ludicrous? I believe so, but this happens. If you say anything along the lines of, 'it doesn't happen here, everyone's a big family here,' and all that junk, shut the hell up. You are a moron, caught up in your own perfection and righteousness; you are completely blind. I can see your sarcastic smile from here and besides, you'd never dare to be friends with anyone outside your group so don't show your sorry face to anyone ever again; the world is better off without you since you're reluctant to make a difference. Stop wasting everyone's time.

I've seen racism, encountered it, sure as hell talked about it, and heard about it. One second, someone might be your friend and another second when you walk out to leave, everyone there will be showing off racist jokes about you; easy as that. Good pastime, I suppose, but it's getting kind of old and you're certainly getting fatter. Man, I can't stand even a second of it anymore and you're supposed to be witty when you're saying those jokes too, right? I bet nobody knows a thing about a distinct culture anymore since everyone's been so influenced by the stereotypes they love to believe in, which are so satisfying that they give you an edge. You know some rat will call you a degraded name and everybody will go with it. What sucks is that there's not even one person who is strong enough to tell the dickhead to shut up and if they did, they probably wouldn't mean it. Instead, most people will sigh and laugh like everything is delightful when you ridicule people. Most will enjoy this a little too much.

Well folks, you're all guilty, whether you just laughed or added on. If you just listened, you're twice as guilty for feigning the good old impeccability. I bet you chuckled so hard inside, but kept quiet to keep a pure image. Oh yeah, then there are the ones who are so outspoken about all the 'good' things, that their beliefs get sweeping and they end up saying nothing. They try to seem touched by everyone around them, feeling bad for everyone, and then blaming it on the situation. Hence, another image fix.

Most will treat a person of a different race as inferior: insignificant, miserable, repulsive, and punishable. Why? Well, I've seen it happen and I don't even know why anymore. There should be no reason for bad judgement or foolish acts. They are just what they are and people feed at them with tons of excuses, such as, 'chill out, this stuff is funny, you need to get off everyone's back. You can't be smart. Okay, you're not cool with us, we'll destroy you! Fuckin' -----!' Many people are ignorant and would like to stay that way. They take pride in their idiocy, as if it is an intricate task to remain an idiot. Well, it is easy to be racist, it takes no brain cells to look at a person and mock them.

If you don't care about this subject and don't think it's important enough for you, you are a racist. No question about it, you simply don't want to change things and like everything the way they are. Also, when people say that they naturally can't help hating a certain group because of some old traumatizing crud that happened to them a long time ago, they are a bunch of pure red blooded racists, unaware of the changing world. Quit being so uptight and stop acting as if every decision you make involves a gun on your back. Everyone's the same. We've all got eyes, a brain, if ever used, and one hell of a loud mouth. If not, you're still required to treat people right. Besides, it's unfair for you to make an ill impression.


Okay people, if you haven't thought about this enough, you will this time around. You're going to observe that men use women to feel like forceful, mighty beings. This does not only equate to strength, but has a whole lot to do with knowledge and competition. Now, I'll take you back to an article I wrote on music, sex, and domination.

"Lately I've been trying to do a semi experiment on female artists and radio airplay. The procedure was simple. All that was required was to listen to the radio at length and at various hours in order to verify my point. I'm not talking about local stations or anything, they seem to play a handful of female artists all the time. I'm dealing with mostly mainstream rock stations, where all that seems to be noticed is Korn and Limp Bizkit. Anyway, don't be disgruntled because I would like to expose that for almost a week, no female artists have been played, at least from what I have caught. Until about the sixth day, there was finally a breakthrough when "Celebrity Skin" was played. However, it was at 1:45 a.m. when most people are, I presume not listening to the radio.

Now come on! This is including the thirty times Rage Against the Machine and Blink 182 was played and finally at the sixth day, somebody decided to play Hole at 1:45 a.m. Although unofficial, this investigation was conducted not only on one station but on several. If you say this experiment lacks accuracy, I'd say it sure had a lot of truth in it. Evidently this alone is saying a whole lot about the state of rock music, not that I so much care about the mainstream scene. First of all mainstream rock and even underground music is still a male oriented thing.

This straight out certifies two things and that is that most radio associates are sexist men and that female artists are not taken seriously. Well, half of this is free from my reproach, when you consider someone like Liz Phair, who is the "blow job queen" and proud of it. Now all of you better not go stating that she's a role model because in no way is a real woman going to bow down to a man in any circumstances. Hence, she degrades women and makes men amused. She displays herself as inferior, easy, and in the long run, appears rather silly. Take another example, Jewel. Now why the hell is Jewel of all people coming out in leather mini skirts that can easily show her panties? Why does she have a desire to dress provocatively, now that she's had some kind of marginal success? If she wants to present her body for some cheap commercial entertainment, I say go ahead, but don't go off speaking about being a role model to young girls and being strong because of an untouched tooth. Hey, take the best example yet, ex Smashing Pumpkins member, D'arcy, who is always seen in see-through shirts and her excuse for that is that she's acting out on the guys in her band. Now, at least have a statement!

