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by Monster

I normally am too Lazy to write anything down, and a bit paranoid too. After all, the only truly safe place anymore is locked away in your head, and shit is only safe there if you choose to use that dark little hole where you put things, and think on them, and use the only true resource you were born with. Your brain. America, a glorious ideal, has fallen. No longer the land of the free, it is now the land of the few, and like Rome, only the remnants remain. We have allowed a select few, the rich, the media, the enforcers of laws, to grow into sickeningly fat fucking pigs. They no longer care about anything, except their own narrow way of thinking, "how much money can I make today, how many people worship me?" We have become a land of idiots, allowing the dumbest, the greediest to maintain their control, slowly building a country based on their ideals, ostracizing all those who did not join their flocks, who did not follow like sheep where their shepherds led. We as a nation have given up our ability to free thought, open discussion on the ideals of the collective are no longer open to discussion. We have decided as a people that it is better to have our thinking done for us by talk shows and MTV, all our ideals corporatized into thirty second commercials and half hour bashes. We have seen Ricky Lake and Montel decide who is right and who is wrong in the first few seconds of air time, based on their ideals, based on the popular flow of the nation, and spend the rest of their segment insulting, degrading those who don't agree with them. I have watched the law system of the great state of Michigan swallow people, like leeches, sucking dry their funds, their lives, their property forfeited to the state in reparation, true guilt and innocence never really a factor, only net worth, and their ability to stand trial. Michigan is one of the states with the most prisons in it and most of its money is made from them. From us. It is no longer about guilt or innocence, about protecting the masses, but about making money. I personally have more respect for whores than I do the Michigan State Police. At least when you deal with a whore you know you're getting fucked. We are taught from childhood, from the first days of school that there is only true safety in conformity. A lesson that teachers often reinforce by turning a blind eye for a few moments as the class clique picks on the fat kid, reducing him to tears, teaching him his true worthlessness in society. We allow our kids to learn from a system that teaches kids to trust the police, to tell on family and friends if they are using other than state sanctioned....or....prescribed drugs. After all, they are "sick" and the state only wants to "help" them. Now come along with me to this home little boy, you will be "safe" there. A behavior that is sickeningly common even among adults, where neighbors rat out neighbors, the weirdoes, the people who they think are suspicious. And without proof, without reason, the state's right arm is there, all distinguished in blue, lights dancing merrily while they cuff you. Guilty or not. After all, the state needs its income. Just ask Jason Ratliff, who was imprisoned for robbery and very nearly convicted by the State of Ohio for robbery, based on one woman's false identification, with no attempt by the arm to investigate. We may have handouts...or...privileges that other countries lack, but what have we sold to get them? Constitutions aside, Bill of Rights aside, we are a country founded on one simple principle. The government should appease the people, to work for them. And our most valuable right, the right to change the government through action, up to and including forcefully, has been destroyed. All the legal means have been corrupted by government, making true action of the people impossible. Of course, the government won't tell you that. But look up the presidential election laws sometime, and see how fair and easy it is for an independent to run. It is impossible for the average man to even begin to afford a campaign with all the requirements needed simply to be able to campaign and have his name on a ballot. Laws that the democrats and the republicans, the elected camps of the powerful, the elite, have passed have made sure of it. We have swallowed the ideas fed to us by the media, "regulated" by the FCC, instead of forming our own, making the governments neglect and wholesale abuse of us acceptable. Falling into state sanctioned conformity. All that is left is to remove the second amendment, an amendment once gone they will make sure we never get back, from our grasp. After all, who is going to argue with a man with an assault rifle when all you have is one of those nifty little knives made by the Swiss. But scariest of all is that we allow it. We allow idiots in Florida to push for a re-election on grounds that would have made us laugh years ago, realizing that their shepherds might lose and the enemy might be in place or even worse, someone who can really think for themselves and make a decision. We allow the rich to manipulate them to do it. And we allow our government to consider it. We have started to allow the governments, the businesses, the media to dictate our thoughts, our ideals, and our actions. Even right now I can turn on the TV and find a nice packaged, homogenized version of rebellion being sold to our youth. A version of rebellion that won't destroy the fine sense of order that the state has installed. Even sex has been standardized. I have yet to find one marketed porno that is significantly different than another. We follow like sheep, grazing the grass we have been led to, happy that we have been led here. After all, it is a crime to break from the pack and find our own grass, our own ideals. It is criminal to stand up and say "I am a Person, and I can think for myself, and what you are doing to me is not only unacceptable, but intolerable, and IT WILL NO LONGER HAPPEN." And until we have the courage, and the conviction to stand up as a people, and say that to the government we have allowed to grow fat, to become more concerned with its image as a superpower than its own people and its job, its true reason for being, we will never truly be free.

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