A Manly Song

By Portia (T.G. Clown's Friend)

I was previously writing why I like this particular song, which I will not name. As I was writing, I realized that my paper sounded really phony and superficial. It contained two pages of words and sentences that I've never even associated with the song. I really hated my paper. I wanted to trash it, so I did. Then I decided to rewrite the paper and make it honest as possible.

I truly don't know why I like this song. Well, maybe it's because I feel that the lyricist was being completely honest with us. I truly feel that the words in this song came from his heart. Writing from your heart is something that is not too easy, especially for men. When they open themselves up to the public and show their sentimental side then they are putting themselves in a risk of being called a "wimp." For many men their sentimental sides are rather hidden because the society feels that emotions are not "manly" or "macho." However, in this song the lyricist broke all the stereotypes and cried for his friend, not for losing some pointless football game (as if that's the only thing that they care about).

However, I still think that it was something more than honestly that captured my heart. Well, some songs you have a reason for liking because it might have helped you out during a difficult situation or changed your negative mood. Yet, sometimes you just can't describe why you like something in words. You just don't know why you like it. When you hear a song or read a poem for the hundredth time it becomes so absorbed in you that it becomes another extension of you, it becomes natural. You get so attached to it that you feel like you were there listening to him when he needed to speak. Some songs and poems are something that you feel; you can't describe why you like them into words.

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