Bad Roomates

Bad roommates are the ones who sleep too soon or sleep all day, though I've seen very few exceptions. Snoring is very troublesome, but farting in the middle of the night is even worse. In cases like that, I'd try my best not to breathe in any of the contaminating filth, for I might accidentally end up in the ER.

When I roomed with these two stammering crack heads I had a very hard time sleeping. They'd engage in numerous conversations about drugs and more drugs. They would laugh talking about a time when they were almost raped and about a time when they almost ran over an old lady while driving under the influence with some older friends.

I seriously felt bad that most of these people were on so much goddamn medication and that they were so indifferent about everything. I assume it was the thorazine to blame and their morose surroundings.

All I had was a mattress on the floor and a pillow that felt like a rock because it was stuffed with sheets. That was all I had. One of the girls would ask me once in a while if I was alright. I'm still wondering why I wouldn't be alright in this delightful dump.

Most of the people living there fell asleep at around 10. It was so despicable. The lights had to be turned out because everyone wished to sleep early except for me. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even read or write. All I was left with was this repulsive inebriated mind. I was fuckin' cold cause all I had was a thin blanket and I couldn't get up the nerve to ask for another one cause everyone was in such a bad mood. I was fuckin' enraged and despondent.

I recollect some people complaining about the severe stench of one of their roommates. The girl was said to smell like fish because she never got up in the morning to shower. She was fuckin' idle or easygoing to be nice. She had muck on her face cause she refused to wash up every morning. She was all grease and curly hair plastered on her face. She was a living sewage dump. She would stink up the whole hall while enraging one regular complainer who would incessantly yell out about how nauseating she was to be around. She really did live with her for too long, I must add.

She told her to wear clothes that didn't have holes in them and to wash them when they rank fumes. Another girl urged her to just try and get through the day. That was the most anyone could expect from her. She tried being supportive, only to see her laying in bed all morning and afternoon.

Sometimes people would ask me why I had so much trouble sleeping. I ponder. I couldn't believe how content these people were living their ignorant lives. I did consider the side effects of medication, don't get me wrong, but I thought it was so pitiable that they couldn't even possess a fraction of curiosity. All they had was determination for sleep.

This girl I roomed with was alright the first day I moved in. Once again, I hardly had any possessions with me. She was slightly able to alleviate my hostility, but that was the most she could do. All along she was so out of it. I couldn't shed any light in this girl. She had zero education and a baby to take care of. I could sit and sympathize, but I guess that goes the same for me as well.

She was so out of touch with the world it was intolerable. The complainer would frequently get into fights with her. She would ask her inane questions about feeling special for having a bald head and what not.

There would be more fights along the way involving many other people. Girls would strike blows, while the guys just sat around watching television being absolutely indifferent, cause it was nothing new. Some spectators would chuckle ecstatically, consequently having nothing to laugh about at all.


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