Brittany and T.G. Clown's interview with
Courtney Love

In a London hotel room, October 2000
(She's wearing a sweater and panties and is lying in bed)

Brittany: Express or the Gap?
Courtney: Express.
T.G.: Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, or Harvey Kietel?
Courtney: Al Pacino. He's like really short.
Brittany: Tom Hulce?
Courtney: I heard that he's dead.
Brittany: F. Murray Abraham?
Courtney: I love that guy!
Brittany: Russell Crowe or Dennis Quaid?
Courtney: I know who did them both.
Brittany: Jude Law or Ewan McGregor?
Courtney: Ewan McGregor.
T.G.: You remind me of someone.
Courtney: Who?
T.G.: Sandra Bernhard.
C: That's not a good thing.
B: Sandra Bernhard or Rosie O'Donnell?
Courtney: Rosie.
Brittany: Tampons or Pads?
Courtney: Pads. Someone gave me an o.b. tampon and I didn't like it. I hate o.b.'s! We should destroy o.b.'s! Pads!
T.G.: Courtney, what did you have for dinner?
Courtney: Fried food. Everything in England is fried.
T.G.: Chris Cornell or Eddie Vedder?
Courtney: Eddie. Chris's shallow. Eddie is spiritual. I bet Eddie's a "wild cat in a sack."
T.G.: Stone Gossard or Jeff Ament?
Courtney: I always thought Stone was cute. In the movie "American History X," the Ed Furlong's character's relationship to his little sister was kind of like Kurt's relationship to Frances. Beverly D'Angelo's character was depicted after Kurt's mother Wendy. I was there on the set. Edward Norton is making a movie with Robert DeNiro.
Brittany: Are you intimidated by Edward Norton because he went to Yale?
Courtney: Yes.
T.G.: John Frusciante or Anthony Kiedis?
Courtney: Anthony Kiedis. I did it with him in the 80s, but he denies it. He gave me a good advice, never leave home without your mojo.
Brittany: You look like Johanna Ter Steerge from "Immortal Beloved."
Courtney: Who's that? Who is she? Nikky Six or Tommy Lee?
Brittany: Nikky Six.
T.G.: Billy Corgan?

Courtney: He talks a lot about himself and eats with his mouth open.
T.G.: Courtney, you don't write your own songs.
Courtney: I'm an idiot. I don't know how to write! (She rambles on about Rupert Pupkin, pads, and Ed Norton)

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