My life as a pseudo-stoner

by Icon

Two years ago, I lived in the township of Danville, Ohio. I was stuck there for three years.

Danville is a sad and pathetic place with the population of roughly 500 people. Anyone with any sense will want to leave it as soon as they enter it. I had some of the worst times of my life there and was very alienated. Because I thought it would make life easier, I tried to fit in. There were two social groups in school, the hicks and the wigger/stoners, (who were drug dealing hicks that wished they were Eminem). The hicks hated me because I wasn't on the football team, so I was left with the stoners. The stoners were respected by the hicks because they were viewed as being "hardcore," (they had drugs and got the most sex, basically). There was a gang of about 15 or 20 of them in all throughout the high school. I had classes with one of the leaders of the lot, Justin. I started to wear baggy pants and talk about all the drugs I'd never actually done. I would fuck with the teachers I actually liked because Justin was doing it. I would say the dumbest, most sterotypical bullshit just to please Him.

I'd talk about how I did pot every hour I was outta school when in reality, I'd never touched an ounce of chronic in my life. It even got to the point where I was talking about my non-existent girlfriend and how I was getting head all the time, just to look cool to Justin. It was pathetic. I wasn't really like them in any way but Amazingly, it worked. They bought in to me and took me in as one of there own. I would hate to see what would have become of me if I had stayed there. I most likely would have stolen a gun and shot myself. It's not hard to get on people's good side. Just fake a common interest and keep your mouth shut. Learn all the jargon and rhetoric. Just keep repeating the same I hate pigs and I am so wasted speeches and you're set. If you just listen and say the right things, you're someone's best friend. That's why I am very careful about who I call my friends. I only really have two. Mostly, everyone else is a vulture who wants something from me. Am I just overtly judgmental? Yeah, I am. You should be. I am never trying to fit in again. I was miserable in Danville. I hated every second I was in that town. I can't describe how I felt there, it was just horrible. If it burnt down I'd be more than happy.

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