Article #5021:


So, today, yes. I went to work on the bus and came home on the same vaguely beige and miserable bus. But on the way home, as i brooded in my self-pity, behind my black mascara and eyeliner, an old woman sat next to me. And i don't like old people. And she opened her jacket a little to show me a small rat-like dog hidden in it, like we were conspirators. Did i mention i hate dogs as well? And then the smell of the old woman. Everyone's grandmother smells bad-believe it or not. They may try to cover it up with White Diamonds or sweet candy but they all smell strong and old. And this old lady smelled. And all i wanted to do was escape from my dark brown seat and get away from this over-friendly old woman who shook her head and lectured me at the sight of my cigarettes. And I wanted to rip her shivering ugly rat-dog from her gnarled hands and just set the damn thing free. But I didn't and I left the bus and it was over.

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