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For over a year now, everyone has been talking about “The war on terrorism,” now coined the “war on terror.” After 911, middle america pulled their flags out of their asses and started hating commies again. People of any race resembling Middle Eastern started getting harrassed and killed for being “terrorists.” Seems old Georgie Bush had everyone under his old wrinkly fist. Soon, 'if you're not for us you're against us' mentality started to conquer. Seemingly, endless bills are being passed in congress that are limiting our freedom in order to “protect us.” Bills that limit your freedom of speech. Bills that say the government can shut down any leftist oranization they don't like and put them in jail for their political beliefs. This means in a couple years, what I’m writing may be illegal. This means that all anarchists, socialists, communists, and all the in betweens like myself are getting fucked. And no one cares. Now Bush has decided that anyone with weapons is a threat, when the USA holds more weapons of destruction than other countries. It seems obvious to me that this is all one big Scheme to bring back a very conservitive and “orderly” mindframe back in the U.S. to wipe out all real freedom that's left in this country.

I’m saying the U.S. government was behind the acts of September eleventh. They were behind everything. They gained everything from the “attacks.” Beforehand, president Bush’s public acceptance rate was low as hell. After 911, Everyone loved him. People stopped focusing on the corruption of the U.S. and started talking about Bin Laden and Afganistan. As far as I’m concerned, there is no Osama Bin Laden. No Al Qaeda or whatever. The only terrorists I see are the ones in the whitehouse. What they want is war. War brings order. And order my friends, brings death.

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