Bits about flakes and the whole clan

you're all the same

The people in our school are all fraudulent; we all know that. I certainly hate most of them and would give anything to get out of my school as fast as I can. I dread seeing the same old faces everyday because it's tiring as hell. It's always those same faces that hate me and are talking about me. Everyone is identical, and I'm noting, that they all dress the same, talk the same, have the same prejudices, the same likes, the same friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, the same hang outs, the same music, the same notions, the same people to fuck around and share their weed with, and ultimately the same mackerel-fishy smell that comes from their common multiple STDs blazing from their gigantic shit holes. Now do you apprehend why I must wish for them to all disappear?

In addition, I can't stand those flimsy cliques, people who pretend that they don't conform to cliques, and people who say there are no cliques in our school. I hate people who feign to be universal and people who mislead you to appear welcoming. Those people are eternally the biggest egotistical smugs and they have no appeal to me what so ever. They are exclusive to only a certain number of people because they are very extraordinary. They clearly have the largest piss holes you could imagine because of their notoriety and are distinctly the most dazzling and divine. They desire to conquer our lousy pitiful school that nobody seems to know or care about---that means that they are nobody's as well.

For those of you who thought I might be vocalizing about your worthless lives, you're most certainly valid; of course you'd be the only one in the whole entire world that would be worth anybody's time since you're so damn astounding! Correspondingly for those who don't think so, you're probably also accurate in your reflections. Besides, this is only about the assholes, bitches, carnal whores, pansies, and putrid jerks in our school; this would never imply to you.


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