A Lecture Worth Attending

by T.G. Clown

The lecture by the artist, Alexei Worth, was located in the Recital Hall in the Performing Arts Center in SUNY Albany on March 13, 2001. Worth began his lecture by showing interesting paintings of lesbian cannibalism. Then he slowly made his way in discussing the historical part of his lecture by revealing the differences between the imperial and rhetorical art in Europe. He explained that the empirical art is detailed and specific, while the rhetorical art is fantastical and imaginative. He also gave numerous examples of the northern empirical artist such as Jan Van Eyck from (the place now known as) the Netherlands and of the southern rhetorical artist such as Masacio from (the place now known as) Italy.

Worth also revealed that the current status of art has a pluralistic approach, which has both the northern imperial and southern rhetorical relations. Modern artists now remove themselves from the real world and enter a surrealistic fantasy world while still embodying the imperial approach. Artists such as Gregory Gillespie and David Humprey have already practiced this pluralistic approach in creating their art works.

The most interesting part about the lecture was in the end when Worth finally revealed his artworks. His artworks were caricature-like paintings that he did of his friends. The heads where much larger than their bodies, and they all held a cup in their hands. He also painted a funny looking 'pornographer' staring crazily out at us. However, Worth didn't discuss his work as much as I wanted. I felt that he left us short of sharing his artworks. But overall, the lecture made it clear where the future of art is headed.

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