Okay, now I see some reasons why female musicians are being bogged down, but still no reasons for female artists to be secondary to male artists. However, this does not credit for the other half of the honorable female artists who does not crave to offer men some cheap stimulation. So how about the decent half and why are they not respected either? How come, even out of the decent ones, female musicians can only be visibly recognized, but not heard? Is it that rock n roll is still so sexist it won't even give women a chance? For instance, numerous female artists can be on covers of magazines, but still not granted heavy airplay. Do you see it? Does this account for the old legend that women still have no minds?

Magazines possess a method of asserting that female artists are only to be gazed at while the radio has a custom of telling us that female artists shouldn't be played on the radio. Magazines might have it even worse than the radio because they're informing us that female rockers make it big only because of good looks and nothing else. How many times have I read in big corporate magazines that Courtney Love has no talent? How many times do I have to hear her abilities being questioned, although on the night of the Oscars posing in a Versace gown, there are no doubts regarding Ms. Love? Is that somewhat of a gender role or does that tell me that men are threatened by powerful women, especially female rockers?

On that account, before you girls buy anything or listen to any sexist remarks on the radio, think twice. Think about how it has an effect on you. Think about how all the media does is laugh at a woman's body; you know that these music magazines don't have much different motives as Playboy magazine. Think about who the real heroes are and the ones that just set us back. You think the radio has something to offer you? Listen to the lyrics of a guy band and tell me if the radio is not promoting something sexist or red blooded. You know that rock music is nothing but a double standard; Blink 182 received no flak for being nude in their video, only more airplay.

In the mean time, be particular about the stuff you read. Be out-spoken in any way you can, not just orally! Girls pick up the guitar and start doing something with it. Who says boys play guitar better and who says it takes a man to beat the drums? Who says rock is all a man's thing? If rock was intended only for men, rape would probably be justified too since it's alright for men to violate women and treat them as objects of amusement, not as a functioning mind or a human being. Radio and magazines tell us that women don't fit the bill in the rock business. Now I hope you won't just sit around."


Since when did we condemn people for things they couldn't control? Sexual orientation is just one of those things a person can't control, not to mention that it is an entirely personal matter. That means nobody should get in your case in the first place since it's should not be of their concern! Frankly, it isn't fair that some jerks have to chug their stanky face in to talk about the virtuosity of heterosexual relationships. If your problem is reproduction, it still doesn't matter. It is not your business, but it also doesn't mean people have to be private about it. Second of all, you're probably uncertain about your relationship, informing somebody else on who they should see and who they should be attracted to.

This is a ridiculous subject. People are obviously too caught up in their own superiority and 'normality' to realize that homosexuality is a fact, meaning you can't alter it, unless you mutate somebody's genetic make-up, blah blah. Just like your race, you are born with it. If you say homosexuals are not born homosexual, even though there are scientific facts to prove it, it is still not your business to try to correct someone. If you still feel like defending your straightness and state that most heterosexuals advocating gay rights are just closet homophobics who just happened to jump on the pro gay bandwagon, you're pathetic. Get a life. Stop trying to change other people and buddy, don't worry about it; I know you are threatened. I know this drives you crazy too, but the world does not have to be heterosexual.


While I'm not going to talk about old people and jobs, I'm speaking for all ages. Teenagers don't want to be treated like a bunch of juvenile, out of control children who are too inane to think for themselves while old folks don't want to be treated like dying rags who can't get up by themselves. We're all helpful in the world, so stop adhering to stereotypes that tell you otherwise. It is tiresome! There are amazing people of all ages. Talk to them for once. Labeling people by age is absolutely idiotic.

School is at fault for much of this since in school, we are confined to the same age group year by year, given a boundary to who you can connect to. How are we supposed to learn other viewpoints or prepare for the future when we've only been accustomed to dealing with people of our ages? Also, school is to blame for creating a wall between the kids and the adults. Why in the world are we told to address these people as Mr. or Mrs as if they are highly superior? More likely, we probably lose respect for the uninspiring and mundane Mr. or Mrs. who commands for respect and undivided attention. Now come on, don't give me a lie! I may be a tad younger, but I'm really not an idiot and how dare you ask for undivided attention. I am not a machine. I am a human being and just as capable as you, okay Mr. Real! (Mr. Real disregards the cunning rival student).


Who wants to be class discriminated? End the stereotype. Maybe then I'll feel more complacent around people of all class.


More stereotypes, topped with a lot of staring and dismay. Once again, we're all people, remember?


This is so immature, but it's serious business. This one, I'd rather not argue.

*don't accuse me of lacking concrete information, you've all got your own experiences, why else would I keep using 'you, you, you'? I know this does not explore structural problems or a larger discrimination v. privilege, etc, but I figured, this is a fun way to talk about these matters.